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Week Four

by: Toni Ritchie

Week Four ART 216

Toni Ritchie
GPA 4.0
Graphic Design History
Archana Shekara

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About this Document

Graphic Design History
Archana Shekara
Class Notes
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This 5 page Class Notes was uploaded by Toni Ritchie on Tuesday September 22, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to ART 216 at Illinois State University taught by Archana Shekara in Summer 2015. Since its upload, it has received 27 views. For similar materials see Graphic Design History in Art at Illinois State University.


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Date Created: 09/22/15
Tuesday September 8 2015 Arts and Craft Movement Graphic Design History Product increases lower quality and fewer jobs machines took place of human labor Victorian Era revolts to go back to the original handmade items looked back to the Gothic period Gothic Art 1300 1400 more religious focus stretched images to resemble going up to the heavens illuminated ones self into heaven architecture stain glass windows I narrow l ribbed celling painting fresco style on plaster manuscripts illuminated lgold and silver leaf l ornamentation British parliament 1824 building burnt down competition for new design Charles Barry and Augustus Welby Pugin 1860 completed example of revival of Gothic Art work closer to the worker Victorian Graphic 1844 William Henry Fox Talbot 1800 1877 Pencil of Nature Tuesday September 8 2015 ornamentation l elongated type geometrical l celtic knot l Baroque William Pickering 1847 The Elements of Euclid far ahead of the times style did not kick off use of primary color innovation and functionality of shapes not arts and craft movement bauhaus period inspired for this book Owen Jones 1856 The Grammar of Ornament changed mindset of people most influential piece idealized nature true art consists of idealizing and not coping nature Crystal Palace 1851 John Paxton steal and glass first prefabricated building designed for the World Fair sent 14000 invitations to artists around the world 990000 square feet designed in 10 days built in 7 weeks burnt down fire could be seen in 7 countries replica is in Bangladesh John Ruskin 1819 1900 Tuesday September 8 2015 writer revival of idealistic forms of nature beauty is everything in art connection between art and artist Arts and Craft Movement could not reach everyone only the elite and rich could afford Unable to connect with normal people William Morris 1834 1896 father of Arts and Crafts Movement very rich wanted to be a preacher socialist invented the Kelmscott Press adopted Ruskin s movement distracting boarders tight spacing 1894 Story from the Glittering Plain Morris designed Chaucer wrote Fonts Golden inspired by Jenson used for the book titled Golden Troy a style of blackletter Chaucer smaller style of Troy Century Guild Hobby Horse No 6 1884 designer and printer separated for the first time designer did the letter form layout and typeface only printer does the scaling and inking only Mack Murdo author fascinated by William Morris club owner Century Guild Tuesday September 8 2015 use of black ink woodcut used for making images idealized nature dense and heavy space Rudolf Koch 1876 1934 German influential less ornamentation Upper case letters small spaces l dense and heavy little letting l fatface style Frederic Goudy 1865 1947 born in Bloomington moved to New York influenced by William Morris not a good book designer 200 typefaces copperplate gothic l kennerley old style Italian old style trajan Goudy Old Style font punch out individually William Addison Dwiggins 1880 1956 Ohio Goudy s student caledonia type separated design from printing created the name Grpahic Design Bruce Rogers 1870 1957 Indiana influenced by William Morris created the Star Method lighter type Tuesday September 8 2015 paid more attention to the negative space revival of Old Style hierarchy Morris Benton 1872 1948 Wisconsin American Typefounders Company helped found and was director in 35 years he created 225 fonts century schoolbook cearface franklin gothic revived the fontsGoudy Jenson Bodoni


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