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General Psychology (GT

by: Geovany Crona

General Psychology (GT Psy 100

Marketplace > Colorado State University > Psychlogy > Psy 100 > General Psychology GT
Geovany Crona
GPA 3.6
General psychology
Tracy Richards

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About this Document

General psychology
Tracy Richards
Class Notes
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This 8 page Class Notes was uploaded by Geovany Crona on Tuesday September 22, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to Psy 100 at Colorado State University taught by Tracy Richards in Fall 2015. Since its upload, it has received 17 views. For similar materials see General psychology in Psychlogy at Colorado State University.


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Date Created: 09/22/15
Course Syllabus PSY100 General Psychology Sections 5 and 9 Dr Tracy Richards Fall 2011 Section 5 TR 11001215 pm A102 Clark Section 9 TR 1230145 pm A201 Clark Course Instructor Tracy L Richards PhD 218 Behavioral Sciences Building 4914943 tracyrichardscolostateedu Office Hours Mondays 1000 am 1200 pm and by appt Graduate Teaching Assistant Danielle Mohr Behavioral Sciences Building Office Hours TBA Undergraduate Teaching Assistant Section 5 Lindsey Menges lhornerramscolostateedu Section 9 Bailey Bishop bbbishopramscolostateedu Writing Graduate Teaching Assistants Travis Drake Greg Loebel Travisdrakecolostateedu gregloebelcolostateedu Office Hours by appointment Office Hours by appointment Lauren Cotter Laurencottercolostateedu Office Hours by appointment Reguired text PsychPortal for Exploring Psychology 5 Edition in Modules by David G Myers Worth Publishers 2011 The PsychPortal is purchased at the bookstore as an access code When you enter the Portal website you will see that it includes an online version of our text in modules which are printable a study guide videos quizzes supplemental articles and many great study aids such as ashcards and interactive tutorials See RamCT for instructions on registering your PsychPortal While the PsychPortal has been ordered by the University as the primary required text for this course you CAN utilize the traditional printed text version of this text for the course If you choose this option please verify that you are using the same version of the text as identi ed above Myers D G 2011 Exploring Psychology 8th edition in modules New York Worth Publishers There are several textbooks on reserve in the library for anyone who prefers to read from a book The ebook is strongly recommended compared to the standard textbook as it is much easierto perform well in the course by using the Portal and it saves you money It is particularly useful to assist with quizzing prior to the exams to see how well you know the material you have studied The PsychPortal also has additional study aids that will greatly assist with performance on the exams PSY100 Syllabus Page 1 O tional but Recommended and Re uredfor extra credit Su Iement iCIicker Student Response System iCIickers will be used in class regularly Students will be able to earn extra credit points for the course by using your iCIicker in class see below Syllabus Course Grades Writing Assignments and Other Important Class Information wwwramctcolostateedu Contacting Teaching Team Members It is my hope that much of the information you need for this course is present in the syllabus and our class sessions or found online on RamCT or PsychPortal However we most certainly welcome questions as they pertain to the course If you cannot find an answer to your question in the syllabus please contact members of the PSY100 Teaching Team by using the emails listed above Make sure to contact the appropriate TA for your section It is most helpful to contact specific members of the Team based on your questions This will help ensure a prompt response to your questions When emailing please include PSY100 in the subject line If you email with a question that is clearly answered in the syllabus you may be directed back to the syllabus If a TA is unable to answer a question they will fonNard your email to me and I will reply to you Please contact us using the following guidelines G754 Questions about course content or procedures exams grades and RamCT WG734 Questions about outofclass papers including guidelines grading criteria and questions following return of papers U7J45 Questions about course content or procedures exams and research requirements about requirements in general NOT about specific studies contact individual researcher with specific questions contact info available on research website Instructor All other questions Course Description This is an introductory course designed to introduce you to the broad field of Psychology The text writing assignments and class sessions will uncover basic introductory terms concepts principles and theories related to the scientific study of behavior and mental processes For some of you this class will lay a scholarly foundation for other Psychology courses and professional experiences For