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International Marketing

by: Mrs. Marisol Schuppe

International Marketing MKT 365

Marketplace > Colorado State University > Marketing > MKT 365 > International Marketing
Mrs. Marisol Schuppe
GPA 3.68

Robert Allerheiligen

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About this Document

Robert Allerheiligen
Class Notes
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This 13 page Class Notes was uploaded by Mrs. Marisol Schuppe on Monday September 21, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to MKT 365 at Colorado State University taught by Robert Allerheiligen in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 18 views. For similar materials see /class/210063/mkt-365-colorado-state-university in Marketing at Colorado State University.


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Date Created: 09/21/15
e M365 International Marketing Chapter 4 Cultural Dynamics in Global Markets becauseevemcountmisthebestat something Overview gt The importance of culture to an international marketer 49 De nition and origins of culture a The dimensions of culture a The elements of culture a The impact of cultural change 9 Strategies of planned and unplanned change The Importance of Culture 3 Just because something sells in one country doesn t mean it will sell in another Cultural differences among members of EU htt www outubec0m watchvZAJNFOHuLno 0 A common language does not guarantee a similar interpretation of word or phrases British vs American English htt wwwwoodlands juniorkentschuklcustomslguestionslamericanbrit ishzindexhtml 0 Yahoo websites around the world 0 htth evervthintvahoocom index 11 Italy Natllarlands Spain United Kingdom apan United Sates Cut Fish and Dried Flowem Chocolate Seafood Pasta stems kg ng k Nm 0 7 1S 3 8 1 Wine L 269 215 262 2077 103 182 47 69 Tobacco sticks B45 25Jquot 1019 34 1532 11 837 11 2133 noses 754 15 1875 16 1106 12 Exhibit 43 Country France Germany 3 Y Netherlands pain United Kingdom apan United States Birthiate Life per 100000 Expectancy Ischemic ea Disease 712 176 2 1343 76 2 871 1616 553 1 Death Rate per 100000 Diabetes Mellitus Lung Cancer 453 S 1 Stomach Cancer j l 4 emu l De nitions and Origins of Culture ltgt Traditional definition of culture a Culture is the sum of the values rituals symbols beliefs and thought processes that are learneo shared by a group of people and transmitted from generation to generation 5 Individuals learn culture in three ways Socialization growing up 13 Acculturation adjusting to a new culture ii Application decisions about consumption and production v3 my M ll Elements and Conseq lences of Culture Origins Geography limate topography ura fauna microbiology History Technology and political ecnnnmy 2 s n m 1 lt Sodal institutions family religion ssnool media government orpcrationi A Islmanor Elements of cullule Li 4 values rituals symbols beliels thongquot processes Consequenses Social aiion accul uralian Application Comumplion dame h vim and be a Management style gt i is j J2 gagghhggmi I Hofstede S Indexes IndividualismCollective Index IDV focuses on self orientation ltgt Power Distance Index PDI 5 focuses on authority orientation f Uncertainty Avoidance Index UAI focuses on risk orientation 4 MasculinityFemininity Index MAS u focuses on assertiveness and achievement 3 Long Term Orientation LTO Country Arab countries ralia Portuguese English French Spanish mesh renc Germany Great Brvtam Greece Guatemala indie ndones a ran Japan Mexico Netherlands ealand Pakistan uhmea States Uruguay Spanish Venezuela Spanish Distance from English wmoboJMMOIwbwwwwwO Awbwwwsm The SD Mow I of professor Geert Hofstede lIJB BO PD IDV M Llniked Slates 39xm W quot 4 if c gwga i a Cultural Sensitivity and Tolerance gt It is imperative that the marketer be attuned to the nuances of culture so that a new culture can be viewed objectively evaluated and appreciated 3 Cultures are not right or wrong better or worse they are simply different e The more exotic the situation the more sensitive tolerant and flexible one needs to be is There must be an appreciation of how cultures change and accept or reject new ideas 0 McDonald s McChao in Japan Sales increased 30 g 39 a 39 jg MEIIEL law Planned and Unplanned C ullural Change lt Determine which cultural factors con ict with an innovation Change those factors from obstacles to acceptance into stimulants for change Marketers have two options when introducing and innovation to a culture 3 They can wait unplanned change They can cause change planned change Cultural congruence Marketing products similar to ones already on the market in a manner as congruent as possible with existing cultural norms Next Class 4Exam 1 in Chapters 14 Study guides Slides


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