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Lecture 11- Prenatal Development (From week of Sept. 13-19)

by: Kelsey Adkins

Lecture 11- Prenatal Development (From week of Sept. 13-19) CDE 430

Marketplace > Arizona State University > Child Development > CDE 430 > Lecture 11 Prenatal Development From week of Sept 13 19
Kelsey Adkins
GPA 3.5
Infant/Toddler Devel in Family

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About this Document

This week there was only one lecture and a few videos! I will post my notes for the videos too, but there was only one lecture this week. Study up! I used color and abbreviations for the best study...
Infant/Toddler Devel in Family
Class Notes
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This 5 page Class Notes was uploaded by Kelsey Adkins on Tuesday September 22, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to CDE 430 at Arizona State University taught by Bodman in Fall 2015. Since its upload, it has received 135 views. For similar materials see Infant/Toddler Devel in Family in Child Development at Arizona State University.


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Date Created: 09/22/15
Prenatal Development Key dev t development diff different env t environment cont continuation mov t movement Prenatal Dev t 4 weeks you might not even know you re pregnant yet 0 Brain spinal cord and heart formed 0 umbilical cord contains 2 arteries 1 vein 0 carries blood from embryo placenta for nutrients o vein this carries blood from placenta embryo again 0 Mother s blood DOES NOT mingle with embryo s blood They can have completely diff blood types 5 weeks 0 Embryo has DOUBLED in length in one week 0 Chorion surrounds embryo remember chorion is used to test for disabilities 55 weeks 0 Head continues to grow w eye 0 Hand is forming looks like a paddle at this stage 0 3 days luterm 0 You can start to see fingers on the hand Teratogens o Teratogens env tal agents that can affect the developing embryofetus 0 There are no absolute teratogens can t say that smoking WILL cause problems in every pregnancy 0 Depends on the dose timing 0 What should we avoid when we re pregnantthinking of getting pregnantpossibility of getting pregnant 0 Alcohol 0 Tobacco I Smoking is teratogenic can cause problems w child even after birth 0 Marijuana including its secondhand smoke 0 Over the counter drugs 0 Certain prescription drugs I Thalidomide used for morning sickness but caused deformities 0 Hard drugs I Meth cocaine 0 Caffeine I Soda coffee etc I I had a friend that had a miscarriage due to too much caffeine intake from sodaH o Viruses I Ex rubella in early pregnancy can cause problems BUT rubella later in pregnancy may not be as harmful 0 Artificial sweeteners I You re better off using plain ol sugar Pesticides Air pollution Herbs I Hemlock perfect herb example it is poisonous 0 Ex of teratogenic effects on baby 0 From time when arms start to develop 2 weeks later the fingers will develop if there is teratogenic use during this specific time period embryofetus could have awful side effects to growth of fingers including deformities Prenatal Dev t cont 0 Cephalocaudal direction of growth Babies grow from head down in womb 6 weeks 0 Embryo surrounded by chorion o Spine developing 8 weeks 0 Baby is just under 1 inch long 0 Bone of arms amp legs hardening 0 Baby makes small mov ts but mother cannot feel it yet 0 Face is developing 0 Baby will start to open mouth upper palate will form 0 Jaw is taking shape w muscles that allow suckingchewing 0 Sound mechanism of the ear is now developed 9 baby can hear 0 Mucous plug protects baby inside uterus from bacteria 0 Baby almost looks translucent internal organs can be seen brain liver etc o If it were in the palm of your handsize of a quarter Quick side note 0 Lithopedion Stone Baby Iithostone I Woman was pregnant amp baby died in her womb instead of her body passing itreabsorbing it baby calcified it protected mother from infection I Can occur from 14 weeks gestation full term Prenatal Dev t cont 1011 weeks 0 You can see ears forming amp tosies 12 weeks 0 Notice dev t of facial features amp how hands approach the mouth via ultrasound o Fetus over 2 inches long length of your thumb 0 Head is more rounded baby isn t so quottop heavy 0 Eyes are widely separated o Jaws have 32 permanent tooth buds for adult teeth later in life o If mother was taking something teratogenic when the teeth buds form child can display weird side effects such as brown spots on teeth 0 Baby is starting to suck exercising muscles that will be used for breathing 4 months 0 Mom might start feeling baby move 0 The face alone is 15 inches long 0 The guickening feeling baby move 0 Mom will think it is just gas But soon will figure out it is the baby Can babies learn in the womb o Rene Van de Carr Prenatal University believes that babies can learn in the womb 0 Can teach words to babies in the womb I Ex Mother says quotrubquot as she rubs belly mother says quotshakequot as she wiggles around babies are reinforced with kicks mother will say quotGood baby Kick again 0 According to Van de Carr his program works P I He compared children of parents that graduated his program to those that didn t o The PrenatalU babies spoke their first words earlier advanced to the 2 word stage faster amp demonstrated object permanence earlier o It could be that what we re seeing is a difference in parenting o A parent that will sit there amp put Mozart on for their baby in the womb has a diff outlook on parenting than parents that don t even after baby is born 0 Some of Van de Carr s theories are supported I DeCasper amp Fifer 1980 found that babies that were read Dr Seuss while in the womb preferred to hear those stories more so than others when out of womb I While in utero learning does exist but it is very simplistic learning 0 Why do we want our kids to be smarter than everybody else earlier than everybody else 0 Parents might be pushing children too hard there is little evidence of lasting benefits 0 Too much too soon might not be beneficial Prenatal Dev t cont 18 weeks 0 You can see the baby urinating in the womb there was an ultra sound picture of that o Fetus 9 inches long 20 weeks 0 Baby s growth has been so rapid but now it slows down 0 Baby 10 inches 0 There are nails on the toesies 0 Hair on the head Eyebrows 0 Covered by li gg ine hair that covers the baby s body o Is not viable cannot live outside the womb 24 weeks 0 Baby is thin skin is wrinkles face is fully formed eyes are prominent 0 Now the baby is viable 0 Remember viability age at which baby can possibly survive once it s born doesn t mean it WILL survive but there is a better chance 0 Baby s head is down pressing against bladder Uhoh 8 months 0 Can clearly make out genitalia 0 Baby looks crammed in there 36 weeks 0 Baby can t move freely has settled to one position 0 Mother will often feel jabs from hands amp legs 0 When baby is awake its eyes are open amp can see light through the mom s tissue walls f baby is born now the baby has an excellent chance of surviving 40 weeks Mother will have back pains amp has to pee basically every 5 minutes Twin Deliveries Remember monozygotic twins from one zygote identical twins dizygotic twins from 2 zygotes fraternal If both babies heads are down ceghalic most commonstraightforward One head down one head up usually the head down baby is born first amp the breech baby is born second Both in breech position feet first not head first you will need a Csection If one baby is transverse sideways amp one is in breech position Csection is most likely going to be used


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