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Application Design and Development

by: Sarai Morar

Application Design and Development CIS 240

Marketplace > Colorado State University > Science > CIS 240 > Application Design and Development
Sarai Morar
GPA 3.5

Leo Vijayasarathy

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About this Document

Leo Vijayasarathy
Class Notes
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This 6 page Class Notes was uploaded by Sarai Morar on Monday September 21, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to CIS 240 at Colorado State University taught by Leo Vijayasarathy in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 45 views. For similar materials see /class/210147/cis-240-colorado-state-university in Science at Colorado State University.


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Date Created: 09/21/15
CIS 240 Application Design and Development Department of Computer Information Systems College of Business Colorado State University Spring 2011 Instructor Leo Vijayasarathy PhD Title Associate Professor Office 155 Rockwell Hall Phone 491 0607 E Mail LeoVijayasarathVcolostateedu Office Hours TR 7 900 to 1000 AM 200 to 300 PM Class Days amp Time TR 1230 145 PM Class Location Rockwell 170 Section ID 11118 Optional Text There is no required textbook for this course The bookstore should have the following optional textbook Programming in Visual Basic 2010 Authors Julia Bradley and Anita Millspaugh You may purchase this book or any other Visual Basic 2010 book of your choice that fits your budget and learning style Please note I ll provide a number of sample programs that will illustrate the programming concepts covered in the course Required Software Microsoft Visual Studio 2010 is an Integrated Development Environment IDE that will be available locally in Rockwell s computer labs and remotely over the Web on E Lab If you wish to have a copy of the IDE on your own PC or laptop a light weight version of Visual Studio called Visual Basic 2010 Express Edition is available for download at httpwww micmsnft mm v n usproducts2010 editionsVisual basic express Course Materials Most course related materials will be available through Outlook Public Folders CIS24OSlInstructor Notes In addition you can track your progress in the course by Viewing your grades on RamCT httpramctcolostateedu You will need your CSU eID to access this resource If you do not have an eID instructions for getting one are available at httpsramwebcolostateeduindexaspx Course Description from the CSU 20102011 General Catalog Software engineering methods including design implementation and testing using structured and event driven techniques logic and data structures Course Objectives Upon successful completion of the course you would have learned to design develop test and debug Windows applications using an object oriented programming language Specific concepts and skills covered in the course include Variables and constants User interface controls Sequential constructs Decision making constructs Case and IF Iterative constructs Looping Debugging tools and techniques Object oriented and event driven programming Arrays and Collections Interfacing with external data sources Course Requirements for Grades Requirements Points Two tests 160 Final exam 100 In class exercises and Quizzes 40 Programming Assignments 350 Total Points 650 The final course grade will be assigned based on the following scale Total Points Letter Grade 605 and above A 585 7 604 A 566 7 584 B 540 7 565 B 520 7 539 B 488 7 519 C 455 7 487 C 390 7 454 D Below 390 F Tests and Exams The two tests and final exam will be cumulative Questions for the tests and exam will be based on readings from the textbook lectures handouts sample programs assignments in class exercises quizzes and class discussions The typical format for the tests and exam would be programming questions that require you to analyze andor write code snippets Please Note Unless there is a valid reason eg medical or family emergency and you have made prior arrangements with me there will be no make ups for missed testsexam Inclass Exercises and Quizzes Unannounced in class exercises and quizzes will be administered randomly throughout the semester to test your grasp of programming concepts and to encourage class attendance Please Note No makeup will be offered for a missed exercise or quiz Programming Assignments All programming assignments are to be completed individually or as a twoperson team further details are provided in the Teams and Academic Honesty section Each assignment will be composed of a set of two to four programming problems I will grade one or two programs in each set The other programs in the set will be checked to make sure that you completed them and that they compile and execute correctly The graded programs will be worth more points than those that are just checked You will not be told which programs will be graded and which will be checked until after you have turned in the completed set I strongly recommend that you save your work frequently and have multiple back ups of your files stored in different locations ie home work COB U drive to avoid losing hours of work After completing your assigned programs use a zip utility to zip each folder VB 2010 creates a folder and stores all files related to a program in it The zipped files should be submitted Via email to the following address cis240sl mlnstate edn If you opt to work with a paitner make one submission for your team Let s assume that Assignment Set 1 has three Programs 7 l 2 amp 3 and the student s name is Jane Doe or the team s name is Code Mavens Here is a list of How To steps for creating and submitting the assignment files 1 Store files for each program in folders named lDoePl lDoeP2 and lDoeP3 or CMavensPl CMavensP2 CMavensP3 2 Use a zip utility to zip each of the three folders The zipped files will have a zip extension 3 Send the three files as attachments in an email to cis240sl nlnstate edn In the subject line state your names and the Assignment Set eg This is lane Doe s Assignment Set 1 or This is Assignment Set 1 for Ada Byron and Blaise Pascal 7 the Code Mavens Please Note All programs in an assignment set have to be completed and turned in by 5 PM on the due date No exceptions If you need