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Communication and Popular Culture (GT

by: Ryder Green

Communication and Popular Culture (GT SPCM 100

Marketplace > Colorado State University > Speech & Communication > SPCM 100 > Communication and Popular Culture GT
Ryder Green
GPA 3.98

Mark Saunders

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About this Document

Mark Saunders
Class Notes
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This 12 page Class Notes was uploaded by Ryder Green on Tuesday September 22, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to SPCM 100 at Colorado State University taught by Mark Saunders in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 47 views. For similar materials see /class/210227/spcm-100-colorado-state-university in Speech & Communication at Colorado State University.

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Date Created: 09/22/15
SPCMlOO Quiz 3 Study Guide 1990 s 4152011 22900 AM o Hegemony Technology o Zeitgeist cool o Themes 0 Slackers Generation X born after Baby Boom 19611981 a n n n n n n n n n n n o Vanilla Ice Sometimes called MTV generation Highest education Backlash from the 80 s Sons made less than their fathers Sex before marriage Lack of respect for parents Grunge Puck Real World Season 2 Jerk kicked off show Pot Adult abuse up 22 Examples in Pop culture Beavis and Butthead Reality Bites Office Space Half Baked Clerks Big Lebowski Best song of the 1990 s 1 Ice Ice Ba by Under Pressure Robert Van Winkle o Persian Gulf Warquot Kuwait over quota Iraq attacks August 1990February 1991 Operation Desert shieldstormsabre 400 million galls of crude oil dumped American Casualties 294 114 by enemy fire 145 in accidents 35 to friendly fire 0 Clinton Centrist a Big military spender friend of business Appointed more minorities than ever Failed health care bill Flourishing economy Budget surplus in 2000 Left office with high approval rating Bush broke 1988 no new taxes claim Independent billionaire Ross Perot Runs on business savvy Clinton narrowly won election 1992 vs Bush and Perot Didn t inhale referring to marijuana 22 year old Monica Lewinsky Impeached by the house in 1998 acquitted by the Senate 9 sexual encounters 0 Economy America was rich u If you were rich a business or the military o Military budget was 300 billion no enemies o 13 American workers were at or below poverty Forbes 400 n 198292 billion a 1995480 billion Health a 40 million without health care up 33 n Worst infant mortality 0 Dotcom bubble 19952000 IPO Initial Public Offering Dotcom companies Spend big boocom the learning company 401kretirements 0 World Wide Web Tim Berners Lee and Rober Cailliau Web of hypertext documents 19905 from nothing to boom to bust 0 OJ Trial of the Century June 13 1994 Allegedly killed Nicole Simpson and Ronald Goldman Bronco low speed chase DNA 8 days during trial Tension amongst racial lines Oct 3 1995 acquitted 0 Music Big hair bands of the 805 get crushed by Nirvana Hip Hop becomes ubiquitous n Crossover to white America a Genreartist blending n Advertising MTV a Reality TV Sex cool 0 Beverly Hills 90210 Perfected the love triangle Jamie Walters The Heights Ray Pruit 20005 c Hegemony The Bush Regime terrorism o Zeitgeist Celebrity o Music 0 Pop music refers to the popular music 0 Appeals to the masses Emphasizes final product over live Reflects trends instead of progressive Shorter in length Encourages dancing 0 Autotune TPain Iphone app Anyone can use auto tune o Crossover music 0 O Country Taylor Swift Miley Cyrus Lady Antebellum Combining genres Tim McGraw and Nelly n RapRock Linkin Park and JayZ Itunes January 2001 Apple bought out and changed New logo push away from CD5 Gamesapps music TV movies podcasts ping Genius Store Playlists Illegal Downloading About a 101 ratio of stealing versus buying a song online BitTorrent peer to peer file sharing Sports 0 O O O O O O O 0 19305 Fill air time Baseball boxing horseracing 19605 800 hours of sports programming per year 19705 MNF ESPN Wide World of Sports 19905 NFL makes FOX network 20005 2000 hours a week MNF on ESPN is highest rated cable show 3 out of 4 Americans watched football last year 1 Network 1 Cable Why Betting the internet fantasy leagues live Pro Wrestling Higher ratings than baseball Most consistently watched cable program 1 entertainment for males under 34 MMA The Ultimate Fighter UFC Pay Per Views Up to 16 million buys Higher ratings than NHL Rise and Fall of the Pro Athlete o Movies Women Tiger Woods Ben Roethlisberger Brett Favre Greg Oden Cheating Barry