others of you the class may primarily enhance your understanding of yourself and others and assist you in becoming a wise consumer of psychological information and services In either case I believe that all of you can discover ways to personally bene t form the course by applying psychological principles to the world around you Enjoy Course Goals Students in PSY100 will 1 Gain an appreciation for the breadth of topics subfields and occupations in the field 2 Be exposed to an overview of major ndings and perspectives about many topics in the field 3 Understand psychology s relevance as a science including how psychologists use the scientific method to approach problems in the world around them 4 Acquire basic tools for becoming critical consumers of research and claims about behavior as presented in the media and other realworld sources 5 Gain an appreciation for the multiple determinants of behavior and for the influence of social and cultural contexts PSY100 Syllabus Page 2 Course Expectations and Requirements In order to meet the goals for this course attendance and active class participation is expected Students are expected to have completed all assigned readings prior to class and are expected to learn many concepts in your independent study time as we will not be able to cover all the information from the text in class As outlined in CSU s Student Conduct code it is expected that you behave in the classroom in ways that assist you and your peers in learning course material eg avoiding personal conversations disrespectful side comments reading the newspaper sending and receiving text messages or phone calls As the instructor I also will be respectful of you your time your learning and your questions Outside of class feel free to contact me via email or phone although email is usually best or drop in to talk to me during my office hours I am also very willing to schedule appointments if my office hours do not work with your schedule Evaluatioanrading Poligy In this course your grade is based on the following requirements Regular Exams 400 points Stage Writing Assignments 150 points MiniWritings 60 points Research Option A or Option B 90 points Total 700 points Final grades in this course will be based on student s completion of course requirements outlined above using the following grading scale Total Points Final Grade 679700 A 630678 A 609629 B 560608 B 539559 C 490538 C 420489 D 419 or less F Please note Grades will not be curved nor will averages be calculated Your grade will reflect the total number of points Kou earn For example if your total points equal 608 you will be given a B for the course Due to this policy and given that there are multiple opportunities to earn points including extra credit throughout the course please refrain from contacting the instructor at the end of the semester requesting that your grade be rounded up An incomplete I grade will be given only in cases of medical or personal emergencies Incompletes cannot be given if you are receiving a grade of D or below on work already completed for the course It is important to contact Dr Richards as soon as you suspect you may need an incomplete During the semester grade totals can be accessed through RamCT at httplwwwramctcolostateedu Exams Four regular exams will be given during the semester see Course Schedule Each exam will be worth 100 points An optimacumulative nal will be given at the conclusion of Exam 4 After taking Exam 4 during the nal exam period you may choose to take an optional comprehensive final exam If you choose to do so we will replace your lowest exam score from Exams 13 with your score from the Comprehensive Final exam If your score from the Comprehensive Final Exam score is lower than all of your rst three exam PSY100 Syllabus Page 3 scores your Comprehensive Final Exam score will be discarded As a reminder all students are requiredto take Exam 4 this exam cannot be dropped even if it is lower than your first three exam scores Exams will include multiple choice questions based on information from the text as well as any material presented in class lecture videos activities guest presentations etc Although material covered both in class and in required readings will be emphasized on exams some questions will cover material presented only in class or only in the readings NO makeup exams will be given with the ire exception of situations outlined in the CSU Handbook eg excused sports participation Wit7 documentation quarantine required military service or jury duty If such circumstances arise it is the student s responsibility to notify the instructor with appropriate documentation at least one week gror to the exam Makeup exams must be taken before the class exam is given Please remember that the lowest score from your first three regular exams will be dropped if you choose to take the optional Cumulative Final exam Therefore if you miss any of the first three regular exams for any reason eg travel illness overslept car troubles etc other than the exceptions described above a 0 will be recorded and that is the exam score that will be dropped and