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Lecture 3 & 4

by: Lauren Notetaker

Lecture 3 & 4 BEE 2600

Lauren Notetaker
Principles of Biological Engineering
Wu, M

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About this Document

Growth Kinetics, Microorganisms, Modeling Reactions in a bioreactor
Principles of Biological Engineering
Wu, M
Class Notes
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This 13 page Class Notes was uploaded by Lauren Notetaker on Monday September 21, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to BEE 2600 at Cornell University taught by Wu, M in Summer 2015. Since its upload, it has received 30 views. For similar materials see Principles of Biological Engineering in Behavioral Sciences at Cornell University.

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Date Created: 09/21/15
BEE 2600 Lecture 3 912015 Slides 30 amp 31 Growth kinetics A ock of turkeys is walking in our neighborhood of turkeys in neighborhood N 1 1233 pm Weds neighborhood m m died AN 1quot th h Mejiat dmhm t AMwaerMm t90 quot 39 i 3 quot rd WW iduhmz 5 TM Slides 32 amp 33 Growth kinetics Nm39Noet39lt tha popul If u 020 day 1 how long does takerfor td doubling time N quot39 Noe u Slides 34 78 45 Growth Kinetic EXPerimental Growth Curve x amass of cells Brewing beer what is the u of yeast I lag9mm no increase of cell density 11 growth of organisms getting to growth mtg possiblc r V 1 Slides 36 amp 37 Growth kinetics So far we had the following relationship Biomass increase incre of cell number Slide 38 Protista Microorganism kingdom Eukaryots higher organisms Algae Fungi 0 Yeast Prokaryotes Lower organisms Bacteria Algae Slide 39 Prokaryotes have been on Earth for 38 billion years The main difference between prokaryotes and eukaryotes are the cell membrane that encloses the genetic information Slide 49 Virus 0 Vector 0 Gene delivery Prokaryotes 0 Production of primary or secondary metabolites 0 Degradation Bioremediation Eukaryotes 0 Production of complex molecules 0 Production of genetically engineered products 0 Gene delivery tissue engineering eukaryotic cell engineering Wildtype or genetically engineered organisms 0 It very much depends on task and goal BEE 2600 Lecture 4 932015 Slide 52 amp 53 735 r 9 Modeling reactions in a bioreactor Modeling a bioreactor lled With growing orgasmi39llsgyvl E 2 nd s supstr isn fout x cell x in slant 1 proth m Xout V total vdlufe pin pout V quot fm m Example Brewing beer depletion of formati on nfp quot gt gmwth In general what do we expect to r r r m we mew Slide 54 amp 55 Modeling reactions in a bioreactor Pas Wm m If 75 um rate 3 ltlt 3 39 39 gt P Slide 60 amp 61 Modeling reactions in a bioreactor How to determine qp experimentally P I K K use de ned amount of cells eg 100g L use saturating s for the amount of cells x I gt How to mathematically determine YWS t Y AP moles of product formed x MW of product 9 5 AS moles of substrate used x MW of substrate C H 09 2 OH 260 Gamaquot39039 9 IL 4 2 Haym0 O Hgmu a 2 y 23011 5 lgma x eam6 K1JIJFMI o KIZJW quot lzKW W 4 o f ymd 5L 39 Ax eczzmal t 39 y ten31m 5l WW6 WWJ x 1ij 4 e mm W Modeling reactions in a bioreactor Goal derive an equation to describe dsdt ate at which 8 is converted into p quot vaIV I Rate at which s is n e 9 anverted mto x 39 New constat neededzo gram of x made 3 Y s cell yield coefficient 13 of us A How to mathematically determme Yxs formed Yxs As of substrate x Thus what is a eie 01 cell mass Slide 62 amp 63 Modeling reactions in a bioreactor Empirical cell formula C6 H O N o 9 1 with the other indices set accordingly 1 C mole of cells quantity of cells containing 1 mole carbon Example E coli CH1770049N024 01 CH83005N022P 0021 01 CH1930055N025P0021 Aspergillus niger CHMZOOSSNOl7 Generalized growth reaction a chemical reaction aC xOA 439 bQ Q Hi QMN gt Cell035 39 439 GCO z Mm a b cri ah moms 5 4kg YaJyeQ i Q ecmpomcks Modeling reactions in a bioreactor a Cony b02 c HlOmNn gt 36 Ha og N8 dH20 eco2 IVS AX 3 laze a Uop1Hd 4 5 WaClo ZleAHoa er s 3 have Commdmmok 395 be a qu can 6156 We immacd ARM respect In N Gtc Is this accurate ie cell being made up of CHNO 7 K I I F 1 2am r mam 0e cm W armed la 0 7 26mm amldg 00va Slide 64 amp 65 Modeling reactions in a ioraac IW39ampW9 39 gamma um 011W J Ua if 5 Slide 66 amp 67 O O O i l l Modeling reactlons 1n a bloreactor Summary of rate equations derived Rate at which cell mass is changing AB 1 dt u x V x Rate at which substrate is changing M XqV xluV dt slm f s f Yr Yxs x m V ds L X q X F dt V Slin YpSp Yxs 39 X m Rate at which pmducti is changing mllkno m low m 91 quotlt9 C 390 43 ujvodla v quU J9 as nglgtbte Modeling reactions in a bioreactor Rate at which product is changing Mass of ass of ass of product product product accumulated ow in ow out ass of ass of I Illinduct lginduct synthesized destroyed 4VVl at 939 r ZPEKJV KDCe JV 33 z m 93 fDi sa varla f e OMV W 915 Cfquot Modeling react W7 10118 111 S r I ea Slide 68 amp 69


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