extra time to complete an assignment set you have to request an extension in person or by emailphone before the deadline You can make up to three extension requests each for a maximum of 48 hours Programs that are submitted after the due date and time without an approved extension will not be graded Grading of Programming Assignments The primary grading criteria for a program are as follows 1 Meets the requirements specified in the assignment instructions 2 Compiles and executes without error 3 Does not abort If your program aborts unexpectedly andor inappropriately at any time during execution you may lose 20 of the possible points for that mistake alone Your program should not abort Test your programs thoroughly Adheres to good design and coding practices see below Professional Appearance Layout placement spelling formatting Meaningful title on tile bar of forms Identifiers names for objects variables and constants are meaningful and follow a consistent naming convention Option Strict On for each class 4 V VVV gt General remarks at the start of every class in your program including Class Name Class Description Developer Name Date Created Date Last Modified gt Descriptive remarks for every method gt Proper indentation amp blank line after each full comment line gt All variables and constants are local whenever possible scope After an assignment set is graded a grading criteria summary sheet will be returned to you If you are not in class on the day an assignment is returned you will have to pick it up in my office at a later time If you have any questions about the way a program was graded you have 2 days from when I handed it back in class to ask me about it After that you have to settle for the as signed grade Teams If you wish to work as a team on your Programming Assignments you will have to form a team and turn in a membership list along with a team name by January 20 You cannot change team membership after January 25 However you have the option of leaving a team permanently and completing the assignments individually By default each member of a team will receive the same grade for each programming assignment However this may change based on peer evaluations that each team member may optionally submit for each assignment A sample peer evaluation form is posted in the Outlook Folder Working as a team will have its special challenges There could be personality con icts squabbles over work allocations problems in scheduling meetings disputes over strategy and frustration about a member not doing hisher fair share Therefore exercise caution in forming a team Dealing with team disputes and resolving them amicably will be part of the overall learning experience If you require my intervention over an unsolvable con ict please come and see me We can meet and try to sort out the problem Class Format VB is a visual and interactive language It would be difficult to learn VB without writing programs and building applications using the language Therefore much of your learning will occur as you work on the programming assignments During class time I will lecture on programming concepts discuss application logic and construction and demonstrate the Visual Studio development environment You are strongly encouraged to ask questions share ideas make suggestions express viewsopinions and participate in class discussions Academic Honesty You are required to complete all programming assignments individually or in partnership with just your team member Plagiarism or copying someone else s work and submitting it as your or your team s own is a serious violation of University policy and will be dealt with severely Please Note The penalty for plagiarism is zero credit for the assignment set even if only one program in the assignment set was copied In addition at my discretion you or your team could receive an F grade for the course Note The above penalty applies to any and all students involved in the plagiarism violation ie those who copied and those who allowed their work to be copied While turning in plagiarized work is unacceptable you or your team can discuss the assignment and get some help from your class mates andor tutor subject to the following ground rules 1 You or your team must develop and write your own logic and code for each assignment You may ask other class members questions if you do not understand what the assignment requires but you or your team may not work with another person or team to write the code whether that other person is a student or not Feel free to help each other with syntax problems w you or your team have made an initial attempt at the design and your program has been entered on the computer I encourage you to help each other with syntax problems 3 Feel free to help each other with logic problems w you or your team have the application written and running or sort of running In fact I encourage you to help each other debug programs since debugging is an important skill to develop It is a violation of academic honesty to buy accept as a gift steal or in any other way obtain a program from someone else or to sell give or in any other way make available a program to someone else 5 You or your team may not hire or obtain free help from a tutor if that person helps you write the programs You may use a tutor to ask questions about a program but NOT to help you write it N b 6 In short do your own work Programming is as much alt as it is science Therefore each person s or team s work tends to be unique to some extent It is generally easy to detect duplicated work among a set of program submissions Administrative Check your Spring Schedule for drop and withdrawal dates Your absence in class is no excuse for ignorance of any announcements including changes to the course schedule It is your responsibility to find out about materials covered homework assigned andor announcements made if you happen to miss a class Any student with disabilities or other special needs who requires special accommodation in this course is invited to share these concerns or requests with the instructor as soon as possible Important Reminder All work in this course must be completed in a professional manner and should be consistent with CSU s Policy on Academic Integrity Tentative Schedule AS Assignment Set


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