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Death, Dying, and Grief

by: Maureen Lynch

Death, Dying, and Grief HDFS 332

Maureen Lynch
GPA 3.89

Jennifer Aberle

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About this Document

Jennifer Aberle
Class Notes
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This 4 page Class Notes was uploaded by Maureen Lynch on Tuesday September 22, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to HDFS 332 at Colorado State University taught by Jennifer Aberle in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 76 views. For similar materials see /class/210224/hdfs-332-colorado-state-university in Human Dev And Family Sciences at Colorado State University.

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Date Created: 09/22/15
3292011 51300 PM UNIT 4 TOPIC 9 Developmental Perspectives Childhood amp Adolescence Lecture Outline Please note this is an outline of the lecture and the relevant content for topic 9 Please structure the notes in a way that facilitate your notetaking and assist you in your reading Children Teens Young Adults and Grief How to Talk with Young people about Death amp Support their Grief Topic 9 Learning Objectives Outline of Discussion Con textual Considerations Developmental Considerations Understanding Grief amp Grief Manifestations in Children Teens amp Young Adults Supporting the Grief Process of Children Teens amp Young Adults Child s Grief Contextual Considerations Age amp Developmental Capacities Birth 0rder Understanding of Concept of Death Earlier Psychological Di iculties Children 5 Understand of Loss amp Grief Developmental Considerations Developmental Consideration Children 5 understanding ofdeath Cook amp Oltjenbruns 1998 Child s Developmental Capacity and Challenges Gibbons 1 992 Speece amp Bren t 1996 Cognitive and Language Development Understand the concept of time Understand the concept of death Stages of Psychosocial Behavior Erikson Trust versus mistrust Birth 2 Autonomy versus shame 2 3 Initiative versusguilt 3 5 Industry versus inferiority 51 1 lden tity versus role confusion 1118 Cognitive Transformations Piaget Sensorimotor Birth 2 years Preoperational 27years Concrete operational 712years Formal operational 12years Child s Understanding ofDeath Speece amp Brent 1996 Universality Inevitahility Irreversibility Nonfunctionality Causality Noncorporeal contribution Developmental Con teXt Infancy amp Toddlerhood birth 2 years Understand of Loss amp Grief Infancy amp Toddlerhood birth 2 years Supporting Grief Infancy amp Toddlerhood birth 2 years Developmental Con teXt Toddlerhood Early Childhood 2 6 years Understand of Loss amp Grief Toddlerhood Early Childhood 2 6 years Supporting Grief Toddlerhood Early Childhood 2 6years Developmental ConteXt Middle Childhood 7 10years Understand ofLoss amp Grief Middle Childhood 7 10years Supporting Grief Middle Childhood 7 10years The Needs onying Children National Pediatric Data Needs onying Children TrustInformation Minimal separationsecurity Pain management quotNorm al activities Palliative Care amp Hospice ChildLife Programs Understanding Griefamp Children s GriefManifestations Socialization Developmental Theories of Children amp Grief Speece amp Brent Child s Understanding ofDeath Nagy 1948 Cook and Oltjenhruns 1998 Tasks ofMourning Children s amp Adults Compared Issues for Grieving Children Understanding How Children Cope The DualProcess Model of Coping Manifestations of Grief Children s Coping with Loss iixeaoa How to talk with Kids about Death Teachahle Moments LlSTEN Guidelinesfor Talking to Children about Dying Death amp Grief How to Support Children s Grief Guidelinesfor Helping Children Cope with GriefFaher amp Mazlish 1980 Strategies to Keep in Mind Maintaining Bonds quotTelling the Story of Grief The Narrative Approach ln terventions Helping Kids with Death Rituals Viewing the Body FuneralMemorial Service Cremation Indicators for Extra Support DEVELOPMENTAL FOUNDATIONS ofADOLESCENCE amp Young Adulthood Developmental Con teXt Adolescence 11 1 7 Developmental Con teXt Late Teen Young Adulthood 1 7 MidTwen ties Understanding of Loss amp Grief Adolescence Young Adulthood 11 MidTwen ties Supporting Grief Early Adolescence 11 15 Supporting Grief Middle Adolescence 15 17 Supporting Grief Late Adolescence 17 MidTwenties The Needs of Dying Adolescents Causes of Death Adolescence amp Young Adulthood Needs of Dying Adolescence amp Young Adulthood Programsfor Terminally ILL Teens Types of Losses Adolescence amp Young Adulthood Death ofa Parent Death ofa sibling Death of a Peer Manifestations of Grief Physiological Em otional BehavioralSocial Spiritual Goals for Families 1 n terven tions


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