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Electronics Principles I

by: Sarina Wintheiser

Electronics Principles I ECE 331

Sarina Wintheiser
GPA 3.8

Hugh Grinolds

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About this Document

Hugh Grinolds
Class Notes
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This 23 page Class Notes was uploaded by Sarina Wintheiser on Tuesday September 22, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to ECE 331 at Colorado State University taught by Hugh Grinolds in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 40 views. For similar materials see /class/210278/ece-331-colorado-state-university in ELECTRICAL AND COMPUTER ENGINEERING at Colorado State University.

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Date Created: 09/22/15
Lecture 9 Rectification cont ECE 331 Electronics Principles Grinolds FAO8 Filter Analysis 311 c v4 VI Sin03t eTCRL N 1 Tltlt CRL L VORL D C dUOdt 44L C dUi L C L U0 gt Vi etCRL 0 Vomax VomaX V if VDo ltlt VI 1 vr VI TCRL ECE 331 Electronics Principles Grinolds FAO8 Filter Analysis cont Vr VPT1CRL 0321tf T1f T1TAt T VP Vr VpcosoaAt Taylor series oaAt 2VrVP If Vr is small then At is as well Thus vr ILfC Hll ECE 331 Electronics Principles Grinolds FAO8 Filter Analysis The charge lost on C is supplied during At qupplied Qlost CVr 7 a leduclion quppliedAt quotDavg Interval A V V At 12nf2VrVP vr IL fC Dan IL 1 n Vzvpvr Dpeak IL 1 2n Vzvpvr cl N 2 Davg ECE 331 Electronics Principles Grinolds FAO8 HalfWave Rectifier Analysis Vms 126 60 Hz R 15 Q Vr lt 075V What is the minimum for C and what are the specs for the diode i v0 126 12 vp 178 volts VOR 17815 119 amps C gt VPT R Vr 178075 16015 gt 003 F 30000 11F LEan 1 nVZVPVr 269 amps A constant voltage drop model for the diode means over the time At V2VrVP 27 Ef 08 m8 VO VP VDO tDmaX 2 LDan 538 amps ECE 331 Electronics Principles Chap 3 5 Grinolds FAO8 Diode Power Dissipation i T PDavg VDO ATT IP2 Ts Voo IL 1 Thus1119119watt n 13 Conduction inlcn39ui Ar But PDa g due to series resistance in the diode can be significant PDan 1T i D2 ons dt 4TL2RS Where iD AT IP2 BAT With R8 020 FgtDan 79 w ECE 331 Electronics Principles Chap 3 6 Grinolds FAO8 Full Wave Rectifiers DI O r I O 39 Center 739 up R 7r J m e line 7 O ollage 39 I T 539 o m I2 a R 39d I m ea D l I I Ideal I I v 39 I Slope gfl Slope El ideal 9 gt 7 I 0 v w m ECE 331 Electronics Principles Grinolds FA08 college nl EIIyIneeriIIg FullWave Rectifiers A US Vpsin a Ci Capacitor discharge time is half that of a halfwave rectifier hwr v5 VP sinwr 3 Us 2 VP sinw t Thus for a given Vr C is one half of value of that for a hwr The peak diode current is half of a hwr The PIV is 2VS VDO Reversing the diodes 9 negative supply ECE 331 Electronics Principles Chap 3 8 Grinolds FA08 FullWave Bridge Rectification No centertapped transformer Two additional diodes 2VDO for V3 V0 4 03 IC Us VP sin a Peak diode current is half of h ECE 331 Electronics Principles Chap 3 9 Grinolds FAO8 Rectifier Topology Comparison Parameter HalfWave FullWave FW Bridge C 1 12 12 PIV 2VP 2VP VP iDIOeak IP IP2 IP2 Comment Simple Not usually Favored Highest 0 used CTT Grinolds FAO8 ECE 331 Electronics Principles Lecture 5 Finish Lecture 4 for Diode Models Diode Bias ECE 331 Electronics Principles Grinolds FAO8 VDD VD Biasing Diode charactm istic Q Operating point Load line ECE 331 Electronics Principles Grinolds FAO8 college nl Ell l eerill Diode Bias Find vD and I using each of the models 5V Oldeal vOV I E 25mA D M 2 k0 O Constant voltage drop with vD 07V 5 o7 v 215 mA ECE 331 Electronics Principles Grinolds FAO8 Diode Bias cont Piecewise Linear for rD look at the characteristics 5V 1000 Q meme rD N 1 5 2 k g m around g vDO 064V E 5 10 E v E 1 D V Slrziiglu linc B ulmrucicrmrc Slum I 01 ID 04 DB 12 15 28 534 9170 Up Forward Voltage V Figure 2 Forward Current J S Forward Voltage nu ECE 331 Electronics Principles Grinolds FA08 cullege nl Engineering Diode Bias Piecewise Linear rD 150 VDO 064V 5V 5 064 I rD 2 k0 2 k Solve for amp 2164 mA VD 2015k VD 064 I rD 07 2164E39315 064 0033 0673 V ECE 331 Electronics Principles Grinolds FAO8 Diode Bias cont Exponential with n2 and IS 4 nA 5V iD S expvDnVT VT kTq 25mV 2 then vD2VTn4nA and I 5vD l 2m VX VD VD Vx Iterativer solve for vD 065 06603 7 gt 066 06602 217mA 067 06601 ECE 331 Electronics Principles Grinolds FAO8 Diode Bias Summary VD ID New 0 250mA Notnux tohangeinl Constant Voltage 07 215mA Piecewise Linear 0673 216mA The ideal diode is only Exponential 055 217mA for very rough circuit behavior ECE 331 Electronics Principles Grinolds FAO8 Lecture 17 CMOS Structure CMOS Inverter Operation ECE 331 Electronics Principles Grinolds FAO8 CIVIOS Structure i L I N M US PMDS S G I I G S 3 an oxide Polysmlmm l39hick Si03 im mirm I well ptypc body ECE 331 Electronics Principles 39Um39vmiw Grinolds FAO8 cullege nl Engineering Circuit Topology and Bias Point I39I fii39i From the IC cross section we can assume the body of each device is connected to it s respective source 9 no body effect It is common to have the NMOS and PMOS devices matched This implies the following O The threshold voltages are equal in magnitude O The WL is sized such that iDp iDn for equal magnitudes of bias Now look at regions of operation ECE 331 Electronics Principles Grinolds FAO8 Large Signal Models D D c 0 if U If 39 3 00 I O l 1 G O VI quot0 B G 0 35 MCm l2 Tbs VDquot r m O A 39 O o o I l S T158 U S S S S o i a o G G B C O 11 W 1 4 55 5 MPG E m IKD n t 5quot G OQ IO D D 391 u I Tim 2 0 ECE 331 Electronics Principles Grinolds FAO8 college nl Engineering Input at Zero R 0390 will source current to the load SDp R as long as IR lt VDD IRSDp 3 Where RSDIO is the resistance of Q when Q is in the triode region R R E v i SDp SD 8 vSD small Vse gt I VTpl El ECE 331 Electronics Principles Grinolds FAO8


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