replaced with the Cumulative Final exam score Also you will be required to present your CSU Photo Identi cation Card to the proctors of each exam in order to receive a grade on that exam Be sure to bring your CSU ID on exam days Stage Writing Assignments During this semester students will be completing a series of four outofclass writing assignments Topics and instructions for writing and submitting each of the four stages will be posted on RamCT and discussed in class Each assignment will be worth between 10 and 80 points All assignments mustbe submitted as hard copies DO NOTsend assignments to our regular or RamCT email addresses as email submissions will N0739be accepted Late papers WILL NOTbe accepted MiniWritings In addition to the papers described above students are required to write shorter miniwritings The instructor will provide 14 opportunities for miniwritings throughout the semester and students will be required to turn in 12 These assignments will be worth five points each for a total of 60 points Extra credit M be given if you do more than 12 for a total of 10 extra credit points if all 14 miniwritings are completed Many of these mini writings will be completed in class as a written paragraph or activity In this case they will only be accepted when they are done in class on the day the assignment is given Some miniwritings may be assigned as outofclass writing Because students can miss up to two assignments without any penalty there are LOmakeups for miniwritings Sample topics for miniwritings include questions on videos or readings assigned for that day a critique of a topic presented in class or an original application of a certain concept PSY100 Syllabus Page 4 Extra Credit for Participation with iCIickers iCIickers will be used regularly in class so bring your iCIicker every day except exam days As soon as possible students must register their iCIicker at httpclickercolostateedu When you get to class each day set the frequency of your iCIicker to that indicated on the sign toward the front of the room Participation with iCIickers can earn students extra credit for the course At the end of the semester the instructor will randomly choose 10 class days from which to award participation points form iCIicker data One participation point will be given for each of those chosen days that you used your iCIicker to respond to ALL or ALL MINUS ONE of the questions asked in class Thus you can earn up to 10 points of extra credit for participation with iCIickers Please note that iCIicker points cannot be made up Research Option A or B and optional Extra Credit Students are required to complete 6 hours also known as research credits not to be confused with course credits of research participation of PSY100 Participation in research is known as Option A Each research credit is worth 15 points in the course Therefore this requirement is worth up to 90 points These activities will allow you to learn more about how psychological research is conducted and in some cases what it is like to be a research participant The six research hours must be completed by 400 pm on Friday December 9 Some of you may choose quotOption Bquot as an alternative to participating in research For quotOption Bquot you are required to write six research summaries instead of participating in research The papers are worth 15 points each and are due at midnight on Friday November 4 There is no exception to this deadline and after the deadline papers will not be accepted by the website Like quotOption Aquot this option is worth up to a total of 90 points See the end of this syllabus for instructions on signing up for Option B which must be done online by September 6th and for writing the papers For students choosing Option A there are two ways to earn extra credit One possibility is to complete all of your research hours by the due date Dec 9 without ierincurring an quotabsentquot If you do this you will be given 4 extra credit points at the end of the semester The other way to earn extra credit is to participate in up to four extra ie after completing the required six research hours Without ever incurring an quotabsent If you do this you will earn 4 extra credit points for each extra whole hour of participation for up to 16 extra credit points as long as you have neverincurred an quotabsentquot N07E Incurring an quotabsentquot for study eliminates the possibility for any extra credit associated with research in PSY100 Make sure you show up on time for the studies to which you have committed yourself For those of you choosing Option B there are two similar extra credit opportunities available First if you complete all of the six required papers by the due date Nov 4 and the papers meet the stated requirements you will earn 4 points of extra credit Second if you wish you can complete up to four extra papers and receive 4 points per extra paper as long as they fulfill the requirements and are turned in by the Nov 4 deadline A full description of the research requirement is posted on RamCT Please read it care lM It contains answers to most of the questions you will have about