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The Blue Planet Geology of Our Environment (GT

by: Mrs. Otha Yost

The Blue Planet Geology of Our Environment (GT GEOL 122

Marketplace > Colorado State University > Geoscience > GEOL 122 > The Blue Planet Geology of Our Environment GT
Mrs. Otha Yost
GPA 3.96

Michael Ronayne

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About this Document

Michael Ronayne
Class Notes
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This 3 page Class Notes was uploaded by Mrs. Otha Yost on Tuesday September 22, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to GEOL 122 at Colorado State University taught by Michael Ronayne in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 11 views. For similar materials see /class/210357/geol-122-colorado-state-university in Geoscience at Colorado State University.


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Date Created: 09/22/15
January 25 2013 Lecture 2 Intro to earths atmosphere Earth39s magnetic field 0 Dipole magnetic field Similar to and old school quotBar magnetquot with the north and south pole being the to end The magnetic field creates the Magnetosphere Protects us from the sun Internally generated CREATED by the the ow of iron in the core When electrons move around iron a magnetic feild is created Importance The sun is constantly Flinging radiation at us Called 39 Stream of charged particles Flows outward in all direction they move at 400 milessecond The magnetosphere attracts the radiation and it fly39s away from earth Aurorae Some of the ions from the sun make it through the magnetosphere When the hit the atmosphere they light up The atmosphere 0 the earth has a quotWell developedquot atmosphere We have a large range of gasses 0 most dense at sea level thins as elevation goes up 0 Composition Mostly nitrogen I 78 Some oxygen I 21 Others I CO S02 Ch3 o 99 of the atmosphere is lower that 50km above the surface 30 miles 0 The layers The Troposphere 011 KM Mixing layer weather layer Tropopause 1112 KM Stratosphere 1230 KM The hypsometric Curve 0 Mos land lies within 1Km of sealevel 0 Most ocean floors are close to 5 km depth fileCConverterInput543tdehqzhhtm4192013 95308 AM Earths origin The solar system a The ancients thought the Universe was geocentric o Idea put forth by ptolemy The renaissance o Copernicus Heliocentric model 0 Kepler Elliptical Orbits 0 Galileo Notices that venus has phases The enlightenment 0 Newton Three laws of motion Law of universal gravitiation Mathmatics of change Calculus 0 Earth as a sphere 0 Flat earth dispelled by 250 BC The Big bang o All of the mass and energy in the universe was concentrated into one small point 0 136 GA GAquotGiga annumquot 1 billion years 0 Rooted in the laws of physics Rapid cascade of events in one second protons and nuetrons are formed in 3 minutes Hydrogen forms hydrogen fuses to make new elements The universe continues to expand cool and decrease in density 0 Nucleosynthesis Stars pump out elements like a factory The big bang formed the lighter elements Stars pump out the middle weight elements Supernovas create the heaviest elements 0 The Mass of a star decides what elements it priduces Smaller mass stars quotBurnquot Slower Live Longer 10 GA create lighter elements up to carbon Larger mass stars Burn Hotter shorter life fileCConverterInputrpbkldmgmbhtml4192013 95643 AM HOW TO READ MY NOTES I post every single lecture note Chapter outline and outside of class research that I do If you are using my notes to study or to make up for a class you missed that39s awesome Im happy to share They are free obviously But If you feel compelled you can send me a message telling me you use my notes so I know someone relies on me This will help both of us I will be less likely to skip a day and you will continue to get daily notes and outlines Anyway here is an explanation of how I take notes a My notes are always in this bulletoutline form 0 A bullet that is further indented then the bullet above it means that it is directly related to the Bullet above it If it is indented again it means it is even more speci c then the one above that Often lectures include lists or chunks of information like this I Blah Blah Blah I Blah Blah blah More info about this A blah blah for example I live in Fort Collins 0 Fort Collins is in Colorado Colorado Is part of the United states The United States Has 50 states Was established in 1776 When it broke away from England Is a representative democracy The United states is in North America North america is in the North west Hemisphere The north west hemisphere is on planet earth Planent Earth Is a terrestrial planent It has a 365 day year It is part of the Solar system The The solar system is in the Milky way Galaxy The Milky way is in the Universe As you can see i started with Fort Collins and eventually I got all the way to the Universe I also added in a few facts along the way Lastly here is a key for some of the symbols i Use something i missed that was important quotQuotationsquot Something that is a name for a conceptThing ALL CAPS Something the Professor said twice or seems seems important Bold Underline Italics mean something different every time I use them to make notes less confusing StarsSomething i have reworded to understand better fileCConverterInputrsSjqufwuhtml4192013 95643 AM


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