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Buyer Behavior

by: Mrs. Marisol Schuppe

Buyer Behavior MKT 361

Mrs. Marisol Schuppe
GPA 3.68

Joie Dennis

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About this Document

Joie Dennis
Class Notes
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This 10 page Class Notes was uploaded by Mrs. Marisol Schuppe on Monday September 21, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to MKT 361 at Colorado State University taught by Joie Dennis in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 24 views. For similar materials see /class/210061/mkt-361-colorado-state-university in Marketing at Colorado State University.


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Date Created: 09/21/15
Chapter 9 Shopping in groups 0 Group influence major factor in consumer decision making process 0 Women shopping with people shortest time when with a man longest time is when with another women 9 social activity hedonic Reference Group9 a group of individuals who has significant relevance for a consumer and who impacts the consumer s evaluations aspirations and behavior Group lnfluence9 refers to the way in which group members influence the attitudes opinions and behaviors of other within the group 0 Group members 0 Share common goals and interests 0 Communicate with and influence one another 0 Share a set of expectations rules and roles o Viewthemselves as members of a common social unit Types of Groups 0 Primary amp Secondary 0 Primary 9 people who have frequent direct contact with consumer family 0 Secondary 9 a group to which the consumer belongs but has less contact than a primary professional clubs and organizations 0 Formal amp lnformal 0 Formal 9 a consumer formally becomes a member church member 0 lnformal 9 group that has no membership and no codes of conduct groups that meet to have coffee or go to events together 0 Aspirational amp Dissociative o Aspirational 9 consumer desires to become member 0 Dissociative 9 consumer does not want to belong Conformity9 a result of group influence in which an individual yields to the attitudes an behavior of others 0 Peer pressure 9 the extent to which group members feel pressure to behave in accordance with group expectations 0 Example meth video not even oncequot Teens additional information 0 Survey of 1800 online teens ages 1317 identified a critical target group 0 Teen influencers 17 0 Popular styleconscious strong influence on family and friends spend 8 hours per week online 0 Older amp wealthier than average teen keen on spreading word on trends amp products Types of Social Power Reference Group Influence o Informational influence 9 consumers use the behaviors and attitudes of reference groups as information into making their own decisions 0 Utilitarian influence 9 consumers conform to group expectations to receive a reward or avoid punishment 0 Value expressive influence 9 consumers internalize a group s values or join groups to express their own values and beliefs Factions that affect influence 0 Information and experience 0 High for consumers less likely to be influenced by reference groups 0 Credibility attractiveness and power of reference group 0 Conspicuousness of the product 0 Verbally conspicuous product easily explained to others higher influence by reference group Value and Reference Groups 0 Utilitarian value 9 group membership becomes a means to a valued end state 0 Hedonic value 9 value is an end in and of itself you enjoy whatever the group is doing instant gratification you get from doing it with the group 0 Ex Raft with group for safety but enjoy being with the group 0 Information obtained directly impacts consumer expectations which then affect value perceptions and satisfaction Word of Mouth WOM 9 information about products services and experience that is transmitted form consumer to consumer 0 Organic 