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Internship I

by: Sabina Bosco IV

Internship I NR 387

Sabina Bosco IV
GPA 3.73

Paul Layden

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About this Document

Paul Layden
Class Notes
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This 3 page Class Notes was uploaded by Sabina Bosco IV on Tuesday September 22, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to NR 387 at Colorado State University taught by Paul Layden in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 90 views. For similar materials see /class/210260/nr-387-colorado-state-university in Natural Sciences at Colorado State University.


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Date Created: 09/22/15
NR 387 Final Exam Study Guide Fall 2013 1150 am 150 pm Thursday December 19 Clark A104 Layden The final exam is worth 100 points which is 20 of the grade for NR 387 It is composed of 2 sections section 1 covers material from the whole semester and section 2 covers the NRRT 487 Internship Guide Questions will be multiple choice and truefalse Section 1 Material 2535 points I Values and goals 0 What do our values influence beliefs attitudes behaviors 0 Why is it important to understand our values when thinking about our goals in life Cover letters 0 How many paragraphs 0 How many pages long 0 Purpose of cover letter I Resumes o How long ideally o Do s and don ts Networking 0 Different ways to network 0 What are some of the best ways to network References 0 What types of references are most desirable o What types of people should you not use as a reference 0 Do s and Don ts J ob interviewing What is the purpose 0 How can you prepare 0 How should you dress 0 What is a behavioralbased interview question Using Internet for job search 0 Where are some good places to look online 0 What are some techniques to use to make the most efficient use of your time 0 Steps for doing an online search What can I do for my internship o What are some types of jobs you can do for your internship I Where canl intern at o What are some types of organizations companies or agencies that you can do your internship at I On and offcampus resources for interns ips o What are some of the on and offcampus resources we covered 0 Which ones are good for finding internship Not so good I Organizing your job search 0 at are some tools you should have to organize your job or internship search 0 Minimum number of internship offers you should shoot for I Professionalism and ethics 0 What are our ethics based upon values 0 Why don7t collegelevel ethics courses work well to teach someone ethics 0 Why join a professional society Page 1 Section II Material 6575 points This section will have questions over the following information in the NRRT 487 Internship Guide I Frequently Asked Questions pp 34 0 00000 0 Can previous experience be used retroactively to count as my internship How long does my internship have to be CanI take classes while doing my internship Do I have to pay for the internship credits CanI receive financial aid for my internship When does anNRRT 487 internship begin I Junior or above I You must pass NR 387 I Resume Goal Statement and Justification Orientation Session and Student Understanding Form Registration Internship Agreement CanI do an internship if I am studying abroad I Objectives of the Partners with Professionals Program p 4 O O O O 00 To provide students with an educational experience upon which to build their professional careers To assist students in integrating classroom theory with practical field application To provide an opportunity for students to identify strengths and weaknesses whichmay be developed or corrected during their academic program To provide host organizations with a quality personnel to supplement staff and b the opportunity to evaluate student interns for possible regular employment subsequent to their degree pro r To provide host organizations an opportunity to become involved in the preparation of future professionals and to provide a vehicle for twoway communication with Colorado State University and its facult To provide Colorado State University with a means of evaluating the academic preparedness of students To help Colorado State University ensure relevant and high quality curricula To provide continuing professional opportunities to acquaint faculty with current quotreal world problems and to provide interaction with field professionals as another means to improve teaching research and service programs I Grading structure and assignments pp 512 0 O 0 000 O O O O O O O 487 is graded A through All of the assignments for NRRT 487 should be submitted electronically in RamCT If you do not have reliable access to the internet it is your responsibility to find an alternate method to submit your assignments to insure they are turned in on time How are due dates and late points are calculated What is the difference between a calendar day and a working day Know which assignments are due before during and after the internship Registration I When must you register for NRRT 487 How many credits must you register for What if you need to register for more than the minimum amount I What happens if more than one regular semester has lapsed since you were last enrolled at CSU and you want to register for NRRT 487 What if you have moved out of Colorado Internship Agreement Who is responsible to insure that the Internship Agreement is signed by all 3 parties What sheets must you attach to the Agreement when you give it to your employer If your start or end date changes who must you notify immediately Why Orientation Report Form ow many goals should you list on this form Background Report I at does it cover Grading criteria Journal I How frequently must you submit your journal What are some of the questions youmust address in them Special Project Report Form I When should it be decided What does it cover Intern Rating Report by Supervisor When should you give it to them What are some items they evaluate you on What percent of your grade does their evaluation constitute Host Rating Report by Intern I What are some items that you evaluate the employer on Page 2 o Orientation and Student Understanding Form I What 3 key things are you agreeing to when you sign this form grading structuredue dates official start of internship academic integrity 0 lncompletes inNRRT 487 I Do you need to register for the course again ifyou don t debrief by the end of the semester Pay more tuition I Student Responsibilities pp 1920 0 Your attitude and behavior re ects not only on you but also the host organization and Colorado State University 0 You are responsible for completing the internship assignments and communicating professionally with the internship coordinator 0 You are to communicate openly with those in your work settin o If you commit plagiarism on an assignment you Will receive zero points for that assignment and Will not be allowed to revise and resubmit the assignment to improve your grade Additionally if an academic penalty is imposed you will be reported to the CSU Office of Con ict Resolution and Student Conduct Services I Organization Responsibilities p 21 0 Financial support for intern is desirable Introducing intern to staff Arranging for intern to attend meetings and other activities The educational needs of the intern shall not be superceded by the service needs of the organization They shall inform the CSU internship coordinator if there are any problems with the intern 0 They should periodically evaluate the intern s performance and submit the evaluation at the end of the internship I CSU Responsibilities p 22 the student for the internship Approve the internship Explain to students about professional liability insurance Periodically communicate with the student and supervisor Remove an intern from an organization if necessary Study the student s reports and assignments and make recommendations or take actions as appropriate Do a debriefing with the student and assign a final grade 0000 O O O O O O Page 3


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