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Calculus for Physical Scientists I (GT

by: Melvina Keeling

Calculus for Physical Scientists I (GT MATH 160

Marketplace > Colorado State University > Mathematics (M) > MATH 160 > Calculus for Physical Scientists I GT
Melvina Keeling
GPA 3.78

Daniel Reinholz

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About this Document

Daniel Reinholz
Class Notes
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This 2 page Class Notes was uploaded by Melvina Keeling on Monday September 21, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to MATH 160 at Colorado State University taught by Daniel Reinholz in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 111 views. For similar materials see /class/210080/math-160-colorado-state-university in Mathematics (M) at Colorado State University.


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Date Created: 09/21/15
The MATH 160 Final Exam is Friday May 16 700 7 900 AM Approximately 220 students are expected to take the exam Different sections of MATH 160 are assigned to take the exam in dilTerent rooms as listed below THESE ARE NOT THE SAME ROOMS AS USED FOR MIDTERM EXAMS Sec Instructor Exam Room 1 9 AM Bayens Clark A102 3 12 PM Marks Clark A102 4 1 PM Pham Clark A102 5 2 PM Whit eld Clark A102 6 3 PM Reinholz Clark A202 7 10 AM Williams Clark A202 2 amp 8 11 AM Klopfenstein Clark A204 Please arrive at your assigned exam room no later than 650 AM The exam will start promptly at 700 AM and end promptly at 900 AM The Final Exam will cover the entire course though the material since the third midterm will get more emphasis Material since exam 3 includes section 56 and selected material from sections 6 l 63 64 and 66 as described in the Study Guide on Applications of Integration Expect two or three exam questions about Applications of Integration The Study Guide on Applications of Integration and the Final Exam Study Guide have been distributed in class Exam questions will be based directly on these Study Guides Be sure you have and use the Study Guides The nal is a onepart exam You may have your calculator for the entire exam However most questions are to be answered without relying on a calculator To earn credit for solving these problems you must show how you solved it without relying on your calculator Read directions carefully Even when you are asked to give a solution that is not based on calculator work you may and should use your calculator to gain insight into the question and to check your work Exam Con icts The nal exams MATH 161 261 and 340 are also scheduled Friday May 16 700 900 AM If you are also taking one of these courses should make arrangements with your instructor to take the MATH 160 nal exam later in the morning on Friday May 16 MATH 160 Final Exam ProblemReview Sessions Wednesday May 14 550 7 750 PM Wagar 133 Thursday May 15 550 7 750 PM Wagar 133 Using Practice Exams Copies of MATH 160 nal exams from three previous semesters are available from the Test Files in the Copy Center in the basement level of Lory Student Center There are more and less effective ways to use these old exams Using old exams as a source of practice problems is NOT the best use Homework assignments and problems suggested in the Study Guide are better sources of Practice Problems You ll learn more by taking an old exam from the Test Files as a dress rehearsal for the big performance Friday morning Or if you prefer an analogy from athletics use an old exam as a pregame scrimmage Here s what I suggest When you have reviewed thoroughly and feel ready for the nal exam collect an old exam from the Test File a couple of sharp pencils your calculator and a timer perhaps the alarm on your cell phone Go to a quiet well lighted place where you can work for two hours without interruption Set your timer for 2 hours and do the old exam as if you were taking the actual nal exam Even if you aren t finished stop when 2 hours have passed Then use your homework Concept Quizzes class notes and textbook to grade your own exam If you can t decide whether your answers to some questions are adequate or you can t gure out how to answer them talk with your instructor If you aren t happy with your performance in the rehearsal study the topics that gave you dif culty and get another old exam and have another rehearsal or scrimmage Getting Your Final Grade We do not expect to finish grading nal exams and have nal grades submitted until early the week after nal exams end Final grades will be available through RamWeb soon after they are submitted You may pick up your graded nal exam from the Mathematics Department of ce 101 Weber during the Summer Session after June 1 and during Fall Semester after September 8 Unclaimed exams will be destroyed at the beginning of Spring Semester 2009 We hope you all turn in your best exam score ever on the MATH 160 Final Exam Prof K Klopfenstein MATH 160 Course Coordinator Spring 2008


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