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Computer Organization

by: Betty Kertzmann

Computer Organization CS 270

Betty Kertzmann
GPA 3.51

Yashwant Malaiya

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About this Document

Yashwant Malaiya
Class Notes
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This 7 page Class Notes was uploaded by Betty Kertzmann on Tuesday September 22, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to CS 270 at Colorado State University taught by Yashwant Malaiya in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 28 views. For similar materials see /class/210184/cs-270-colorado-state-university in ComputerScienence at Colorado State University.

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Date Created: 09/22/15
Domain of a processor Processor rules its domain Multicore Mam memory addressing scheme perhaps 6 or 32 bits Ports addressable for Graphics for display Northbridge Keyboard Networkinterface Southbridge Secondary storage Show diagram W Comp Org YKMa1aiya Chl 1 quot1l1gt 1139 Other domains Local network Addressingaccess mechanism in the network Internet Global network Addressingaccess mechanism in the network Local Area Network 0 r 2 Comp Org YKMala1ya Chl 1 1 quva 9152009 9152009 What a computer does Stores information Storage technology Access amp addressing method Access delay Amount of storage cost Moves information Controlling transfers bits transferred at a time Seriallparallellblock Manipulates information Arithmaticllogic operations Searching amp reorganization 3 W Comp Org YKMala1ya Chl mixMM Chronology of Computing Ideas BC 0 Roman number system XII IV etc 0 Abacus tablets with calculi pebbles 500 BCE 0 Mail 550 BCE Cyrus the great Neither rain nor snow shall keep the postman from his appointed rounds 0 Algorithm Euclid 300 BCE greatest common divisor algorithm 0 Binary system IChing 3rd BCE Antikythera mechanism analog computation device 150 BCE 59th CE 0 Positional Decimal system with 0 fifth century 0 AIKhwarezmi 825 Algorithms using decimal numbers Since 10th CE 0 Floating point decimal numbers 14th century 0 V r 4 Comp Org YKMala1ya Chl u mixpaw L 9152009 Chronology of Computing Ideas Ear39y 1960s 1642 Pascal automated carry in machines 1962 Steve Russell spacewar game 1833 Babbage conditional control 1964 Kemeny amp Kurtz BASlc 1890 Hollerith data recorded on punched interpretation cards 1964 Engelbart mouse and windows 19405 1964 Kleinrock packet switching 1941 Zusa binary system machine 1969 4machlne arpanet Internet floating point numbers 0 and infinity 19705 19435 Aiken SUbroufinei 1971 4004 processor on a chip 1945 Von Neumann unIerd memory holds 19705 Kay Xerox PARC small talk both data and instructions object oriented programming 1946 ENIAC Mauchly Eckert 1971 Shugart oppy programming by rewiring 1971 emaIl 1948 Wh l bl l ee er assem y anguage 1975 Altair switch programmable 19505 1978 SPAM is born 1951 Wilkes Microprogramming Recent 1952 Grace Hopper rst compiler 1980s Cocke RISC architecture 1990 Lee browser 1953 B k FORTRAN fth f t hig ie languages one o e quots 1994 Gosling Java virtual machine 1955 Bauer computer stack 1958 Kilby multiple switches on a chip IC W Comp Org YKMa1aiya Chl 5 inmate 0 Comp Org YKMa1aiya Chl 6 mixmm g manage Comp Org YKMalaiya Chl Antikythera Mechanism Comp Org YKMalaiya Chl 9152009 9152009 Comp Org YKMa1aiya Chl 9 391 auxMN Roman Numerals OrigmalAnis x Reproduction rights obtamable from ww annonsmckcnm 39 Com 01 YKMalaia Chl 10 a t mun131 Counting board and Decimal numbers W Comp Org YKMalaiya Chl 11 mumw Pascal H I I Jim niujw Jll l ua nIImI mlnu um mm il iuunlq39rfn 713 Phdto A Eggaux W Comp Org YKMalaiya Chl 12 39 umwu 9152009 Chronology of Computing Ideas 1972 C Dennis Ritchie 1979 C Bjarne Stroustrup 1994Java 1996 JDK 10 with AWT Abstract Window Toolkit 1998 JZSE 12 with swing 2004 JZSE 50 Java 2 Platform St Ed 15 2006 Java SE 6 Latest 16016 aka Version 6 Update 16 auxMM Java using Command Prompt Compile using javac HelloWorldjava Check version javac version Run using java HelloWorld Running Applets appletviewer HelloWorldhtm ltapplet code HelloWorldclassquot width500 height400gtltlappletgt g 1 AIMital 9152009


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