9 consumertoconsumer comes naturally more credible o Amplified 9 encourages organic WOM from company generates a place to get organic WOM started ex Viral video Dove videos Amazon Amplified Example 0 First to allow consumer reviews in 1995 more than 5 million consumer posted tens of millions of review prime example of how much amplified can be good 0 Their competitive advantage 0 Becoming leading source of product reviews and now product attribute reviews Viral marketinq example indie horror film Paranormal Activitvquot o Relied heavily on internet buzz Twitter and WOM film started in college markets where it debuted to limited theatres o Paramount Studio urged people to go online to demand wider release more than 1 million requests came in 0 Will be first major studio film to be released nationwide as a result of online requests Buzz Marketing 0 Includes marketing efforts that focus on generating excitement that is spread from consumer to consumer o A form of guerilla marketing the marketing of a product using unconventional means 0 Viral marketing 9 uses online technologies to facilitate WOM by having consumers spread marketing messages through their online conversations Stealth Marketing9 a guerilla marketing tactic that is similar to buzz marketing but consumers are completely unaware that they are being marketed to o Often considered unethical along with practices called shilling and infiltrating FTC Stealth Marketing 0 Where people are paid to use or pitch products in public settings without disclosing they are being paid is a violation of the FTC s endorsement guidelines 0 2 groups commercial alert and WOM need more FTC new guidelines on testimonials in advertising 0 Address endorsements by consumer experts organizations and celebrities and disclosure of important connections between advertisers and endorsers 0 Includes material connections between advertisers and endorsers including bloggers must be disclosed Opinion Leaders9 consumers who have great influence on the behavior of others relating to product adoption and purchase 0 Ex READ campaign 0 In public schools a campaign to get young people to read 0 Has pictures of opinion leaders on posters saying why to read 0 Ex Oprah effect 0 Oprah s favorite things 0 The effect she has when endorsing products 0 Her power with consumers Traditional Family Household9 at least two people who are related by blood marriage who occupy a housing unit 0 Nuclear family 9 a mother a father and a set of siblings 0 Extended family 9 three or more generations of family members Emerging Trends in Family Structure 0 Nontraditionalquot household arrangements 0 Blended families 0 Single parent households Chapter 10 Cash wrap is king effects shopping experience 0 Cash wrap 9 check out area at retail store 0 Has effect on entire store so location is crucial ex lf line is too long customers may leave or not enter store at all 0 Examples of blunders o Hallmark create nightmare when they allowed clerks to gift wrap at Christmas adio Shack combine check out with repairs Situational lnfluences 9 contextual effects independent of enduring consumer brand or product characteristics Question 0 Under what circumstances would you travel 0 Great distances to shop specialty stores when we have a need brand loyalty 0 Short distances to shop everyday goods things you re not highly involved usually always about buying 0 What factors would be involved in consumer decisions to embark on a shopping adventure where you would travel great distances 0 Experience novelty better products 0 Ex lkea Cabelas Situational lnfluence Categories nmecammmm mnxumvhvmangmgmev wr nmannn Spmmwed Ex When a WWW wu quotmm cwammum Murmannn amumammmummma mm wngam may mamm P ace anmmanvwmhasecnnmmv nnnummalmnpmcemmgxmatmn Ex 5mm beam an enmmnmem m an mm gem Cnndmnnxandxnua Wmman muencecnnmmv nn Ex When mmennexththevam mm mm mm mm humane