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Comparative Government and Politics (GT

by: Leanne Hauck

Comparative Government and Politics (GT POLS 241

Marketplace > Colorado State University > Political Science > POLS 241 > Comparative Government and Politics GT
Leanne Hauck
GPA 3.66

Pamela Duncan

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About this Document

Pamela Duncan
Class Notes
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This 5 page Class Notes was uploaded by Leanne Hauck on Monday September 21, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to POLS 241 at Colorado State University taught by Pamela Duncan in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 39 views. For similar materials see /class/210154/pols-241-colorado-state-university in Political Science at Colorado State University.


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Date Created: 09/21/15
Mexico 0 Development 0 Not a fully developed country 0 Has made more progress than other 0 Economic I Macro econ fairly high 0 12h highest in the world 0 Industry 333 0 Service 625 o Ag 4 I highly unequal dist of wealth I hard time sustaining middle class I V2 of population is destitute 0 Asset based poverty 47 0 Food based poverty 18 I Over supplied work force 0 Similar birth rate now 0 Median age is 30 yrs 0 A lot of people joining work force I Unemployment rate 56 I Underemployment 25 o 8 wks out of the yearunderemployed I Min wageday 450 I Highly dependent on exports o Vulnerable 0 80 percent go to US 9trade partner concentration 0 Social I Highly urbanized 78 I Literacy mixed picture 0 Can readwrite highly literate 85 0 Functional illiteracy 0 Communication improving 0 political I Unique national identity 0 Conquistadors 0 Male 0 Created Mestizos I Legitamacy 0 High degree of faith in institutions I Autonomy 0 Free standing government 0 Dependenceintertwined relationship with US important implications w politics 0 Mutual relationship 0 Proud of the way that Mexico has stood up to US Clientelism driven by personal relationships 0 Patronclient networks 0 Corrupt reduces consistency fairness etc o Uneven distribution of goods and services 0 Underminds penetration o Dominated by one institution 0 Democratization O O 0 Political culture 0 0 Mexican evolution struggle semiauthoritarian 2000 presidential change in political parties Further transition Federal Election Committee System values High degree of nationalism Embrace of revolutionary history Trust 0 Illegal not to vote 0 Subjects no connection to votingchange o Is changing 0 Most Mexicans to not trust gov39t Policy values Value distributive policies Mexican constitution very socialistic Worst accepts of gov39t policy gather at the top 0 Interest Articulation O O 0 Generally about groups Mexicans tend not to be joiners Importance of family have been some important social movements in response to political corruption and economic crisis Some environmental movements Tendency not to join civic organizations Traditionally localized fragmented and individual Patronclient networks Corporatism 0 Peak organizations influence policy 0 Important under pri I What now transition 0 Have not disappeared 0 Old habit look towards local elites changing 0 Military I Run by an elected civilian I Subordinate to civilian I Sets Mexico apart from other Latin American Countries I Stable I Drug War 0 Raises concern over militarization o Opened door to corruption several scandals 0 Conflict between military and civilians 0 Catholic Church I Not a religious state 0 No connection to politics I Revolutionary state 0 All bodies of colonialism removed I 1992 Constitutional Reform 0 Less hostile to church 0 Still somewhat anticlerical 0 Interest Aggregation 0 Election and parties and electoral rules 0 Odd set of rules for legislative branch I Senate 0 3 Senators direct election96 32 PR 0 Need to form coalitions negative I Chamber of Deputies I Mix set of rules 0 No party can hold a super majority I Ban on reelection o Legislature no consecutive election 0 Presidential I History of election fraud I Directly elected 0 Party System I History of dominance PRI o PRI PAN PRD I Difficult to place on political spectrum I PRI o Spanned left and right Corporatism patronclient Broad Nationalism ProNAFTA Stateled development 00000 0 One two of the last elections 0 Most religious prochurch 0 Push family values 0 Consistently left 0 Decision Rule 0 Vertical I On paper resembles US I Federation 0 1917 constitution I Districto Federal has voting representation 0 3 levels of poderoso 0 Federal state municipal o Favors federal level of power 0 Constitutionalreforms o Devolution of power to states ed and health 0 Federal has power ofautonomy 0 Can dissolve state 0 Constitutional ban on reeelctection o No incentives to accountability 0 Federal government controls 90 percent of all revenue 0 Primary taxing entity 0 State and local dependent I Have power no capacity 0 Modernism 0 Horizontal I Executive 0 Head of gov39t amp head of state 0 Imperial presidency 0 Primary power 0 Regalements I Fill in the blanks of law 0 Can issue decrees o No reelection more assertive in policy change 0 One shot I Co n gress o Bicarmeral 0 Divided government 0 Congress waking up 0 O I Judicial Initiation No longer just rubber stamp o Napoleonic code 0 O 0 Civil law system No power of precedent Based on code 0 Structurally similar 0 Until recently tool of executive O O Independence0 Now have more independence and judicial review I Takes a supermajority I Limits on Government 0 Civil rights O 0000 No bill of rights In first part of constitution Lacking in due process Corruption More freedom of expression


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