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COMS 2060: Day 9 Lecture Notes 9/22

by: Emily Swanson

COMS 2060: Day 9 Lecture Notes 9/22 COMS 2060

Marketplace > Ohio University > Communication Studies > COMS 2060 > COMS 2060 Day 9 Lecture Notes 9 22
Emily Swanson
GPA 3.7
Communication in Interpersonal Relationships
Charee Thompson

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About this Document

Hi guys! These are just the lecture notes from our last class (9/22) before the exam. Just in case someone wasn't in class today. I didn't put these in the big study guide because I wanted you a...
Communication in Interpersonal Relationships
Charee Thompson
Class Notes
COMS 2060, interpersonal communication, Ohio University
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This 3 page Class Notes was uploaded by Emily Swanson on Tuesday September 22, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to COMS 2060 at Ohio University taught by Charee Thompson in Fall 2015. Since its upload, it has received 59 views. For similar materials see Communication in Interpersonal Relationships in Communication Studies at Ohio University.

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Date Created: 09/22/15
COMS 2060 Interpersonal Communication 922 Dav 9 Lecture Notes Nonverbal Communication 1 Importance of Nonverbal Communication Duncp 2 Nonverbal Codes ls often believed more than verbal communication ls communication in and of itself ls present in every interaction Supplements and even substitutes communication Vital in impression formation 39 Expectancy violations theory 1 How individuals react to unanticipated violations of social norms and expectations 2 Video in class about students being disruptive to other students studying a Kinesics movement of the body Facial displays 1 Re ects who you are and what you like 2 Attraction to symmetry a When you39re attracted to someone you mimic their facial expressions 3 Main channel of emotion Eye Behaviors 1 Pupils tend to dilate when you and the person you are attracted to are looking at each other Movements amp Gestures 1 Emblems a Had a literal translation i Thumbs up waving okay sign winking peace sign Illustrators a Used to supplement what you are saying drawing a picture i Describing height ii When kids say 39I love you thissssss much they spread their arms as far as they will go b Clari es and emphasizes a message Regulators a Regulate conversation restrictions and bounda es i Raising your hand in class before you are allowed to speak Affect Displays a Ways of displaying emotion i Babies clap when they are happy ii Kids cross their arms and stomp when they are mad Adaptors a Help satisfy a personal need b Help us adapt to our environment i Trying to relax before an exam 1 Taking deep breathes 2 Tapping foot to release nervous energy 3 Stretching neck 4 Cracking ngers b Paralinguistics i Para around linguistics language ii Everything around language iii Vocal Behaviors 1 Pitch a How low or high your voice is 2 Volume a How loudly or softly you speak 3 Tone a Quality of your voice 4 Rate a Speed at which you speak 5 Accent a Pronunciation i Saying 39wash39 vs 39warsh39 1 It is still the same word with the same meaning it39s just said differently c Chronemics i The use of time and what it says about you ii What does an individual39s use of time yours or theirs say about them iii How you treat your time 1 Buy it sell it waste it 2 quottime is moneyquot 3 The US as a society treats time as a commodity d Proxemics i Use of space 1 We are territorial creatures of habit a Ex Sitting in the same seat in class all semester ii Distance 1 Intimate 2 Personal15ft 3 Social 4 ft 4 Public 12 ft iii We all have intimate personal social and public relationships e Use of Artifacts i Physical environment and objects you have ii Re ects who you are and what you like 1 Ex Looking at picture of different dorm rooms in class a Re ect interests and personality f Haptics i Use of touch 1 Affectionate Caregivinggentiity Power and control Aggressive Ritualistic a Ex Hugging or kissing someone every time you see them U PPL N g Olfactics i Use of smell ii Very important for memories and attraction


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