when mmennu m a mvuiedhavmware m mmmm abrandname m Wm Weme m We mm m my ex When n mm m need mm mm nmemdav mnampmdu smusemme rmmvlzmnhmughnmme day 1 ma 2 mg mm s ammme maymmm uxewmnnmm mm hmg M be moms wmmmummmhnpw Shnggmg name a swam Vam 15733m Hum m mu Ammmnna mm 9ammxexnnemdmmma wecmcmma mm nvmnhednmcmxgh mummy Epmemcxhnwmg 9mm m ammacqmmnmage ahnmpmdu a Epmemclxmmm nn mgmn a E aemclnngnmgl9Wghevhednmmnvmm nzna Emmema aw unemde 2 mg exdeanedm mm mauememmmamnnm m memmemmungmmmeanmcm mummy v a was ummmamnzeawmmmmamgammmequemmmm ma mm amaemmnmaa sewmumemmghMummnwmmam Pmnna hnwmgva uelPSv 9thenv2rauhledm vmnhn axhnpvmgamwvcnmdemg aHaxmcmedcnax m an Ywe a Unmanan 9 vmnh nmamed mm mm mm W nnnh Emma umem w 0 Manama 9mm man aawmummm wemdnmgme ammymmmnnauygmm Imnuhm MIMI wemammn mwww 9 Maura hutwenme a mum Mn mmedmz reward cnnxumwen mgmannn 9standencwnvmnxunzrstnmmhnMadanvamatmna Muencexmmxmemnng m Merchandme mmpmmawmammgam Encnurage m Mummy am an enmmna wmarged m Make hmg eawtn w mm 3 mm guexyxnmmgmng mum 572 ngumwggamx imam a n 11 mmszan mm mm Wm Wuumw mumm nnm ymmmvml an m mum Wmae gnawmewamn Hamlu 2mm mmmxm mm Unmr m ame Drumhvchmmcasymmannmhmgmmepxwhemammpu awxhnwu new a Senme mmghenc now we 9meemrmnna new manenmmnrmmmwm momma 922W c7231 mum aura m mam mmum mmpm m mm enmmnrmm Senmascara 9mman enumnmemmmmm mnxurmwemmxare panama mmxghm emem mm my my c7231 a mum advar zge a m 9apvmpnmenemnmeebmmxhvme gm mm a cmmvmmnwmmmmmmeWm E emem cum 0 MAX 0 cm a Snmawmng Examme Mama m Lnndnn N smnnmhmmmdean amwavsheam mungseummnga m pemn mameH mm n Man PemnamyPem ua Mag thm m WMquot 5 5 E Q w ngmmmm nuamy W9 We may m ume m hnppm m dnvw mm Chxmgn mama ememm mm mnwhm ma Waycmmmg Med Gummy Hm mam swim m Law Mm mum mmth mm Maaaaam mamaquot 9mmmna chamdenaxmthmacnnmmevhnnwma pamm aw nma nn pmnamgpummam cnnwm mnenmmnrmm Ecnnnmmremurce e uman mvhudgz lng Mm secu lvanmeam nexx m a Wwpmauupgraamg ammmpmnaa mmnmemn MalI1 a mexehnemammn mage a canaraamqamuamawwgnanma a Senmeans 9muhhnwgmxmnmmnv Md 0 Wm SMad ma 9manxmmmxgnemnmmageand senmum ammwam a Mumcaughtawnwnwmhamwpmmdeand mhamehng wu ganmm Empty 1am OanAMmH pmaasa a Decmm Mama Decmnn nakmg 9 hnwnavphexandmhm Dnma v wtam quotmay mummxx Wa are rwmn hexanx e and aummaammmaam mam pnmh e m mmn he amam W we hea wnnkam mamath hm mmce nv Sudan Bea detemmed hvmhm n mmamm aaamamm aam pemn guaamn Dstmgmsh amend nnnded and hamma demsmn makmg a nvukBmem nsk neseanen M k Pevsgedmes unCunsumevDecsmn a my Fahanw damnquotr s Expenenha amphehavmvabuthdea wmhemmmns annamnwmnw Mundwmam Rmcvv wwuum 1h zmM yArlvnnl anunturaluuhmvmm When demsmquot makmg 7 w iquot wnnnnn 97mm wuxmwamwnssxm mama quotname znvmvmmlh mnm mama nvu vemem and Pdsk nvukBmem 9012 dednee uhmsuna ve evance thatcunsume mds m pdnsdnddawendnna dwen act Types ed vsk a Pendnnanee a Physma a nne DecsmnMakmglggmaches Hamdaxdeensndnmawndaedmdmens genem dd nutseek Wurmahun at auwnen a W39m w when 5 needdnzed and se ed a band based un bah m lvvdman a Enand uyaw 9 ednnnnnnnemd vebuy pmddds vegavd ess edsddandnax nnudenees thatcuu d eadtuswnchmg behavmr a Enand nema What deems wnen a cunsumev buys a pmddd vepeatemy wnndm any vea attachment bends anew pmddds ed demsmn makmg ssdnnes ednsdnnens muve mhgen ytmuughvanum pvuh emsu vmg adwmes mseavch in a ehesdnnmnadwunexpdnennneaenadeensmn Need Reeddndmw cunsumev peneenes a dmenenee hetwaen an adua s ate and a desned s ate Desned ta e Desnedstates enanded damaneauywdntne mlmduclmn dune Fhune Facebuuk drwxuny bvands Seanenaenawen endennd amaysseekmg newpmducts en mnuvahuns ex Spuns Wu edneens n w w veseavchmg a an v P Mr we want u pmwde the nvdnnandn that ednsdnnens seek Cunsmevatmn ad Unnensaxsetmedamduedndnmaupdssnde sdwndns m AwanenesssedAsetuvawtennatwesuvwnnena ednsdnnen s awane wwam MW I nend9adennadwestnadyuddun39nnke o Inert 9 alternatives you are indifferent about 0 Consideration 9 alternatives that are acceptable