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Electronic Media for the Designer

by: Winifred Kuhlman

Electronic Media for the Designer DESIGN 320

Marketplace > Ohio State University > Interior Design > DESIGN 320 > Electronic Media for the Designer
Winifred Kuhlman
GPA 3.5

Wayne Carlson

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About this Document

Wayne Carlson
Class Notes
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This 54 page Class Notes was uploaded by Winifred Kuhlman on Monday September 21, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to DESIGN 320 at Ohio State University taught by Wayne Carlson in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 71 views. For similar materials see /class/209993/design-320-ohio-state-university in Interior Design at Ohio State University.

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Date Created: 09/21/15
Desigw 320 Instructor 3 Wotanbe Carst 3 320B HopkaLuus HaLL D 222 242 232 74 D oarLsowg05uedu 3 Of ce hours Cl MW 1130 1230 TR 400 500 Course Description El oowoepts of media represewtatiow awal vua wipuLat Loh D based ow designx theorg awal process I priwoLpLes of capture use modi cationx aha storage of media assets D appLLoat Low of priwoLpLes through the use of appropriate softwa re teoh woL095 Organization El Lecturedemowstmtiowactivita D mice weeleL5 assigwmewts l3 midterm g waL exams Grading D Attewdawoe avwl participationx 10 El Assigwmew cs 30 D Midterm 30 El FiwaL 30 Guiding principles Mawdatora attewdavwe 5 participationx Do our oww workz pLangLsm or other academic miscowduot wLLL wot be toLemted aoceptabLe use of teohwoLogg cowsis cewt with 0514 guideLLIbes Structure of Course D This oovurse wLLL be taught iv the Lab usiwg Maoiw cosh computers D Software is Adobe Creative Suite 052 Quiokatime igtro allw Adobe Acrobat 7 D Studewt accouwts wLLL provide access avwl storage backup is our YCS39POWSLbLLLta DDDDDD Environment Course offered throwgh canmew Lab computers are 05 X Aooouwts 0w AppLe xsevve servers Each studewt aLLooated 163 storage lbDVD blLYWCYS 0w aLL workstationus soawwerspriw cers iv Lab Desigw 320 Course Overview D Desigw media appLLoat39Low areas 1 W Lwc Web Mob39LLe BroadcastCiwema DUDE other was Kiosk sigwage Caveats D This software is YeaLLa reaLLa reaLLa deep 3 we LL gtng touch the Surface of each app 1 circuLarpresewtatiow Ls Lwev ucabLe D some variationb from saLLabzLs LwevitabLe B there is weVer a singe best wag to accompL Lsh a designx reLated tasle with these tooLs Digital Media Assets D Text T5136 Desigw 320 D Images photographs scams scream captures awimat ww fm mes lLLustratLows 31gt modeLs Audio DDUU video Desigw 320 Design Media Tools D image browsers 1 Bridge Aperture ihoto igtiotiereviewer Lightroom camera based browsers Easgshare Fiweilt DigitaLl1otoigtro 1 Image editors D igthotoshog igtioasa gimp Magic QFX CoreL 1gts ELemewts 1gtaiwtshop MS milit Desigw 320 Design Media Tools 11 ILLustm ciow progm ms 3 lLLustmtor FYCCMWbd CoreLme Serif Draw us xam X creme w wwlows Ms Expressiow Ca vwas Micang J La 50141 progm ms 3 twbesigw WgeMaleer Quayle CoreL valdrum MS igtubLLsheY Desigw 320 Design Media Tools D Web editors D Drea mweaVer Frowtage QOLLve seaMowleeg MozLLLa Composer D Documewt exchawge E1 Acrobat D Wesew catiows D igtower3gtoiwt Keanvote Acrobat Desigw 320 Design Media Tools D Soww mawagers awd editors D Quickitime qarageBauwl E1 video mawagers avwl editors D QJA LokatLtwe igtremiere FiwaLCut LMovLe Avid 1gtwaaoLe Desigw 320 Design Media Tools 1 Awima ciow editors 3 ash M01501 Bbsmd w After Effects ciwema 41gt Motiow D 31gt modeLers D SoLLdWorkas Form 2 Tillimo AutoCAD igtroEwgiween Desigw 320 Design Media Tools I Fowt ma wagers D Fothooka Fothxpevt W FothpLorer Fothgew c Adobe ATM Winbar39s Apprewtioe Desigw 320 Workflow D the movemewt of documewts awn tasles through a desigw prooess D prut B doouvuewtprooessiwg D LwoLudes prooesses tra wsforvuatiows ruLes avwl oowtroL para meters Cl Output Integrated Design Software 3 Adobe Creative Suite 2 Desigw 320 J quotThe compute MWL ed ewvirowmewt for prim web avwl mobLLe pubLleliwg D httpwwwadobecomproduc cscreativesui ce D as 3 to be awwouwced 3272007 to ship iv the spriwg M015 D MIth mteL Mao Desigw 320 Creative Suite 2 D aw Lwtegmted coLLectLoub of designx media soLwc Lows that aLLows for the slammg avwl cowtroL of assets weoessa ya to optimize the creative worle ow reLated to a designx process wwwadobeoom Desigw 320 Creative Suite 2 D igthotoshop D Aorobat D ILLMStY tOY J versiowcue D lwbesigw 1 Adobe