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Day 4

by: Alexis Fajardo

Day 4 PSY 480 51712

Alexis Fajardo
GPA 3.1
Forensic Psychology
Judith Becker

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About this Document

Forensic Psychology
Judith Becker
Class Notes
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This 7 page Class Notes was uploaded by Alexis Fajardo on Tuesday September 22, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to PSY 480 51712 at University of Arizona taught by Judith Becker in Fall 2015. Since its upload, it has received 23 views. For similar materials see Forensic Psychology in Psychlogy at University of Arizona.


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Date Created: 09/22/15
92115 Chapters 56 amp serial killer video Gary R greenriver killer Extra credit 2 points added to final grade Profiling aka criminal analysis 0 Retroclassification 0 Drawing inferences about on criminal s personality behavior motivations etc Serial killer 3 or more killings Process of profiling 0 Profiles 0 Dev By FBIBSU 0 Assist investigators o Emphasize the signature aspect of the crime 0 Are popular but unvalidated techniques Famous profiles 0 lack the Ripper 1888 0 First subject of criminal profile 0 Olympic Bomber 1996 0 Atlanta during summer Olympics 0 Incorrectly accused by criminal profile 0 Mad Bomber 1957 o Psychiatrist put the profile together 0 Detailed and accurate profile captured suspect Characteristics of Serial Killers 0 Impaired rational thinking brain injury affects behavior and thinking 0 Childhood maladjustment physical abuse sexually abuse neglect o Domination of the victim and drug use before the kill not all 0 Preference for victim type eg prostitutes young males 0 Obsession with violent pornography viewing violent porn does not always cause killings Crime scenes 0 Organized crime scene Planned Selected victim Decided where to take the victim Where to take the body Leaving weapon 0 Transportation 00000 0 Hypothesized characteristics of organized murders o Disorganized crime scene 0 Spontaneous crime Random scene Sudden violence Minimal restraints Sex after death 0 Weapon or evidence left 000 o Hypothesized characteristics of disorganized murders Characteristics 0 Visionary o Psychotic hears voices sees visions o Missionoriented 0 Believe they are evil 0 Hedonistic 0 Kill for thrill o Arousal from suffocation o Poweroriented 0 Get satisfaction from capture and control before killing Research on profiling o 1990 early experiment 0 Found differences in trained profilers o Trained profilers did better in sex offender cases only 0 Pinizzotto and Finkel 0 2000s 0 Ability to create detailed report 0 Accuracy less than 50 o Kocsis and colleagues 0 Come up with demographic profile failed 0 Alison Problems and Promise 0 Difference in organized and unorganized o Speculations are very general 0 Can result in tunnel vision focus on particular person and miss the actual suspect 0 Based on stereotypes 0 EC Ioe Arpayo I Tan skin looks like they came from Mexico An alternative to intuition 0 Geographical profiling 0 Zone of comfort I Will not kill close to home I Outside of comfort zone 0 Geomap 0 Most distant include offenders residence 0 Behavioral investigative advice BIA 0 Alison and Rainbow 2011 0 Based on information provided to talk to media Scientific American Spotlight I Profiling time and place 0 Look for pattern put more police officers in that area I Predictive software 0 Memphis blue crush system 0 Computer generated 0 Location and time of date is put into computer Precise profiles or sloppy stereotypes I Vague profile use problematic I Profiled prejudicial 0 Judge decides if they are allowed in and what they will hear Hot topic I Racial profiling I 2013 federal judge Arizona Psychological autopsies I Involves attempts to dissect and examine psychological state of individual prior to death I Based on several sources of information Eg records interviews Psychopath checklist I Two main factors 0 Personality I Aggressive narcissism 0 Case history I Socially deviant lifestyle 0 Parasitic lifestyle 0 Poor behavioral control 0 Promiscuous sexual behavior 0 Early behavior problems 0 Lack of realistic longterm goals 0 Impulsivity o Irresponsibility 0 Failure to accept responsibility for actions 0 Shortterm marital relationships 0 Iuvenile delinquency o Revocation of conditional release 0 Criminal versatility Criminal profilers The green river killer Gary Ridgway biography Chapter 6 Assembling a jury I History 0 Early juries were not neutral modern juries are intended to be impartial 0 Sixth amendment impartial juries for criminal cases 0 Seventh amendment impartial juries for most civil cases I 1968 jury selection and service act 0 Iurors must be fair cross section of community 0 Potential jurors are selected from voter registration lists 0 From jury pool to venire I Random sampling of potential jurors summoned to appear venire I Oneday cases I Voir dire o Attourneys and judge ask potential jurors questions more limited scope in federal courts System used to educate and ask commitment from jurors Lawyer exercise challenges I Challenges for causes I Peremptory challenge I May be used to stack juries Steps in the jury I Iury pool 0 All mentally competent people I Sample 0 Group of eligible people summoned Assembling a jury I Cognizable groups 0 Certain members are recognized as sharing a distinguishing characteristics or attitude 0 Peremptory challenges cannot be used to eliminate members of some cognizable groups but can be used to strike jurors because of religiously based beliefs Stereotypes science and jury selection I Determining which potential jurors least likely to support a side of a case 0 Physical characteristics or first impressions 0 Information from written questionnaires 0 Social media analysis 0 Information form voir dire procedures Variations in Voir Dire procedures I Traditional limited voir dire o No pretrial juror questionnaire I Expansive voir dire o Pretrial questionnaire Can effective lawyers remove potential jurors who do not support their side of the case I Scientific jury selection 0 1972 Harrisonburg Seven trial mistrial o 1995 0 Simpson murder trial not guilty verdict I Prosecution thought that because he was physically abusive to his wife that the African American women would be angry and that was not the case 0 May be most effective in subset of cases Iury consultants assist in jury selection based on research conduct by social scientists I Data driven approach I Use of mock jurors shadow jury I Analyze supplemental juror questionnaires Iury consulting and the role of money at trial I Is it ethical I Does it promote or prevent justice I Is it skewed Iuror characteristics and verdict prediction I Association is modest or unreliable Modesty associated characteristics I Locus of control I Belief in a just world I Authoritarian Casespecific attitudes Moderately predictive Extra credit 1 I Read research article and answer two questions I No longer than one page I Needs to be in own words I Worth up to 2 points I Crashing memory 20 false memories in adults for an upsetting childhood event LPatihis amp E loftus I How is this study unique compared to past research as quoted by the article I Brie y describe the results of the study Were you surprised Why or why not Due next Monday by 3 pm on DZL no late paper


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