External search includes the gather of info from external sources 0 Factors considered 0 Ease of obtaining info from the source 0 Objectivity of the source 0 Trustworthiness of the source 0 Howtimely can the info be obtained Evaluative Criteria the individual attributes or elements of a product or decision that are used by consumers in making a ecision 0 Two that are used across almost all consumer decisions 0 Price 0 Quality External Search and the Internet 0 Lowers search costs 0 Provides hedonic value 0 Information control Factors Influencing Amount of Search 0 Product experience 0 Involvement o Perceived risk 0 Value of search effort 0 Time availability 0 Attitudes towards shopping 0 Personal factors 0 Situational influencers Presentation questions 0 Harnessing the Power of Social Networkingquot was directly related to which two terms from chapter 9 0 Online social network amp viral marketing 0 As described by Stephanie Maddocks all of the following are ways to harness the power of social networking except 0 Do nothing it s not worth spending the company money 0 According to the article Verizon does not want to spend a tremendous amount of money on marketing for the iPhone in fear of cannibalizing which of their own smartphones o Android 0 In the diffusion process of the iPhone ATampT would be known as 0 Early majority 0 According to the article by Pendergast Ko amp Yuen what percent of WOM communication is done facetoface o 90 o In the article Online Word of Mouth and Consumer Purchase Intentionsquot what is the reason WOM is more reliable and trustworthy than firmgenerated communications 0 WOM provides information among consumers who presumably have no interest in marketing the product and just want to express their opinions 0 According to the article Online Impulse Buying Understanding the Interplay between Consumer impulsiveness and Website Qualityquot what situational influence can affect web site quality 0 All of the above 0 The article Online Impulse Buying Understanding the Interplay between Consumer impulsiveness and Website Qualityquot proves 0 High consumer impulsivity affect the urge to buy impulsively when making purchases form both low and high quality websites D 0 According to Godek and Murray what are the two types of accounts in mental budgeting 0 Comprehensive and topical A What term refers to situational characteristics that a consumer brings to a particular purchase or consumption environment 0 Antecedent conditions C What is the term for the worth of an activity because time spent doing the activity itself is personally gratifying o Hedonic shopping value B Consumer may engage in more impulsive purchases behavior or be attracted to hedonic products if they are experiencing o A amp B Based on the study in the article Manolo Blahniks vs Cheaper Heelsquot what was the main deciding factor as to which shoe women preferred 0 Comfort D What kind of decision making was used in the article Manolo Blahniks vs Cheaper Heelsquot 0 Experiential A Brand loyalty relationships are considered beneficial for 0 Both A amp B The final marketing advice from the article The Effect of Indian Consumers Life Satisfaction on Brand Behavior Toward a US Global Brandquot was to concentrate on o Emotional branding B What are the attributes that are not readily apparent and can be learned only through experience or contact with a product 0 Underlying attributes C According to the article Buyer Confusion and Market Pricesquot why do retailers overwhelm consumers with tons of attributes that a consumer might never use 0 To block bounded rational decision making and control market prices C According to the article what is the point of Adidas taking their product out of grocery stores 0 So they can regain their image A According to the article what is Adidas target market 0 1419 year olds B


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