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Persuasive Communication

by: Madisyn Pfannerstill

Persuasive Communication COMM 367

Marketplace > Ohio State University > Communication > COMM 367 > Persuasive Communication
Madisyn Pfannerstill
GPA 3.58

Kristie Sigler

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About this Document

Kristie Sigler
Class Notes
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This 46 page Class Notes was uploaded by Madisyn Pfannerstill on Monday September 21, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to COMM 367 at Ohio State University taught by Kristie Sigler in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 5 views. For similar materials see /class/209989/comm-367-ohio-state-university in Communication at Ohio State University.

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Date Created: 09/21/15
COMM 367 Persuasive Communication Week 2 Day1 Today s Schedule Franklin Covey Activity Chapterz APA Groups Minute Paper Franklin Covey Activity httpwwwfran klincovey ommsb The Dynamics of Persuasion Chapter 2 Attitudes Definition amp Structure Attitudes Definition amp Structure The Concept of Attitude Characteristics of Attitude Values amp Beliefs Consistency of Attitudes Information Processing Implicit Attitudes Concept of Attitude What does it mean to have an attitude What is an attitude The Concept of Attitude Psychological construct Never directly observed Attitude is defined as a ofan object person place or issue that influences and Perloff 2010 p 43 Characteristics of Attitude Attitudes vary as a function of gtilt gtilt gtilt People tend to cluster with those who their Why Study Attitudes Understanding Predictive value Predisposition Persuasion Values amp Beliefs Values and beliefs are and they shape the ways we information Values Defined as desirable end states or behaviors that transcend guide or of behavior and events and are ordered by Schwartz amp Bilsky 1987 p 551 More global and abstract than attitudes Beliefs Beliefs are about the world probabilities that an object has a particular attribute or that an action will lead to a particular outcome Fishbein amp Ajze n 1975 Frequently confused with Mission Statement A mission statement is a summary describing the aims values and overall plan of an organization or individual httpdictionaryreferencecombrowsemissionstatement httpwwwbenjerrycomactivismmissionstatement Inaulna VIIIII for our silkhon and urnmum with for divhuman Ind anquot mouth or our mumm Egg wirmjj JEQJQIIM aran lmad ad 54g mica 0 m ingjj MA AMPJar 0MP H39l l ii JlIZCCEJJ w we Cli f ptb canmmuify pmdperiiy xx c m 39 trudf 39j 0 Utah 395 Business Leader quot4 httpwwwsaltlakechamberorgpolicymissionstatement Consistency of Attitudes Attitudes are not always People strive for Ambivalence Occurs when we feel both and about a person or issue Uncertainty or conflict between elements Balance Theory Individuals dislike among cognitive elements and are motivated to things mentally so as to achieve a state of mind Balance Theory Cognitive elements have a or valence Attitudes are in when the signs multiplied together yield a Juan a Rae PoH cs Juan a Rae PoH cs Juan a Rae PoH cs Handout Social Judgment Theory Characteristics of Strong Attitudes Importance Ego involvement Extremity Certainty Accessibility Knowledge Strong Attitudes and Information Processing Strong attitudes in uence message and of communications Social Judgment Theory 7 i 5 Emphasizes that receivers do not a message purely on the of the arguments Social Judgment Theory People compare the position with their position and then determine whether they should accept the position advocated in the message Message Social Judgment Theory Attitudes consist of a continuum of evaluations called A range of and positions as well as positions toward which the individual has no strong Social Judgment Theory Latitudes Latitude of Latitude of Latitude of Strength and latitudes Social Judgment Theory We evaluate messages from a personal reference point or Assimilation Effect people assume the message is more to their attitude than it really is Contrast Effect people assume the message is more from their attitude than it really is Ego involvement People are egoinvolved when they perceive that the issue touches on their or Hard or easy to persuade Social Judgment Theory Selective Tendency to seek out that embrace one s worldview Biased Tendency to assimilate information to one s point of view believing it is with one s anchor position Selective We tend to shut down when considering information that is with our positions but we when we process consistent information Implicit Attitudes Some strong attitudes are outside we do not realize that we harbor certain feelings about a person or issue Implicit Attitudes Unknown Activated Influence uncontrollable responses and ones that people do not view as an of their attitude and thus do not to control Implicit Attitudes Attitudes Coexi stDual Attitudes gt1lt evaluations formed at an early age coexist with attitudes learned over time attitude operates on a conscious level and guides everyday attitude is activated automatically perhaps in highly charged situations Review What are attitudes 7V How would you describe values Give a scenario where there would be a cognitively balanced or imbalanced triad Describe social judgment theory APA Format Nonperiodical Web Document Web Page O Report List as much of the following information as possible you sometimes have to hunt around to find the information don39t be lazy If there is a page like httpwwwsomesitecomsomepagehtm and somepagehtm doesn39t have the information you39re looking for move up the URL to httpwwwsomesitecom Author A A ampAuthor B B Date of publication Title of document Retrieved from httpWeb address APA Format Nonperiodical Web Document Web Page Report 7quot a7 7 i Authors Evan Angeli Joy Wagner Ari Brizee Date May 5 2010 Title of page General Format URL httpowlenglishpurdueeduowlresource56001 APA Format if Section of aWeb Document f Author A A ampAuthor B B Date of publication Title of article In Title of book or larger document chapter or section number Retrieved from httpwwwsomeaddresscomfullurl APA Format if Section of aWeb Document f Author Roger S Engelshcall R S Date 2008 Title of Article Module Rewrite URL Rewriting Engine Title of larger document Apache HTTP Server Version 1 3 Documentation URL httphttpdapacheorgdocs13modmodrewritehtml 96 APA ln Text Citations Paraphrase J L Wegener J L Wegener and F G Petty J L Wegener F G Petty and A T Kernis et al No author Direct quote Each group member should choose a nonprofit organization No two group members can have the same organization Please submit the following Identify problem and region List of group members and agencies moderator needs a copy as well o gter ow Minute Paper Name Today s Date Class DayTime What did you learn about attitudes values andor beliefs today OR What did you find interesting Describe your group meeting today Feedback about class optional Questions optional


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