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Survey of Human Nutrition

by: Arnold Osinski III

Survey of Human Nutrition FSHN 150

Arnold Osinski III
GPA 3.79

John Wilson

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About this Document

John Wilson
Class Notes
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This 2 page Class Notes was uploaded by Arnold Osinski III on Tuesday September 22, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to FSHN 150 at Colorado State University taught by John Wilson in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 51 views. For similar materials see /class/210257/fshn-150-colorado-state-university in Nutrition and Food Sciences at Colorado State University.


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Date Created: 09/22/15
Exmnl KEYB DECBADDCBAACAAAEEBACDEBBACACCBABBDBCEAABBBABBDDBDA Exng KEYA DCDDCCCBACCBEBCCADEDDECCBDABBDABCEBABDABABADADAEDB Exmn3 KEYA BEABDEDDECBBACCDADBDBEAACBEDCADDDDBBAABCABBBBDBDCB PPHPP PP N HHHHHH mthHO Nutrition Exam iCIickers Because lard is solid at room temperature much of its fatty acids are Long chain FA Essential fatty acids include Alpha Linolenicacid 3 and Linoleic acid 6 The main form of Lipids found in the food we eat is Triglycerides High source of Saturated Fatty Acids Tropical oils palm coconut Cholesterol is An important part of cell membranes and needed to make some hormones Alpha Linolenic and Linoleic acid are examples of Polyunsaturated Fatty acids Lipoproteins are important for Transporting fats in the Lymphatic system Immediately after a meal newly digestedabsorbed Dietary Fats appear as Chylomicrons You CANT eliminate cholesterol from your blood Fatty Acids are taken up by Adipose tissue and stored as Triglycerides The Lipoprotein that has the most of Cholesterol LDL What LP transports TG39s synthesized in the Liver from excess Carbs and Protein VLDL The following Lipoprotein arises from Hepatic fat Liver fat VLDL The primary function of is to transport cholesterol to tissues LDL Major Dietary Factor to be concerned about w Heart Disease Saturated Fat HDL is produced by the Liver and scavenges for Cholesterol and brings it back to the Liver Deamination is the removal of Nitrogen containing Amino Acids Why is Saturated Fat bad Raises LDL bad cholesterol You Retain more Nitrogen when you eat an Egg bc of its High Biological Value The Nitrogen from Amino Acid Breakdown is Converted to Urea Lipid Panel says Total Cholesterol is 180 this includes what VLDL HDL LDL If you regularly Starve yourself you will be in a state of Negative Nitrogen Balance 2 compounds dumped into the SI to aid in Lipid Digestion Bile and Pancreatic Lipase Short and Medium Chain FA are packaged into and enter the after they are absorbed from the Small Intestine Nothing Portal Circulation portal veingtLiver Long Chain TG s are packaged into and enter the after they are absorbed Chylomicron Lymphatic System


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