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Elementary Statistics

by: Alison Vandervort

Elementary Statistics STAT 135

Marketplace > Ohio State University > Statistics > STAT 135 > Elementary Statistics
Alison Vandervort
GPA 3.58


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This 2 page Class Notes was uploaded by Alison Vandervort on Monday September 21, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to STAT 135 at Ohio State University taught by Staff in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 53 views. For similar materials see /class/209998/stat-135-ohio-state-university in Statistics at Ohio State University.


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Date Created: 09/21/15
1 A Cellular phone company offers three service plans One plan is held by 50 of its customers who pay no monthly fee but are charged for both weekday and weekend calls A second plan is held by 20 of the customers who pay a high monthly fee but do not pay for calls on weekdays or weekends Finally customers with the third plan pay a small monthly fee get weekend calls free but are charged for weekday calls i A customer is selected at random What is the chance that this customer has the third plan Show your work ii A customer is selected at random What is the chance that this customer must pay for weekday calls Show your work 2 True or False The square of the correlation coefficient tells you the percentage of the variability in Y that is explained by knowing X A B C D 3 To convert from Centigrade to Fahrenheit you multiply the temperature in Centigrade times 18 and then add 32 Thus if the correlation between temperature in degrees Centigrade and wind speed in miles per hour at 200pm at the airport for twenty days in October is 030 then the correlation between temperature in degrees Fahrenheit and wind speed in miles per hour at 200pm at the airport for those same twenty days in October is A 054 18X03 B 3254 18X0332 C 017 03018 D 030 4 Put the following four correlations in order from lowest to highest be sure to remember that negative numbers are lower than positive numbers i The correlation between the ages of all the husband and wife pairs in Ohio quot The correlation between the number of questions wrong and the number of questions right for all the students taking this test The correlation between the weight and the miles per gallon of all the cars in Ohio iv The correlation between the weights of all the husbands and wives in Ohio V lowest second lowest second highest highest 5 Climatologists can estimate the amount of rainfall in California on a year by year basis over the last two thousand years by looking at the distance between the rings in very old redwood trees that have recently fallen the idea being that the tree would grow faster 7 and hence the rings would be farther apart 7 for years with more rainfall In this situation which of the two variables below should be plotted on the YaXis of a scatterplot and which should be plotted on the XaXis Variable l The distance between the rings Variable 2 The amount of rainfall Y7 X7 6 Each year g3 Mystery Shopping a market research company based in Sylvania Ohio conducts a study of the drivethru windows of the national fastfood restaurant chains In one part of the study a g3 Mystery Shopping employee orders a main item a side item and a drink at a drivethru window for example a sandwich a fries and a soft drink and then keeps track of how long it takes to be served The time in seconds reported for each chain is then a summary of visits to that chain s locations nationwide Below is a scatterplot and a regression output from DataDesk using the times for 24 chains that were evaluated in both the 1998 and 1999 surveys Dep endent variable is No Selector R squared 805 Source Regression Residual Variable Constant 1999 time 26 total cases ofwhich 2 are missing 1 R squared adjusted 797 9 s 1853 with 24 2 22 degees offreedom 9 9 Sum of Squares df Mean Square Fratio 312654 1 312654 910 t 755636 22 343471 Coefficient s e of Coeff tratio prob m 338521 1825 185 V 00771 e 0791209 00829 954 S 00001 1998 time 300 X 250 x a xquot 8 8 200 xxx 3 8 200 250 300 1998time a One chain took 200 seconds to serve customers in 1998 What would you predict as the time for that chain to serve drivethru customers in 1999 Show your work 1 ii the correlation between the 1998 times and the 1999 times was the blank no need to explain here ll in The Steak 11 Shake chain did poorly in this survey taking 361 seconds to serve drive thru customers in 1998 and 340 seconds in 1999 If Steak 11 Shake was not included in the survey then the correlation between the 1998 and 1999 values would have been A higher than the answer to part i above B lower than the answer to part i above C would not have changed the answer to part i above Pick one and explain


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