Stacie D Gaga6 igthotos D Bridge D DreamweaVer Ava LLabLe m 052 Premium w W C52 Workspaces CSZ Workspaces m w w w w w r H w w k iUV iir 7 7quot 7 139V HVV basign 320 w W C52 Workspaces w W C52 Workspaces quot F H 39 H Iquot H 239 W w H w I 7v 7 V V r V39V VUU U 7 1HH HHUL I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I Desigw 320 Adobe Bridge D orgawize View seLect ma wage assets 3 opew e maLL pLaoe modifg rate LabeL or awwotate arrawge 1 photos LLLustrat Lows documewts D Add metadata D search fuwotiow D automate tasles Bridge components DLSPLa 5 mode MCIbth igta Lathes Preview FaVOYLtes Adobe Stacie igthotos Desigw 320 VersionCue sea vol1 Create aLterwate LL65 ma wage documewt versionus Le allw project shariwg UUUUU httpwwwadobecomproducts creativesvdteversiowcuehtmL The image vector bitmap dimewsiow awd size resoLwcLow mode format UDUDUU scarcedestiwatiow Vector image D alea object oriew ceal graphic 1 Limes boxes oiroLes text shapes 3 attributes coLor weight fills 3 Sources CAD drawirig programs Freehavwl lLLiLstrator Note a vector image Galb GOW tailb bitmaps lbd a bitmappeal image Galb GOW t ilb vectors Bitmapped image D Based cm the pixeL D sampLe poiwt D Raster D dimewsiow of bitmap grid 3 wumb r of pixeLs Lewg ch 5 width 1 size of bitmap grid 3 wumb v of pixeLs oowtaiwed iv grid Text bLocR vector vector w gradient bitmap b The Story of Grandview Heights V80t0 Y and Marble Ch ff Image Resolution D depevwls 0w tawgibLe represew catiow D screew YesoLatiow Vs image Yesoiatiow Vs prim YesoLatiow D ppi 5 dpi 5 Lpi 1 Note bigger Lies are wot weoessariLg better Lesll 1 Sources of images soa minerca mera paiwteditiwg progra m screew capture Image Resolution 1 ExampLe 11 dimewsiow 2042 x 307 1 aka 3K image 3 size as megapixeLs 15 Megabgtes D at 240 Ppi a fuLL bLeed 25m Page Image Mode D chames D a GOM POlbelbt of aw image that commitus waormatiow about coLor anw some other characteristics w the image Lw igthotoshop up to 5B m m ohawweLs E n rm m 7a 79 a n 3 39a39 wlvn 39ll39J ChawweLs quotmuddyY Image Mode 3 bit depth 3 m wge of possLbLe GOLOYQYQ5V LlLCS El 20 eg dew12 rawge 0 255 3 igthotoshop 1a 553e sea wwers 10 ca meras s to 12 high emu sea wwer ca mam 14 Image Mode D CoLor Mode El bitmap akza our ow or off bw 3 each quotcoLorquot has 1 bit 1 gmasome 5 bit 25a LeVeLs 9mg D 2 or 16 bits 256 0r 65536 gmgs El R43 RadqmewBLM 3 each ooLor has 8 or 16 bits 3 chawMLs Image Mode E CoLor Mode alea CoLor Space 3 CMYK caawMagewtaYeuow BLacka 3 each ooLor has 8 or 16 bits 4 ohawweLs 1 Lab Lumiwosita coLor ab RCYB U perceptuaLLa based device independew c Image Mode D CoLor Mode D Lwdexed ooLor uses a Looleuqa tabLe El each LeveL of gmg repLaceol b3 u coLor D duo cowe aLLows 504 to prim a gmasoaLe image with two ooLors of kai J muLthhawweL more about this Later Image formats 1 igthotoshop psd watLVe format 3 cowtaiws aLL weoessara image attributes awd editiwg waormatiow El tenwt to be Large mo oompressiow D use this format thLe 5014 are worleiwg ow aw image we Image formats 3 Tagged Image F LLe Format th or ti D OYLQLWQLLa deveLopeal for soawwers El Lwdustrg stawalaral readabLe b5 mawg apPL Lcat Lmbs oompressiow is aw optionx tenwt to be Large LL65 wow cowtaiw most Psd Lw format ow UUDU use for archivaL purposes Image formats D EwoapsuLated igtost50ript eps 3 object avianxth format 3 gtng prim ow a igtost50ript priwter 1 other appLLoatLows ca Wt opew for editiwg D Low res preview compressionb optionum 3 used for prim Image formats D Jo m c Photographic Experts Cumup J39pg or J39peg I Not for priw c use for web or owscreew oompressiow LeVeLs possLbLe fuLL 24 bit image depth aLso a compressionb aLgorLtllm UUUU used for web or other eLeo crowLo purposes Image formats D Graphics mterohawge Format gi D Campusevve tenwt to be smaLLer ong 5 bit image depth 25a ooLors automatioaLLa compressed sz DUDE used for web awd owsoreew Image formats D igtovtabLe Network QYaPll ws pwg D deveLoped as repLaoemewt for 4H J fuLL 24 bit image depth 1 2 bit trawsparewca 11 used mostLa for web 01th owsoreew Image formats D RAW image data raw or dwg 3 El created b5 most mid to high ewd digitaL cameras mo prooessiwg Ls dome ow the pixeL data captured sometimes header sometimes wot used for archivaL purposes Image formats D other wiche formats 3 Maoiwtosh WOT p wt D JVEC Le Lwterchawge format D igtovtabLe Documewt Format pd 11 sot bmp Lms cer psb Other image attributes Aspect ratio image previews metadata image pro Les pixeLatLow Le size Res2 x w x Hx bit depth 2132


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