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Power Systems

by: Sarina Wintheiser
Sarina Wintheiser
GPA 3.8

George Collins

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About this Document

George Collins
Class Notes
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This 26 page Class Notes was uploaded by Sarina Wintheiser on Tuesday September 22, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to ECE 461 at Colorado State University taught by George Collins in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 82 views. For similar materials see /class/210282/ece-461-colorado-state-university in ELECTRICAL AND COMPUTER ENGINEERING at Colorado State University.

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Date Created: 09/22/15
Chapter 10 Practical Transformers 0 Alt EnergyG1 obal WarmingIn astructurc Preaching I Ch 10 Introduction Non ideal Transformers I 4 0 Raising the Bar Percentage of electricity generation from rg ewable gyrces for California s investor owned utilities Southern Paci c Gas amp San Die 0 California Edison 0 Electric Co Gas amp Electric 39 r 2020 goal 35 4 33 30 39 39 A Yeahe11 S 2010 goal m r i ml quot 1 quot 15 A l 39 GU S U k 39 1 5 s r 200 OS 07 2003 05 07 2003 05 07 Source Califarnia Publk Utilities Commission I Green Power Wrenewables to account fW Her s one scenario where offshore wind would prow e the single largest sour b 39city Renewable Electricity Renewable Heat r Biomass heat 15 327 Offshore wind 19 Onshore wind 13 E o a m m m E m a 52 2 a a Coi ring biomass with Gal 2 Sular he 9m Hydro 1 Tidal range 19 MicroAgen electricity lt1 ll Waste energy lt19 Wave lt1 35 l Other renewablos 5 quot11quotllk Rn intJ 39 quotMk V quot mm mm Biogas hear 5 Heat pumps 4 35 Renewable 39 Transport Price Shock Daily electdcity price ranges in southern Texas doliars per megawatt hour 4000 A Daily high low m MM June July Source Elettric Reliability Councii of Texas Less Power TO THE People Mao l o 0 253 L1 0 a 35 7 3553 U n Amhcmhwwgv 90v won W QWN pom 2609 hwvvgd QPNJ Q 5 ow is tax ti om z 0 2538 me a 22 uwFoU wuowodU no iweervun 24 02 2ka cubeM on 4 curruvwzrv PthOL M vknlccrr 103 Gav BVSV 926 c ovfrverwwo 30 02 9U 00 n0 kVSJvN mu c i 1mmquot m 253 Sn 5 10 430 my d w r A k d Ir r r J M nrhw r GngrMz m r l HW 3 1 1339 0 am CHAPTER 10 Practical Transformers The factors that cause a practical transforgg to diverge from the ideal are explained A particularly easy way of understanding lggkage reactance is developed and incorporated into 7e equivalent circuit diagram It is well known that the notion of leakage reactance is fundamental to an understanding of s and all rotating ac machines Also an interesting table makes use of per unit values to describe the properties of transformers over a tremendous power range Section 1013 A no v I V130 Lam 51 27mm 11162 ferall giant14 Tfmmagormcf 5 0 Ac U933 39VM 1quot AK 6M9 39Dg Tow 670 2 539 54 V