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Introduction to Peace Studies

by: Sherman Pouros

Introduction to Peace Studies INTSTDS 201

Marketplace > Ohio State University > International Studies > INTSTDS 201 > Introduction to Peace Studies
Sherman Pouros
GPA 3.72

Young-Bae Hwang

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About this Document

Young-Bae Hwang
Class Notes
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This 9 page Class Notes was uploaded by Sherman Pouros on Monday September 21, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to INTSTDS 201 at Ohio State University taught by Young-Bae Hwang in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 55 views. For similar materials see /class/209971/intstds-201-ohio-state-university in International Studies at Ohio State University.


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Date Created: 09/21/15
GeoDolitics Powei Potentialquot is Geopolitical Economy 3 Principles of Geography Geopolitics f location Economic Geography f location Geopolitical Economy f location cf Globalization Localization amp Glocalization asic Theoretical Concepts 1 Spatial 2 Deterministic 3 Hierarchical 4 Heartlands amp Rimlands 5 LandContinental Power amp SeaNaval Power ISE landquot I I I all politica Ma um uiz Compate country size NVhiclI 01 me Images on m n 539 5 g 0 a m ommcmamared proiemian an ISBN 1931057 11 7 To order DDT Inc 13007364293 lnl39l Calls 14135494293 odto r odlsmra achcm 41375497 Fax Box 1311 Amherst MA 01004 USA SI Guelku39s T 7 lhE Oxlord Globe ooda s Homolosine 21 um ATLANTIF UFEAN XQI TIIEHN UCEAA Th9 HuhaDyar Equll Nu Plofmlon n u n ma m nnlIIy a vummm 5 A p m m min um m a um Imm mmnnaulu quotM mamquot m mu mmvly mm In Lmhrv can ammm Emumum Iquot In y 39n wlmumwwmxmano um mummm w n 1 39 mm m wwr I mmuowuuvun 1 m quotmpm 11 MD mmmn hum plowum Mund mm m p am my mum w mm mn mg in van ninuwm em mm 133 quot PACU If ICEAN quotWquot n 1 n u A unmm x um SOUTHk V OCEAN a sax mum Mm m quotawn m mun om vnQra a u I A 39m ATLANTH can m AUSTRALIA uuulu 39 Man 9 nun uo mx quot Synum Anmu um I39M39IFH39 FEN ywR 11 Q39olitics Power amp Hegemonv m Continent Peninsula Island Geopolitics amp Geostrategy Offensive defensive Geopolitical Advantages 390 Geopolitical Vulnerabilities


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