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Day 1

by: Alexis Fajardo

Day 1 PSY 480 51712

Alexis Fajardo
GPA 3.1
Forensic Psychology
Judith Becker

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About this Document

Forensic Psychology
Judith Becker
Class Notes
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This 5 page Class Notes was uploaded by Alexis Fajardo on Tuesday September 22, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to PSY 480 51712 at University of Arizona taught by Judith Becker in Fall 2015. Since its upload, it has received 17 views. For similar materials see Forensic Psychology in Psychlogy at University of Arizona.


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Date Created: 09/22/15
Iudith Becker Room 523 Psychology jvbeckeruarizonaedu Phone 6217455 Office hours 1245 245 Mondays TA s Iennifer Duchshere duchschereemailarizonaedu room 412 Psychology 130330 Thursdays Lauren Nguyen languyenemailarizonaedu room 127 psychology 406OO Wednesdays 4 exams 50 mult choice no final Last exam not cumulative Must take last exam No makeup exams only possibility is note from dean Deans notequot 10 short answer essay Extra credit 2 Mentioned in class read article answer two questions answer in drop box in D2L added on to final grade score History of Psychology and the law 0 1906 Sigmund Freud o Conscience behavior 0 Criminal behavior and Freudian Theory I Right to be judged by judge not by a jury I Possible mistrial o 1908 Hugo Munsterberg o On the witness stand 0 1908 Muller v OregonBrandeis Brief 0 If organizations have a strong opinion on something they can come together and write a brief 0 19201930 legal realismpsychology in uence law o 1927 Dean of law school appoints psychologist to the faculty I Social sciences play more of a role Not really 0 1930s Disillusionment 1954 Brow V Board of Education 0 Research by social scientists I Schools separated by color I Violation of 14th amendment 1960 Publication by Kalven Menninger Zeise o The American Iuy crime and punishment 1969 APLS Established 0 American Psych Law 1977 First APLS Journal Published 0 Law and Human Behavior Culture clash Approximate truth V Approximate Justice 0 Rulings V data 0 Adversarial system Law 0 Work alone Psychology 0 Work in groups to study 0 If you have the law on your side use the law 0 If you have the facts on your side use the facts 0 If you have neither attack the expert Law Psychology Prescriptive Descriptive Regulates Explains behavior Emphasizes individual Emphasizes group characteristics Past oriented Future oriented Adversarial Advocacy Careers in Forensic Psychology Research 0 How do judges and juries make decisions 0 How does memory work in eyewitness testimony o Are the mentally ill more or less likely to commit crimes 0 What kinds of treatments work for reducing future crime 0 What causes a person to commit a crime 0 What effect does crime have on a child s development Other roles 0 Consultation 0 jury selection 0 Trial presentation 0 Mitigation 0 Policy 0 Explaining psychology to law makers jobs and Education Power of confession o 39 48 of suspects Why do police prefer confessions o If given Miranda rights ask for attorney Majority of the time people who take advantage of Miranda rights are guilty 0 Confession saves time 0 Trials avoided convictions are almost guaranteed Evolution of Interrogation Techniques 0 1966 Miranda rights Miranda v Arizona 80 waive their rights Police rushed Suspect wants to get it over with 1961 Modern interrogation o Psychological good cop bad cop 0 Reid technique 0 9 step technique 0 4 psychologically powerful strategies I Loss of control I Social isolation I Certainty of guilt I Exculpatory scenarios 0 I know you did this after we are done we will get you helpquot confession Scientific American spotlight Group interrogation Cialdini proposed six principles Authority who is safe for child to talk to Scarcity Reciprocity ill do this for you if you confess Commitment and consistency Social proof P P rPSNNtquot Liking False confessions o Lying intimidation deception fatigue abuse 0 25 of known wrongful convictions o 80 proven false confessions o Involve vulnerable suggestible complaint suspects especially vulnerable youth 0 May be related to innocent suspects o Caused mostly by police Types of false confessions 0 Instrumental coerced false confessions 0 Suspect confess to crime not committed most common false confession in criminal cases 0 Instrumental voluntary false confessions 0 Suspect provides false confession as means to an end 0 Authentic coerced false confessions 0 Suspect becomes convinced of own guilt after long intense interrogation vivid false memories may be created 0 Do you remember seeing bugs bunny at Disneylandquot o Authentic voluntary false confessions 0 Suspect suffer from delusion and confess with little or no pressure from interrogation Hot topic 0 Use of torture interrogations o Waterboarding violate international and national treaties and laws 0 Ethical and moral codes of conduct are also being violated 0 Little research on effectiveness of torture irrefutable evidence that less coercive interrogation can be produced verifiability Should interrogators be allowed to lie 0 United states allowed 0 England and Wales illegal to lie Potential solutions 0 Video recording 0 Can be manipulated 0 Time limits and expert testimony 0 Expert testimony on interrogations and confessions


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