T39rama lo a QLLEKV Vstr nkaJ39 HS IZ39KV an Nc cd 11 L1 81 1 W Fovmlu13 tag 9 1 PIA 3 A t e 139 el M at Nt s F 7 w hm 1quot Fxht Lquot rises 01 6 EL 3 6 416 1 5 LLM 5 397o 33930 51019 WM 1 Mama 1A s b t 1quot Lassa T 439 W1 lw 10 i armor 27 x m1 L1z39 w IR A 4 Wimb j Q s2quot aw f fm 0 G33 LvTrcu1655 f t a Hyshrsas lass F Doka s 0quot 17 Cwsz le com flami l 1quot F5153 am 1MUWI laminated iron core 6 a We 1m My 9 31mg HM Nee H AJ 1 Hit ag 9 gig rich 2 Fig 4 The area product ofu transformer is the product of the window winding area AW and the crosssectional area of the core A NW 1 DW 1755 Eh mg 4 an A4 Wonquot 391 We 365431 3 rdm5S arw f G T7an 9 Caro L056 63 S39ewer o5o1vk 3 111 Rwl boa 1 Lyn Cove 1155 T fa 2 G L 14w 1512 DaHm 350 412 w quotquotI MIH397 66 6quot Kyln39m 1931 MLMquot M g 39Aafe39 art No g he 1quot 6391 5 go 1 rd quotquot cm lamb Ltd39s 0 JUX leaks 01 if r Had can Mo Hm 221 e M 161 0 Cou trw 9h 5 Wed 00139 a a vine amal r 58 as 1 L f h at Lir M 75 C fh V 1M 51 V ACWNigaSN MlN5 Taquot alr t d n oIO fILmoIo493A ms wk 1quot 39 1003 5 00 6 w nn39 d m secondary 24 oa 1 y f1 I u l I m m a u M W 239 EO art51310 436555 or 1 quot Ema EH wthJA h J quotI ET 39bET Rd Rea Tianf ormef5 Nz A 1 is 391 L a a GPANPAA m 5 Lnaf cars nalc am 311 1 a 0mm amazon 1 Magmha CafeLassa quot re 54 L sos C Hre 39 rgfg cscukl 7 12 eV 1 2 Crrc 1053c Lb 91W 4 11ng T 5 E A a 5 ii a M T44 Madquot W 1 hmquot 139 a41th 1b Oggu 39wovi l Test 9 mean LN whaling 2 1 H164 43 f glad i moo1 7 a S 55 MW 0 3 g 9510 ro m I 9quot Mirr an RF Xp 1 150 S2 632 Q 39 39 i 5 I R 362 A ideal 250 kVA 53100 W 69 kV trans 4160 cos a former Q8 Xm n M 1 3 L1 6 E b k1 1 1 L ng am 6 I l 11 my 50 q 1 c E 01 Lola X39 ifquot use NL 1mg 6 Jam 215 M 39XL ML 1quot M7Ib6 1 952 K 49 A gt exciting current 10 It 5A 5391Jf 439i a 1 El 1 360110455 Mo to Lacrc across 51 M m MM J a itl g h quot 0quot 7 7 Hi 50 lt1quot um 1 51 same 31 1 z fast M E LMMSzhut OYG h Lon 3017 can x 1 v 00 4 g E l I I 1 I b39 5791915 on hem I I 0 3000 V I secondary voltage 3000 V who quot90 81 57 75 9151 W 139 9730 ve9m quot m WA 413 mama wk 1quot z IImi M 5quot 1m 25m IL 50 1 133100 god 4211 251m X 0237 1 4 107 13 Lair1 c m 1 1 1 X tu v 395 0 M 214 Kh hymn 1 50 M 35 quot quot39 We 6 1 Cam 71m 30 ying 4 m zf I I f J n Hvu a 5 75 no a I reftml I 1547 I f 452 llflnlxa99 3 4 49 ra x h r a 09 X rzhrnt f fnniuy I 4 1 7 41 2 V4 7 39 8911 79 1nd value 0 1 Pquotquotquot7 6 2 ExJam Im 27m hm 10 w quot 7 1 Ivan l l flldll 81M Ia loll 7 271 C Z rfznrd fa Juana 7 ZpA 2331quot a d 35 74 Volt f al M2 tumu39u litclan Ir 3 7 p74 2 my 3994 nu 7 Q e s c 1 er t 033 ad 395 50 l u w of 2m 21L mun againWU 17 gh 301555 N with 1027 e I an rmn7 II 770 a 203 PF Ivy 0 fol J39A lnu zaxquot Hwy 1 I Na lull u toy4 lylv found71c ofrfllltl 5y elfr3 u fan 17 mllranluy Inna lm vitaminl flu Jam ftJ39ul 1 pain51 F ftrcrn I 39 14 71 on x trawl x 7


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