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Applied Econometrics

by: Judson Hoeger

Applied Econometrics ECON 535

Judson Hoeger
GPA 3.96

Stephen Koontz

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About this Document

Stephen Koontz
Class Notes
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This 9 page Class Notes was uploaded by Judson Hoeger on Tuesday September 22, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to ECON 535 at Colorado State University taught by Stephen Koontz in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 43 views. For similar materials see /class/210319/econ-535-colorado-state-university in Economcs at Colorado State University.


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Date Created: 09/22/15
ate HaMaLaadFHestmaEMeMVZ tats PetevDawdaN Seteet the RENAME Dptmn and rename the sheet then the next three I hhrhsemr aqueqate ratznkhanqz o El 0 H Draw wastage Luuk back at thuret Seams are an the tht UmE seres are eumrhhs Data structures are usuaHy urgamzeg as aeh ruwts a reeu Eaeh eumrhh 5 an anrtbute uf the recurds betranspused Here 5 huvv B aaeavtxarr ex glimmm r U Ham eywsa e an vpama data set shwm Htghhght the data sertes press ED T gt cow theh chck an the Aggregate sheet HtghhghtM h the Aggregate sheet then press ED T SPEctAL cow and seteet r ALUE TRANS currec y r Law hwy berm rgmm rpm HaMaLaadFHestmaEMevvst 2mg PetevDawdaN Your data will paste as A l a F G I 1 menu myr n fvarn cunslvucl 7 Whulesale lianspun servme 12131 guy 7 1978 34 1 387 37115 22522 25323 18989 4158 77188 11 7 19381 42331 24588 31815 11981 4884 73757 15843 7 8 51 4 5555 25788 543 12718 251 81284 18289 8 31158 55778 33119 54185 14387 5978 97411 25585 5777 219927 538773 119875 393871 184553 298249 155824 74822 217725 593188 125585 418884 125715 315513 187745 75818 225542 517984 143983 435853 153754 331482 222131 88495 9 24 545 159883 451318 184788 353557 257453 187488 18853 251215 772994 173485 588952 283528 371518 382584 113553 18333 289583 842811 188818 575817 219533 392282 279255 138283 2881 18495 293954 927498 285284 585838 232859 442517 321885 143854 1971 1972 1973 1995 1995 1997 1998 1999 2888 Add a column that sums each time recor J K nem men 151 77188 11774 285581 73757 158L3 222938 81284 18289 271383 25585 329515 97411 copy and paste Now build the Rate of Change sheet copy the aggregate data into the Rate of Change sheet Either below or to the right of this data set the sector labels and the years Now we will have to ll in the logs natural logs in ofthe data BUT Note that we have 0 s for data in the WHO E A column The in 0 doesn t exist We ll write a formula to convert the ln 0 s to NA s m 18 1 u 511 um LN83 c D lianspun servme 7 7 15387 37115 2 1971 8 19381 42331 2 3 M n NOTE FORMULA w u esa 2 vanspu servme 7 77 1978 352E331 9784243E2 185218 188 lfB3 NA LNB3 77 1971 18E5327 181 1972 18 92785 18 1 Copy this formula down and to the right Then build another table by cutting and pasting the years and the labels This new set will be the difference between Y and YH 871 71 A 1 a I c 1 D 1 E 1 F c 7 Whulesale liansp n servme 121311 menu myr n 7 7 1978 34 1E387 3711B 22522 23323 18989 1971 8 19381 42331 24E88 31815 11981 39 whalesale transpan senme 721811 menu man 7 7 1978 3 52E3E1 9 784243E2 18 5218 18 82225 18 1782 9 384E5 8 7 7 1971 NA 9 87284848 18 E5327 18 11883 18 34223 9 391877 8 1972 NA 18 178E897 18 92785 18 19541 18 72399 9 458144 8 Whulesale lianspun servme 121311 menu myr n 7 7 1978 7 7 1971 NA 8 1E788 8 13147 8 88858 8 1E483 8 88E43 8 7 7 NA 8 2985B 8 27378 8 88458 8 38177 8 85987 8 1972 Huw t8 Luau F1125 1mm Ev1ews v2 3 u 9 PEtErDawduff Note that there is no series for 1970 Now look at the IF statement Remember an Excel IF statement has the fo fexpresslon true false Embedded in this IF statement is an OR statement which has the form orexpresslon expresslon If any expression within the OR statement is false then the OR returns FALSE It is used this way ifthe value ofthe cell is NA or the value ofthe previous cell i NA ould be t nd 71 then the rate of change cell is NA otherwise calculate the difference The entire rateofchange table needs to be Copled and pastedispeclal making sure that the VALUE r 39 39 r 39 be delete What you are left with is the transformed rate of change data and nothing else YOU DON39T HAVE TO DO THIS but then you must remember to reset the start 39 39 39 39 EVi s ma 1 r it a habit ofmaking sure my sheets start at 32 Save your sheet 39 39 A39 these names into Eviews during the import process and you cannot have open the Excels readsheet while ou are im ortin it into Eviews Eviews recognizes this situation as a le sharing error 5 aran name one open as a reference while you import the rst or p n u available to paste into the IMPORT DIALOG in Eviews Eviews V the esv Stan EViews There are two steps to moving in the data create awork le import the data To create the work le click FILEgt NEW gt WORKFILE then ll in appropriately for your data in this cas as 3 la r Dally u day weeks r Monthly r undeteemmegulet Huwtu Luad Files mm EVlestZ AutB Peter Davidaquot Click OK then click