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Communication in Society

by: Madisyn Pfannerstill

Communication in Society COMM 200

Marketplace > Ohio State University > Communication > COMM 200 > Communication in Society
Madisyn Pfannerstill
GPA 3.58

Erik Nisbet

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About this Document

Erik Nisbet
Class Notes
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This 37 page Class Notes was uploaded by Madisyn Pfannerstill on Monday September 21, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to COMM 200 at Ohio State University taught by Erik Nisbet in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 24 views. For similar materials see /class/209988/comm-200-ohio-state-university in Communication at Ohio State University.

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Date Created: 09/21/15
Comm 200 Announcements III Quiz 8 ends Wednesday at 10pm III Not all extra credit is posted yet will not be complete till next week III SEIs for Comm 200 are open httpwwwbuckevelinkosuedu Comm 200 Announcements III Final Exam Study Guide Posted on Carmen 130pm on Thursday March 11th and Monday March 15th Covers last half of quarter only see study guide If you are missing notes contact your TA see syllabus schedule an appt to review Extra Credit Opportunities 1 III You are invited to participate in a research session with two parts I Questionnaire I Watch an Oscar Winning Movie shortened III The sessions will be held at Derby Hall Room 3180 between Feb 22 and March 12 and take about 50 min III SignUp at Link on Carmen Website Extra Credit Opportunity Study Attitudes about Social Issues and TV Viewing Habts Earn 1 Toward Your Final Grade What Attend a 1 hour session where you will watch a TV show and complete a questionnaire When Various times between March 1 and March 11 Exact times posted on Carmen Simply drop by the lab during any of the open hours No sidnup is necessary Who Emily MoyerGuse mover duse1osuedu More Information Please see the flier posted on Carmen under announcements Extra Credit Opportunity III Audience Experience Study 1 I Watch episode of TV program I Fill out questionnaire afterwards I There is one opportunity available Tuesday March 9 Both sessions are in Journalism 360 at 600 pm I No prior signup don t be late Undergraduate Research Assistant Opportunities Next Qtr III Experiment on Terrorism and Immigration I Help with running experiments and subject recruitment of adults in malls and other public places I Earn 1 2 independent study credits III Content Analysis of Economic News I Read and code newspaper articles about the economy and recession I Earn 1 5 independent study credits depending on participation Media Effects Cultivation Agenda setting Framing Cultivation III Main Idea III People now watch TV as they might attend church except that most people watch TV more religiouslyquot III What effect does this have on individuals AND society Understanding TV Content III Dramatic Violence on TV III Cultural Indicators Project Understanding TV Content III Focused on primetime TV content as a whole III TV is not democratic Cultivation Effects III Assumes TV Effects are Effect of TV Violence III TV violence does not make people more violent but rather more fearful III Mean World Syndrome CrimeLegal Dramas on ABC N BCCBS Fox III Law and Order III LampO CI III LampO Special Victims III CSI III CSI Miami III CSI New York III NCIS III NCIS LA III Criminal Minds III The Mentalist III Medium III Bones III Lie to Me III 24 III Human Target III Chuck III Numbers The Inequality of Violence III Resonance III TV Violence is not equally distributed III Gerbner argued that this is a form of social control Convergent Worldviews III Mainstreaming Effect Example Mainstreaming Effect Gerbner s Conclusions III Effects on Society I Violence on TV FearLaden Society Media Effects Cultivation Aqenda settinCI Framing Agendasetting McCombs III Main Idea III Bernard Cohen quotthe press may not be successful much of the time in telling people what to think but it is stunningly successful in telling its readers what to think aboutquot AgendaSetting Hypothesis III Transferring Salience Who Sets the Media Agenda III Who influences media agenda Example GCC in WP and NYT 1200 1000 800 600 Articles 400 200 1990 Fir PCC Assessment Gulf War o o 80 8182 83 8485868788899091929394 Kyoto Protocol 2001 Third FCC Asesnent Budw withdrawsfrom Kyoto 1997 1995 Second IPCC Assesa39nent 97989900010203040506 9596 Who is effected most III Agendasetting effects Media Effects Cultivation Agenda setting Framing Framing III Main Idea III Kahneman Perception is reference dependen What is framing III Framing is about Interpretative Package III Interpretative packages provide a central organizing idea and suggest or reinforce specific Examples Taxes Examples Gay Rights Examples Campaigns Framing Effects III People are cognitive misersquot III Strategic framing Example Stem Cell Research Example Stem Cell Research Framing as a Process III Four Framing Processes I Frame Building I Frame Setting Framing as a Process III Four Framing Processes I Framing Effects l Journalists as Audiences Framing as a Process Framing vs AgendaSetting III III Some argue that 2nOI leve setting are the same thing III Most scholars disagree agenda


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