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Atmospheric Chemistry

by: Kayli Reichel

Atmospheric Chemistry ATS 621

Kayli Reichel
GPA 3.83

Colette Heald

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About this Document

Colette Heald
Class Notes
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This 5 page Class Notes was uploaded by Kayli Reichel on Tuesday September 22, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to ATS 621 at Colorado State University taught by Colette Heald in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 241 views. For similar materials see /class/210245/ats-621-colorado-state-university in Atmospheric Science at Colorado State University.

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Date Created: 09/22/15
ATS 621 Midterm Review Questions The following are some conceptual questions that we will go through together next class in preparation for the midterm This is a starting point for your studying but I recommend reviewing your homework and going through additional problems from the book in preparation for the exam Note that the exam is closed note closed book and I expect you to be familiar with basic equations eg geostrophic wind barometric law ideal gas law l What are the different measures of atmospheric composition What are each of these measures best suited for D What is the oxidation number of C in methane In carbon dioxide Is the atmosphere reducing or oxidizing 9 What is a radical 1 What is a three body reaction Fquot How do you calculate the reaction rate for chain reactions 3 If you have an unsaturated parcel of air in the atmosphere at a specified T and P how could changes in the environment lead to the formation of clouds or fog What is the pressure and temperature structure of the atmosphere and how do we explain it 9 How would you calculate the mass of the troposphere D Why does a cool ocean breeze accompany warm summer days on the beach 10 How do the depth of the Martian and Venutian atmosphere compare to Earth Why 11 What does steady state mean 12 What is the difference between an Eulerian and Lagrangian mass balance equation 13 What is the definition of lifetime What does it mean physically 14 What controls atmospheric oxygen 15 What have been the human impacts on the nitrogen cycle How 16 What is the seasonal cycle of 02 and C02 17 What are the sources and sinks of atmospheric C02 18 Where has all of the C02 from fossil fuel burning gone 19 Why is the ocean slightly basic 20 Why is deep water formation important for atmospheric C02 21 What role does the dissolutionformation of calcium carbonate shells play in atmospheric CO2 levels 22 What are the typical time scales for global horizontal and vertical exchange in the atmosphere 23 Why are horizontal winds stronger in the winter 24 Why is the Hadley Circulation wrong 25 What are the connections between buoyancy stability and mixing How do you determine atmospheric stability 26 Explain the three principal inversions mentioned in class a Subsidence inversion b Night time inversion c Stratosphere 27 For a continuous pollution source at the surface what time of year and time of day would you expect to be breathing in maximum concentrations 28 Why can heavy CFC s make it into the stratosphere 29 How is air transferred across the ITCZ 30 How can you explain high pollution levels in LA 31 What is a blackbody U N U U U UI m 53 U l 4 N If a body 1 has a higher temperature than body 2 What are the relative differences in their blackbody curves What is Kirchoff s Law of radiation What does effective temperature mean What does it depend on If you examine the terrestrial radiation spectrum from space how can you establish the approximate height of different gases in the atmosphere What is the atmospheric Window What is the greenhouse effect What makes a gas an effective greenhouse gas Explain the concepts of radiative forcing and greenhouse warming potential GWP What kind of photon is required to break a strong 02 bond How do 02 and O3 photolysis differ What does a photolytic rate constant depend on What is the major source of OH in the atmosphere How can you identify a propogation reaction Explain the location of the ozone layer Why do we treat species in chemical families ie Ox NOx etc What is the Chapman mechanism What did calculations based on this mechanism reveal about the balance of 03 production and loss in the stratosphere What are the stratospheric O3 catalytic loss cycles What are the sourcessinks of the catalysts What time of year does the Antarctic ozone hole appear Why What process is responsible for ozone depletion in the Antarctic Why can PSCs form at Tgt185K


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