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Environmental Discourse

by: Ryder Green

Environmental Discourse SPCM 429

Ryder Green
GPA 3.98


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About this Document

Class Notes
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This 4 page Class Notes was uploaded by Ryder Green on Tuesday September 22, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to SPCM 429 at Colorado State University taught by Staff in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 23 views. For similar materials see /class/210236/spcm-429-colorado-state-university in Speech & Communication at Colorado State University.

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Date Created: 09/22/15
VOCAB SPCM 429 Exam 1 Study Guide Agenda setting the ability of the media to affect the public s perception of the salience or importance of issues Public sphere the realm of influence created when individuals engage others in communication about subjects of shared concern that affects the wider community Crisis discipline an academic discipline where they respond to newongoing pressing social or environmental problems environmental communication the pragmatic and constitutive vehicle for our understanding of the environment and our relationships to the natural world it is the symbolic medium that we use in constructing environmental problems and negotiating society s different responses to them pragmatic function how communication gets us to act in the world constitutive function how communication constructs creates and reinforces our perceptions of nature and humannature relationships Anthropocentrism thinking about the world in human terms Antagonism important to transforming prevailing beliefs Preservationism sought to ban the commercial use of natural areas to preserve wild forests and other natural areas for appreciation study and outdoor recreation Muir Conservation the wise and efficient use for natural resources Pinchot Public interest a symbolic marker of legitimacy for actions taken in the name of the nation s people or the common good National Parks Act of 1916 established a national system of parks 1964 Wilderness Act sets aside wild areas in national forests national parks and other strictly managed public lands to preserve their llprimeval character and influence Direct action physical acts of protest such as road blockades sitins and tree spiking sublime an aesthetic category that associate s God s influence with the feelings of awe and exultation that some experience in the presence of nature environmental justice basic right of all people to live in a safe environment free of poisons and hazards environmental racism threats to a communities health and the burden that these threats placed on people of color and the residents on lowincome communities apocalyptic narrative literary style to warn of impending and severe ecological crises emphasizing a catastrophic endpoint more or less outside of human agency Rhetorical perspective focus on efforts to influence society s attitudes and ways of behaving through communication Performative contradiction hypocritical statements that contradict each other Tree spiking practice of driving metal or plastic spikes into trees in an area that is about to be logged to discourage the cutting of trees o Superfund that 39 39 Ithe r 39 39 Protection Agency to clean up toxic sites 0 Utilitarianism theory that the aim of action should be the greatest good for the greatest numbers 0 Field of rhetoric discovering the available means of persuasion 0 Visual rhetoric how images function to persuade 0 Identification how a person acts to identify with some target Rhetorical Strategies 0 Trope use of language that turns a meaning from its original sense in a new direction 0 Metaphor a trope or comparison using a tenor vehicle and dimensions that functions as a terministic screens 0 Sublime response human feelings of awe and exaltation in response to some experience of the sublime 0 Technical argument use science to dictate decision 0 Melodramatic argument Clarify conflict through polarization of positions 0 Loci ofthe irreparable Cox X is a reference whose quality is compared to another X is unique X s status is precarious threatened or cannot be assured without our intervention and choice or action regarding X is timely o Antithesis uniting againsta common enemy us vs them 0 Common ground technique rhetor overtly linksequates self with others 0 Transcendence mechanism parallel between the higher realm of spiritual truth and the lower one of material objects the moment there is an assumed quotwequot or team 0 Unifying symbol 0 Hyperbole o Jeremiad speech or writing that denounces the behavior of a people or society and warns of future consequences if society does not change its ways Key Figures Chapter 2 0 Julia Butterfly Hill lived in Redwood tree for 2 years to prevent loggers from cutting it down 0 Henry David Thoreau writer and philosopher with transcendental beliefs D Quoted quotin Wilderness is the preservation of the World 0 John Muir leader of the preservation movement who reconfigured American values and morals around nature with his literary essays that helped save Yosemite Valley 0 Christine Oravec studied and wrote about Muir and the sublime repsonse o Gifford Pinchot sought out conservation in order to manage America s forests and other natural resources for efficient and sustainable use 0 Rachel Carson biologist and writer of Silent Spring who founded environmental movement 0 Alice Hamilton worked to reform the l dangerous tradesquot of urban workplaces 0 Earth First o Greenpeace international organization of environmental activism o Subhankar Banerjee published book of photographs that would educate the public about threats to the future of Alaska s remote refuge Cox s Core Principles 1 Human communication is a form of symbolic action 2 Our beliefs attitudes and behaviors relating to nature and environmental problems are mediated by communication D Messages that we createhear influence how we think and how we act 3 The public sphere emerges as the discursive space for communication about the environment D Public sphere is where people come together to talk about issues Sublime response 1 Immediate apprehension of sublime object 2 A sense of overwhelming personal insignificance akin to awe 3 Spiritual exultation Apocalyptic Appeals gt Consist of 0 Agency level of control whether or not action is possible 0 Temporality sense of time o Telosquot endpoint gt Categories 0 Tragic apocalypse climate change is cosmic Fate and out of our control 0 Comic apocalypse humans can impact the end points gt Problems with apocalyptic appeals 0 Extra human causesno accountability for human actions 0 The more things are framed as a natural process the less agency humans have 0 Feeling of despair can limit human agency to solve problems 0 Lack of confidence in having an impact on the actual problem 0 Discredits scientists as false prophets and environmentalists 0 Negative connotation with environmental hysteria Social Function of communication 0 The use of natural symbols not only depicts physical worlds but also positions people in specific human activities creative identities social relations and patterns of action ways of living with nature Communication mediating humannature relationships 0 Nature speaking nature having its own language o Expressive copresence it is felt and experienced o Communicative aspects of nature Milstein Reading Communication as a mediating force in humannature relationships 0 Silence and speechlessness in the presence of nature holds spiritual connection and meaning 0 Example Blackfeet tribe members quotlisteningquot to nature in a way of reflective revelatory mode of nonverbal communication 0 Whales speaking for themselves 0 Brings people in touch with the natural world 0 Leading people to learn with the physical expressive and interactive presence of nature 0 Evoking a desire to protect the natural world 0 Nature can speak for itself due to its charismatic qualities 0 Whales as metaphoric representations of the human relationship with nature 0 Connection to the sublime response


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