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Advanced Television News Production

by: Elisabeth Swift

Advanced Television News Production JTC 343

Elisabeth Swift
GPA 3.74

Pamela Jackson

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About this Document

Pamela Jackson
Class Notes
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This 4 page Class Notes was uploaded by Elisabeth Swift on Tuesday September 22, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to JTC 343 at Colorado State University taught by Pamela Jackson in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 32 views. For similar materials see /class/210211/jtc-343-colorado-state-university in Journalism and Mass Communications at Colorado State University.

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Date Created: 09/22/15
PEW RESEARCH CENTER FOR THE PEOPLE amp THE PRESS Internet Gains on Television as Public39s Main News Source More Young People Cite Internet than TV January 4 2011 The Internet is slowly closing in on television as Americans39 main source of national and international news Currently 41 say they get most oftheir news about national and international news from the internet which is little changed over the past two years but up 17 points since 2007 Television remains the most widely used source for national and international news 66 of Americans say it is their main source of news but that is down from 74 three years ago and 82 as recently as 2002 Where Do You Get Most of your News About National and International Issues 0 U Television A E J r Internet 43 4 1 1 4 Radio 2001 3902 3903 04 3905 3906 3907 3908 3909 2010 The national survey by the Pew Research Center for the People amp the Press conducted Dec 15 2010 among 1500 adults reached on cell phones and landlines finds that more people continue to cite the internet than newspapers as their main source of news reflecting both the growth ofthe internet and the gradual decline in newspaper readership from 34 in 2007 to 31 now The proportion citing radio as cunen y 15 say u sthew mam suuvce Man m m I n and memauuna news m peume yuungenhan age 3n Smce 2EE7Jh2 numbev s1 18 s 29 yea mus mung me Mamet asthew mam suuvce has neav y dunb ed um 34m 55 0mm pensm m Internet NOW Rivals TV as Main News Source for Callege Grads 1 r mummy Hagar v m quot5 Davzrkadlnzmns m as as m m mm ss 01 31 15 Men 4 29 7 Warm 7n 9 3 5 1m 55 5s 21 9 Warm 1m s2 53 2 15 en5 a 25 3 14 WamenSEH 7a 2o 5 u Wmte 41 3 15 k 85 5 m a mspsms ss 45 2 12 Nanheast 53 on 3 15 dewest 73 as an 17 sa 0 2 1 West 55 47 an 2n Revuhhran s7 35 29 5 Demand 59 a 2 12 Independent 5 03 3 15 5 5 s s s 3H m ms 5 g 555w vn m n Hm mm m mew mew suuvce W up1E pmmwsm 2mm 77 and 53 ENE Mewsmn w dawn 2ng pumls The internet also has grown as a news source for people ages 50 to 64 currently 34 say the internet is their main source of national and international news nearly equal to the number who cite newspapers 38 though still far below television 71 There has been relatively little change in the how people ages 65 and older get their news The internet has risen to 14 from 5 in 2007 but is still far behind newspapers 47 and television 79 as a main source The decline in the share of Americans who cite television as their main source of national and international news crosses all age groups Over the past three years the number saying TV is their main source has fallen 16 points among 1829 yearolds eight points among those ages 30 to 49 and six points among those ages 50 and older TV News Still Dominates Among Less Educated College graduates are about as likely to get most oftheir national and international news from the internet 51 as television 54 Those with some college education are just as likely as college grads to cite the internet as their main source 51 while 63 cite television By contrast just 29 ofthose with no more than a high school education cite the internet while more than twice as many 75 cite television Similarly those with household incomes of 75000 or more are about as likely to get most oftheir news on the internet 54 as from television 57 People with household incomes under 30000 are far more likely to cite television 72 than the internet 34 There also are different patterns of news consumption across regions ofthe country Notably people living in the West are the most likely to cite the internet as their main source of national and international news 47 vs 40 in other parts ofthe country and the least likely to cite television 55 vs 68 elsewhere On Television Do You Get Most of Your News About National and International Issues From 44 4 Cable news networks 3 Local news programming 2002 3903 3904 3905 3906 3907 3908 3909 2010 Both Cable News and Broadcast News See Declines Reflecting the slow decline in the proportion of people getting most oftheir national and international news from television the numbers specifically citing cable news outlets or broadcast networks as their main news source has fallen When asked where on television they get most oftheir news 36 name a cable network such as CNN the Fox News Channel or MSNBC 22 name ABC News CBS News or NBC News and 16 say they get most oftheir national and international news from local news programming Compared with five years ago the share citing a cable network as their main source is down seven points from 43 to 36 and the share citing a broadcast network is down eight points from 30 to 22 The local news figure has remained relatively constant over this period httppewresea rchorgpubs1844pollmainsourcenationainternationanewsinternettelevision newspa pers


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