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Week 3 of Notes

by: Jacqueline Wiley

Week 3 of Notes History 151, 22

Jacqueline Wiley
La Salle
Global History to 1500
Professor Frassetto

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About this Document

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Global History to 1500
Professor Frassetto
Class Notes
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This 3 page Class Notes was uploaded by Jacqueline Wiley on Tuesday September 22, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to History 151, 22 at La Salle University taught by Professor Frassetto in Summer 2015. Since its upload, it has received 28 views. For similar materials see Global History to 1500 in History at La Salle University.

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Date Created: 09/22/15
a Judaism Week of September 15 2015 Professor Michael Frassetto o PostExile Israel wouldn39t be the great power many hoped it would have been During this period it became that what we see is a series of prophets the essential ethical monotheistic character of ancient Judaism We see the de nition of God in a completely monotheistic way God was the god of all and his chosen people are responsible for honoring him and spreading his message Godfearers Jews God who demands ethical moral and righteous behavior 0 Over 600 laws 0 Living your life in devotion to God 0 Temple gt symbolic Growing sense of ethical moral quality of Judaism In this time we do see the of cial writing of the Bible Important because where do the Jews live 0 In Jerusalem 0 Following the return from Babylon we see the growth of the Diaspora The dispersal Jews bagan to disperse o Went to Alexandria Hellenic Rome Italy o Forgot their language Greek speaking Jews 0 New institution Synagogue Center of worship prayer community 0 From this emerged o Sadducees Temple priests Responsible for overseeing rituals and sacri ces in the temple Important role as intermediaries between the Romans and the Jewish population Preserving traditions Maintaining order Strict biblical literalists Wasn39t in the Bible No part ofJudaism o Phansees Teachers Believed in the resurrection of the dead Judgement Afterlife Accepted the written aw Tradition that when god gave Moses the message he gave him two forms of the law Written and Oral Oral was a tool in which they could interpret the written law 0 Essenes Community at Qumran Great settlement Series of caves In the caves were a series ofjars lled with dead sea scros Tell us about early Judaism and the Essenes They lived believing that they were living in the end times 0 Zealots o Started rst jewish revolt a FirstJewish Revolt O O O 667073 Last battle of revolt Masada 73 On a really big hi Instead of submitting to the romans 900 Jews committed mass suicide 0 A mass sacri ce to God No more Zealots o Romans destroyed everything that remained of the zealots m WE were only left with the Pharisees after FJR First Jewish Revolt a Egypt OOOOO They built a great civilization great empire great architecture Testimony to the grandour of the civilization In uen al Religious ideas came to shape other civilizations Math and engineering 0 Most important contribution was wheat Why did they have so much 0 Because of the Nile and the Nile oods Fertile soil around the Nile everyone settled there Irrigation canals Important thing about the oods that will have a lasting effect on egypitan history and culture different was that it was predictable About the same time every year the Nile ooded They knew when it was going to come They developed a calendar around the oods of the Nile 0 They were polytheistic Nature gods Most important god was the Sun God 0 Amen Ra Also the God of the Nile Osiris O O 0 Great ancient king Upheld the traditions of Maat All was good happy and prosperous in the land Loving and devoted wife lsis Bore him a son named Horus Osiris had a jealous evil brother Set who killed him and chopped him into pieces and put them in the four corners of the globe just to assume the throne lsis wants to see her husband taken care of and buried properly Collects his parts Wraps the body up to hold the body together for ultimate burial Horus is born from lsis fake Osiris genitalia and avenges his father39s death Osiris because he had such a good king and his wife was so devoted the gods smiled down on him and made Osiris a God Also the God of the Underworld Horus also becomes a god As does lsis Every royal child born was Horus reincarnated o Nile was a God Sun was a God the Pharaoh was a God


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