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Border Crossings People

by: Katelynn Buckridge Sr.

Border Crossings People ETST 256

Katelynn Buckridge Sr.
GPA 3.8

Eric Ishiwata

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About this Document

Eric Ishiwata
Class Notes
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This 3 page Class Notes was uploaded by Katelynn Buckridge Sr. on Monday September 21, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to ETST 256 at Colorado State University taught by Eric Ishiwata in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 96 views. For similar materials see /class/210029/etst-256-colorado-state-university in Ethnic Studies at Colorado State University.

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Date Created: 09/21/15
LanguageCulture Brandon Tara As immigrants continue to flood into our country illegally problems concerning our countries foundation as well as our schooling and our nations economy arises From receiving billions of dollars from our Center for Immigration to illegal men and women birthing babies within our boarders thus certifying the child as a US Citizen Whit all of these Spanish speaking children needing schooling schools around the country have developed ELLESL programs as well as Englishonly courses for the immigrant children legalillegal become bilingual and socially acceptable With an increase of immigration schools have been demanding an increase in funding for programs such as ESL education and programs alike According to BilingualESL these ESL programs are in result of the Bilingual Education Act passed in 1968 1 Since this act was passed three major programs have been erected for the benefit of the English Language Learners ELL such as English as a Second Language ESLquot Transitional bilingual education and DualLanguage immersion The main objectives for the ESL program is for the students who are learning English as a second language is for them to enhance their understanding of the curriculum and help them succeed in an othenNise Englishbased environmentquot1 Because the Congress passed this act under the Civil Rights Title VI it prohibits discrimination based on race color or national origin in programs or activities receiving federal nancial assistance In addition to the ESL program is the Transnational bilingual education program The Transnational bilingual education program encourages students who s first language is not English to learn the English language so that they can join classrooms with their Englishspeaking peers as soon as possible 1 Opponents of these programs believe that compelling students to learn Englishis hindering students ability to learn curriculum by creating them in their native languages too long 1 As for the Duallanguage immersion it provides accommodations for immigrants by teaching the curriculum in both English and Spanish The article gives an example ofan instructor might teach sociology in Spanish one week and in English the next 1 This allows for the immigrant students to feel comfortable in their classes because they are being taught in both languages We cant over look the funding aspect to these types of programs either A survey was conducted by Michael Griffith and John Hancock I Survey of State ELLESL Funding Systems in March 2006 The funding aspect is very important to these programs because without it the immigrants would not be able to succeed in our modern day United States The article shows the financial difference between eight states California Colorado Florida Maryland Michigan New Jersey New York and Texas When comparing the Funding between states the cost ranges form unknown in multiple states to 678 Million dollars in Maryland In California the states allowance per ELLESL applicable student dose not exceed 100 As for Colorado Students will not be funded more than 400 or 20 of the state average per pupil operating revenues 2 Because of the higher population of immigrants in California they receive a total funding of 577 million and Colorado s total of 4043555 2 In the article Steven King s Bill To Stop Anchor Babies Steven King a member of the Republican party states in his bill proposal that would clarify those classes of individuals born in the United States who are nationals and citizens of the United States at birth 3 This meaning that King believes the children of undocumented immigrants whom are born in the United States should not receive citizenship under the 14th Amendment 3 The 14th Amendment states All persons born or naturalized in the United States and subject to the jurisdiction therefore are citizens of the United States and of the state wherein they reside 3 Arguably King states that the 14th Amendment was not meant to include children of undocumented immigrants 3 Known as anchor babies or birth tourists children born of illegal immigrants in the United States are born into citizenship due to the 14th Amendment Consequently they qualify to have their parents become citizens once the child becomes 21 4 One could only imagine what the impact to the American economy Under the topic of economy these anchor babies or birth tourists cause great harm to our economy by drug and violence crime healthcare and even education According to the article illegal aliens give birth to about 340000 children nation wide every year imposing tremendous medical costs on hospitalsquot 4 Because the enormous numbers of children are being born within our boarders are less than eighteen years of age they must be taken care of which parents of infant citizens still qualify for welfare in order to protect the child the Center for Immigration studies estimates nearly 2 billion dollars goes to illegal aliens annually in the form of food stamps and free lunches 4 1 Education Commissions of the States BilingualESL 2006 Available at httpwwwecsorghtmissueaspissuelD16 Accessed November 7 2013 2 Michael Griffith and John Hancock A Survey of State ELLESL Funding Systems State Notes2006 Available at httpwwwecsorgclearinghouse67706770pdf Accessed November 7 2013 3 Elise Foley Steven King Introduces Bill To Stop Anchor Babies 2013 Available at39httpwwwhuffingtonpostcom20130104stevekinganchor babiesn2411989html Accessed November 7 2013 4MichealeneRisley Are Anchor Babies Sinking the American Economy Available athttpwwwhuffingtonpostcommichealenecristinirisleythe 14thb1343158html Accessed November 7 2013 1 LanguageCulture o Englishonly legislation 0 ESL educationgt o Sharia o anchor babies Pros amp Cons Funding for eslgt Immigrants are willing to pay taxes for the ESL classes Immigrants illegal still pay F ederalamp State taxes through items they buy at stores


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