this requirement Also see the FAQ page on the research website as it will answer most remaining questions Please be sure to refer to these resources before contacting the Teaching Team with questions about the research requirement PSY100 Syllabus Page 5 Academic Honesty While it is encouraged that students work collaboratively outside of class it is expected that each student will work independently all other assignments unless otherwise instructed and exams and to use only his or her iClicker CSU students are expected to follow the guidelines for student conduct outlined in the CSU Student Conduct Code see httpwwwconflictresolutioncolostateedu This course will also adhere to the Academic Integrity Policy of the CSU General Catalog Violations of these codes such as inappropriate disruptive classroom behavior and any form of cheating on exams or writing assignments including plagiarism will be reported to the Of ce of Conflict Resolution and Student Conduct Services A hearing may be required and potential sanctions include grade penalties loss of course credit and expulsion from the university Ignorance of the definitions of plagiarism and cheating will not be an acceptable defense As a reminder Plagiarism involves representing another39s work or ideas as your own andor representing another39s work or ideas as your own without full clear appropriate acknowledgement Plagiarism may occur whether or not you know the person have found materials on the internet or another source or have purchased them Students are cheating when they 1 plagiarize in any way 2 look at another person s exam or any assignment or use any unauthorized material to answer questions on exams or any assignments 3 allow another student to use their work on exams papers essays miniwritings or any other assignment 4 use another student s iClicker or allow another student to use theirs or 5 use work that was prepared for another course without permission from the instructor Accommodations for Students with Additional Needs In cooperation with CSU Resources for Disabled Students RDS reasonable accommodations will be provided for students with a documented permanent or temporary disability eg physical learning psychological vision hearing etc Any student to whom such criteria apply should contact the instructor and RDS 100 General Services Bldg 4916385 VTDD httprdscolostateedulcsuinfolindexasp at the beginning of the semester The CSU Health Network also offers individual and group counseling as well as other services Students can make an appointment at the Counseling Center by going to room 123 Aylesworth Hall NW You may also call 4916053 or see their website for more information httplwwwhealthcolostateeduCounselingServiceslIndexcfm You have already paid for some of these services with student fees so consider taking advantage of them PSY100 Syllabus Page 6 Tentative Class Schedule and Assigned Readings Any changes to this schedule including topics assigned readngs exam dates or assignment due dates Wi be announced In class It Wi be important to attend class In order to receive these announcements Date Topic Modules August 23 Introduction to the Course Syllabus August 25 Introduction Part 2History and Scope of Psychology 1 2 Appendix August 30 Research Strategies A September 1 Research Strategies 2 September 6 Neural and Hormonal Systems 3 Last day to select Option B f0r research requirement all September 6 students automatically default to Option Aquot after39this date if Option B is notselected on research website The Brain September 8 4 Due Stage 1 Writing ASSgnment September 13 The Brain 4 September 15 Exam 1 September 20 Dual Processing Sleep amp Dreams 5 September 22 Hypnosis 6 September 27 Behavioral Genetics and Evolutionary Psychology 8 September 29 Environmental Influences on Behavior 9 October 4 Prenatal Development and the Newborn 10 October 6 Infancy and Childhood 11 14 pg 188 Introduction to Sensation amp PerceptionPerceptual October 11 194 only amp Organization amp Interpretation 16 pg 225 October 13 Exam 2 October 18 Classical Conditioning 17 Operant ConditioningLearning by Observation October 20 I 1819 Due Stage 2 Writing Assignment October 25 Guest Speaker TBA October 27 Information Processing 20 November 1 Forgetting Memory Construction and Improving Memory 21 November 3 Emotion 2728 All Option B research papers39must be completed and Noyember 4 submitted on research website by midnight November 8 Special Topic Student Choice Lecture November 10 Exam 3 November 15 Personality Classic Perspectives 30 Personalit Contem ora Pers ectives November 17 y p W p 31 Due Stage 3 Writing Assignment November 22 amp No class Fall Break 24 November 29 Psychological Disorders 3234 Ps cholo ica Thera ies December 1 y g p 35 Due Stage 4 Writing Assignment December 6 Social Psychology 3739 December 8 Social Psychology continued 3739 December 9 All Option A research credits must be completed by 400 pm Finals week Exam 4 required and Cumulative Final optional Section 5 December 13 9401140 am Section 9 December 16 9401140 am


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