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Extension of the Study Guide for Exam One

by: Joerdan Notetaker

Extension of the Study Guide for Exam One POLI 1090 - 001

Marketplace > Auburn University > Political Science > POLI 1090 - 001 > Extension of the Study Guide for Exam One
Joerdan Notetaker
American Government in Multicultural World
William W Franko

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About this Document

American Government in Multicultural World
William W Franko
Class Notes
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This 3 page Class Notes was uploaded by Joerdan Notetaker on Tuesday September 22, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to POLI 1090 - 001 at Auburn University taught by William W Franko in Fall 2015. Since its upload, it has received 29 views. For similar materials see American Government in Multicultural World in Political Science at Auburn University.


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Date Created: 09/22/15
Dr Franko POL11090001 Exam One Study Guide Ch5 Extension Chapter Five Civil Rights Slavery amp Abolitionist Movement 0 O 0 Important figure William Lloyd Garrison 18311865 The Liberator Dred Scott v Sanford 1857 I He sued Missouri to try to free his family from slavery I Supreme Court ruled against him Civil War 18611865 Women s Right Movement 0 Seneca Falls Convention 1848 I Said all men and women created equal I Demanded to votemost controversial request 0 New York Married Women s Property Act Post Civil War 0 13th Amendment of 1865 abolished slavery 0 14th Amendment of 1868 I citizenship clause I equal protection clause I due process clause 0 15th Amendment of 1870 guaranteed voting rights for African American men 0 Compromise of 1877aka Reconstructive Era brought about the I Jim Crow Laws Criminalized interracial marriage Segregation Poll taxes literacy tests amp residency requirements were used to disenfranchise the black vote 0 Both Democrats and Republicans rejected women suffrage 0 Susan B Anthony arrested in Rochester NY for attempting to register to vote Supreme Court Separate but Equal O O Plessy v Ferguson1896 The Civil Rights Act of 1875 had been overturned Organizing for Equality 0 National Association for the Advancement of Colored PeopleNAACP 1909 I Initially pressured courts to extend black political rights I Had a strong membership base by 1920 which would led to mobilization efforts and protest 0 19th Amendment of 1920 was for women s suffrage Litigating for Equality O Pres Harry Truman shed some light on the race issue but wasn t sure how implement a civil rights legislation Shelley V Kraemer1948 dealt with restrictive covenantsquot I Deemed unconstitutional NAACP challenged separate but equalquot rule Civil Rights after Brown 0 O O Brown s constitutional in uence I States no longer had ability to use race as a basis for discrimination I Power and obligation of the federal gov Most states refused to cooperate I Ex Little Rock Arkansas 1957 De jure segregationby law vs De facto segregationin effect Massive Resistance 0 Cooper v Aaron1958 the Arkansas amendment is I Unconstitutional under the equal protection clause I Invalid under Article V1 0 pupil placementquot laws led to de facto segregation Civil Rights Acts 0 Equal Pay Act of 1963 didn t address racial discrimination 0 Civil Rights Act of 1964 I IMPORTANT gave US Attorney General the ability to initiate suits I IMPORTANT federal gov able to withhold funding from states I Barred the unequal application of voter registration requirements I Outlawed discrimination based on race color sex religion and national origin in public accommodations I State and municipal gov couldn t deny access to public facilities based I Prohibits employer discrimination I Now easier to move civil rights cases from the state courts to federal courts I It was criminal if you violated the CRA Busing o Busing was used as a tool to try and encourage desegregation o Milliken v Bradley 1974 busing limited to those guilty of deliberate segregation by law 0 Missouri v Jenkins 1995 tried boosting the salaries of teachers in hopes of attracting wealthier students Employment Discrimination 0 Title 9 of CRA I Employment discrimination based on race was prohibited I Justice Department and Equal Employment Opportunity Commission were given the enforcement power I Difficult to enforce because it was hard to prove discrimination o Griggs V Duke Power Co 1971 I Intention vs outcome I Voting Rights 0 Weren t fully covered by CRA 0 24th Amendment of 1964 made poll taxes illegal 0 Voting Rights Act of 1965 barred literacy amp other tests 0 Gerrymandering was still a problem I Drawing voting districts in order to favor one group over another 0 VRA was set to expire but extended for 25yrs by US Commission of Civil Rights 2006 I Housing 0 Local housing deliberately segregated Federal Housing Administration 0 Fair Housing Act of 1968 0 since the FHA I redlining refusing to lend money to areas where its known for its minority population I predatory lending attached insane costs to a loan I Gender Discrimination 0 Some areas covered in CRA 0 Intermediate scrutiny test 1970s 0 Franklin v Gwinnett County Public Schools 1992 I Title 9 of 1972 Education Act I Prohibits gender discrimination 0 Women in gov funded schools and enforcement of sexual harassment had been improved 0 A few setbacks I Violence Against Women Act deemed unconstitutional I Ledbetter v Goodyear Tire 2007 Realized too late that because Ledbetter was a woman she was being paid 40 less than her male counterparts Lily Ledbetter Law of 2009


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