PROCS gt IMPORT gtREAD TEXTLOTUSEXCEL Excel Smeadsheet lmvmt Data mder gypsy en data cell Excel 5 sheelname r ayghsewanan senesmcalumns 3932 quot r By mies senesmmws 93929quot canslvuclmn law linancial gavemmenl manulacluung velail sew2 lianspml wholesale tllews dale immat was a Last calendav day lmvml sample r Willeseuesn Asm Text 42mm i97u2um r Tan r maze r anma 7 Note sector names for the series the SAMPLE was defaulted and the SHEET NAME had to be typed in The upper Ielt data cell defaults to B2 Be sure that is where your data starts If the data starts elsewhere enterthe correct cell w Jiaw Pm bad I Range mm mm S El 2 Z uns1vucimn m Zl nanmal 21 government 21 manuyamnng Z resid Zhransyun thuiesale In addition to the imported series there is also a vectorfor the constant and resid a place holder for residuals a er regressions are run It is a good idea to ensure that the data imported correctly You can ctr1click each ofthe imported series or better I think is to start using the command area ects w e I ndow lshuw eonslructmn farm nancial government manufacturing retail service transport Wholesale l eview command to display data data series names which gives Huvvtu Luau Files mm EVlEWS v2 5 of a Peter Daviduff nhs CONSTRUC FARM FINANCIAL GUVERNM MANUFAC 54185 at 39H 4173 E In fact you can type the commands for all ofthis import thang which can be much easier readtxls saggregate quotsamplexlsquot construction total Show construction farm flnanclal transport wholesale total and you can delete the series ifthe import went wrong with delete construction farm financial government manufacturing total Once you show your series you can click VIEW 39om within the GROUP window and select GRAPH as VIEWgtGRAPHgtLINE Or use these Graph commands tux Ed leects yaw Era2s Quick graph tut hna imai ShUW rm W Eiie Edi Qbiects iew Elm Quick V Uglions window elD graph amine Cunslructinn farm nancial guvemment manufacturan retaii SEMEE transpnrl Whuiesaie show 3H i To show nnnnn innnnnn zannnnn 24nnnnn SUBBED Zuuuuuu EUUUDU wennnnn izuuuuu Auuuuu Euuuuu Zuuuuu Auuuuu n i U 1975 95 1955 99 1995 2 197n 1975 WEED 1985 WEBB 1995 2mm T0TAL CONSTRUCTiON GOVERNMENT SERMCE FARM UFJCTUR WG TR ANSPOR T FiNANCiAL RErAiL WHOLESALE Huw tn Luau Ewes mm EViEWs v2 e at a Peter Daviduff eraphs can be modrfred oy douore chckrng or rrghtrchckrng oh the graph a graph rhto your Word processorr nghtrchck oh the graph and serect SAVE T 0 m 0v e G RAPH AS A METAF LE F Save metarrre ta drsk D sv ay W8 d a ag an Mererrre Dravemes r7 use cam h mererrre HumansEvth Delauhs sets dereurr mererrre Hanan StrH have troub e an d ou cah arso CUT AND PASTE data rhto Evrews drrectry from Excer wrth thrs commahd out you may haye more ruck You must use the data comm start by creatrhg a new Workfr create rateiofichange a 1970 2001 me rateor changer a serrestype a torahh at and the start serres hames Note We addeda ha ahd ehd porhts rmmedratery ehterthe data commahd foHoWed pythe Suspect that the era rrr Hrghhghtr back rh Excer your data theh paste rt rhto the group sehes r that the data was formatted commas and hegatrye hump atted data forrmport My guess rs that rt WrH paste rh proorem r arehs r heed to test uhto trhe rstrrr We the read comma hd you WrH drscoyerahother pro rem WrH haye to reopeh your Excer sheetr crose rt rt you decrded to use the r ethathas spaces rh rt v at ho spaces are rnctuded resaye the ahh a Sheetrchan ethe heethame so orexrt Excer theh try the read commahd ag 7 ma Peter Dayrdutr Huwtu Load Frresrhtu EVrestZ we i ens View pm m k veate vate uLchange a mm mm vead s s m haw mp sampie xis cunstmctiun aim nanciai guvemment manutactuvmg vetaii Wu e an CHANGE my anuummnmmm 5 Range 19702001 Fiitev Detauit Eq Nune Sampie 1970 2EEi ggummmn Emuv uNnnEn ankllle mgrEmma Em m Name mm Emu 5me Ennanmai c FARM FINANCIAL GUVE E auvemmem n13 472 n U E manutactuvmg D m Mi vesid U 2 E vetaii D 1 E 52m Etutai 390 E39 mtutm El if Euanspun n EIE Ewhuiesaie El 1 a n as 1975 VEI MZBAE El 1 I 39 quot V Select Hm e QUICK gt GRAPH gt LINE 5 s List List a miss gmups andmt sane explessmsi total meaniimarj Note that the second series is the EViews command for the mean ofa series This dialog gives the following graph 2U 15 A A A It A as V V V j EIEI 7 U5 i97E i975 i9EE i985 i99E i995 ZED ing at tutai t r H mean at Series F and V Hthu Luad Fiies min EViEWS v2 E M9 Petey Davidaquot Commands used create ltworkfile namegt readtxls l dat sltsheet namegt quotpathfilequot columnl colung Note no space between read and txls for a spreadsheet tdat for an ascii file Show seriesl seriesZ series3 delete seriesl seriesZ series3 plot seriesl seriesZ series graph ltnamegttype seriesl seriesZ plot seriesl seriesZ Note to my friends using this eview cliffnotequot I ve not done a very good job proofing this or other notes So if sumptin don t work it s cause I m lazy I ll get around to fixing them Sometime Still I hope this helps give you a running start and spend more time analyzing your data and less time messin with eviews PD How to Load Files into EViews v2 9 of 9 Peter Davidoff


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