Bonds Mark McGuire ARod Manny Ramirez Rodger Clemens Law Trouble Michael Vick Kobe o Documentaries Lower Budgets can be highly profitable Digital Film DVDs Michael Moore Fahrenheit 911 first documentary over 100 million domestic Morgan Spurlock Supersize me Al Gore An Inconvenient Truth First Films in the 1980s were documentaries 0 Disney Finding Nemo UP The Incredibles Monsters Inc Cars WallE Toy Story etc Pixar Disney 2006 Ticket sales and merchandise 30 billion in licensed merchandise sales in 2008 Rapunzel vs Princess and the frog 0 High budget films Book to movie Harry potter Twilight Superherotoys Xmen spiderman Ironman Dark Knight GI Joe Transformers Disney etc Pirates of the Caribbean Amusement ride movie sequels video games merchandise 0 Low Budget films Relative to the genre Digital film Blair Witch Project 60k248million Paranormal Activity Started in 1950 Brought back with IMAX Avatar s success current resurgence Technology and money play big parts Reality TV 0 Histor 0 Types Y 1950s and 60s Miss America Game Shows Variety shows 1970s An American Family Candid Camera 1980s Cops AFHV 1990s MTV Real World Road Rules 1999 Survivor Who wants to be a millionaire 2000s Big Brother Dancing with the Stars American Idol The Amazing Race The Bachelor Documentary a Big Brother Pimp My Ride Deadliest Catch Relationship n Elimidate Rockflava of love the Bachelor Science a Mythbusters Life After people Shark Week Makeover n Biggest Loser Queer Eye What not to Wear Celebrity a Growing Up Gotti Keeping up with the Kardashians Competition n Amazing Race Survivor Apprentice Talent n Dancing with the Stars American Idol Game showelimination a Deal or No Deal 5th Grader Talk Shows a The View Oprah Jerry Springer Hidden CameraPrank n Punk d Candid Camera Jackass Undercover Boss MockumentaryHoax a Fake pretending to be real o Modern Family The Office Reno 911 0 Reality Scripted Reality a Real people doing contrived things Characters n The Gay guy Angry black guy Country guy Cheerleadermodel o Popularity With the networks a Strike Proof a Very Inexpensive o Friends or Charlie Sheen 0 6 Actors 1 Million per episode Writers edits sets o Who Wants to Be a Millionaire o Possibility unlikely of 1 Million every once in a while u Wildly popular o Top rated TV shows 0 Weekly yearly o On the internet a Franchises o Integrated marketing 0 Web 0 TV Jimmy Kimmel o Products Product sales Product placement With Viewers n Voyeurism n Exotic outlandish n I couldcouldn t do that n Ordinary becomes extraordinary n Relatable people a Socializing force a Includes elements of other TV genres o Drama Action Mental athletics competition unknown outcomes a Production strategy 0 Five Appeals 1 Appeal to realism a Real people o Real actions and reactions triumphs and failures a No fictional sets a Documentary filmmaking o Handheld and cameras make it real 0 Mockumentary 2 Appeal to Drama Dramality TV a Narrative structure o Each show has a formula a Role playing characteristics o Entertainer leader flirt n Competition o Competitions within a show about competition 0 Emotional appeals excitement anger n Setscene o Dramatic scenery dramatic music 2nd narrator 3 Appeal to Voyeurism n Seeing what we aren t supposed to see u Privileged and empowered c We know stuff the cast may not c We can 2nd guess cast they can t second guess us a Two Roles o Fly on the wall 3rd person 0 Over the shoulder watching the players o Invited participant 1St person 0 Players address camera us as a strategic teammate 4 Appeal to Membership n We join as voyeursplayers o Who will win What is the answer 0 1 In the players shoes IfI were her 0 2 Ourselves as contestant Could I do that o 3 Commentator That outfit is so ugly c We compete with other viewers 0 Who do we support who is like me Gay community Richard Hatch We ride along with our player a Everyone else is the villain Gambling Websites scooping each other c We compete against the show 0 Apply to be on the show Take notes on how to win Online polls chats games rate contestants enter sweepstakes o Ushered in audience participation on TV Vote now 0 Offline books games products 5 Appeal to Fantasy n Fearfantasy of being marooned a Fantasy locations o Exotic islands foreign countries new people o Real world houses a Extraordinary people o Attractive n Tribal Music 0 September 11 September 11 O O O Patriot Act Conspiracy Theories What is pop culture roles n n n a United 93 Michael Moore Fahrenheit 911 Dixie Chicks Family Guy Alan Jackson 4152011 22900 AM 4152011 22900 AM


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