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Music Appreciation (GT

by: Jensen Morar

Music Appreciation (GT MU 100

Marketplace > Colorado State University > Music > MU 100 > Music Appreciation GT
Jensen Morar
GPA 3.88

Steven Marx

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About this Document

Steven Marx
Class Notes
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This 2 page Class Notes was uploaded by Jensen Morar on Monday September 21, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to MU 100 at Colorado State University taught by Steven Marx in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 13 views. For similar materials see /class/210026/mu-100-colorado-state-university in Music at Colorado State University.


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Date Created: 09/21/15
April Tracy MU 100 Section 2 Assignment 2 February 21 2011 Allemande from Cello Suite No 1 in G major is a classical solo cello piece composed by Johann Sebastian Bach 1685 1750 This recording of the piece was performed by YoYo Ma I believe it is written in 44 time possibly 22 Allemande was a popular form of dance in the Baroque time period and it is widely accepted that this piece was written to fit the dance I love the tempo of this piece it helps me feel relaxed without putting me to sleep The change in dynamics also adds to this feeling and keeps the music lively and interesting At times during the piece it is hard to believe there is only one cello playing There seems to be others adding to the texture of the music during certain parts of the work Oh the time and talent put into playing an instrument in such a way The composition and the execution of this piece are truly incredible Ludwig van Beethoven s twenty seventh work Adagio sostenuto is a classical solo instrument piece written in 1801 I think it is written in 34 time Daniel Barenboim performs this piece on the piano Unlike Allemande feel the tempo of this piece is too slow The tempo alone makes this song sound almost melancholy to me I certainly wouldn t want to dance or even get up and clean to this song but it is peaceful and relaxing This work takes advantage of the great dynamic range of the piano My ears are not well trained which may explain why some of the chords sound wrong to me The smooth flow of the music seems to be disrupted by that odd low chord All in all I do think this is a beautiful piece but I do not think I would listen to it on a regular basis because it is too lethargic Jimi Hendrix s llPurple Hazequot could be considered a love song but would certainly fit into the rock n roll genre I do not like this song the sound of the electric guitar grates on my nerves If I can block out or get passed the electric guitar I can imagine it being a good song The beginning of the song before the electric guitar becomes too obnoxious is fun and I do like the lyrics There is a lot of texture to this song with background singers and many different instruments involved including drums and symbols The electric guitar solo makes me want to plug my ears turn down the volume or skip the song The dynamics of the song seem to get louder and louder as the electric guitar becomes more and more dominant wish I could listen to the song without the electric guitar Unfortunately for me electric guitar was very popular during the time frame of this song quotCrazyquot as recorded by Patsy Cline for the first time in August 1961 has a very thick texture Back ground singers piano violin and some gentle percussion complement Patsy Cline s distinct voice The song was written in a 44 time signature by Willie Nelson in early 1961 and has been performed by many artists but none were able to capture the audience like Patsy Cline did Some people call it country some consider it traditional pop although technically country is a sub genre of pop but it is unmistakably a love song Like most pop songs the dynamics of the song are very limited or stable I love this song Patsy Cline is known for her ability to capture emotion and rich tones in her voice and she certainly does just that with this song The slow peaceful melody captures the heartache of the lyrics The piano also helps to capture the feeling of the song Bob Dylan wrote and recorded the folk song quotBlowin in the Wind Dylan considered the piece to be spiritual The original version of the song consisted of two verses while a third middle verse was added by Dylan later The instruments in the song are characteristic of folk music especially during this time period and are simply classic guitar and harmonica The limited instruments make for a thinner texture but fit the text perfectly I think the lyrics of this song hold a very profound meaning that make the attentive listener ponder the true message I like songs like this one with a good story not only in the lyrics but behind the lyrics as well The melody of the song provides for a serious poignant mood that is also very befitting of the lyrics The tempo of the guitar is a bit more lively than the musician s voice and the lyrics feel Most people would consider Bob Marley s llDuppy Conqueror to be reggae but the lyrics easily qualify the song for folk classification The rich texture and unusual background vocals of this song make it very fun to listen to There is bass guitar drums slide guitar and maybe some piano in this song but the way they sound together is very pleasant to my ears I can t seem to count the beat of this song but I think that is fairly typical of reggae Most of Bob Marley s songs address the political oppression that he grew up in including this one which is why I think it can also be considered folk music The vocals in the introduction of llDuppy Conqueror are my favorite part and they continue in the background throughout the song I like the way Marley steps back and lets the background singers take over for parts of certain repetitions of the chorus


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