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CHM 111 9/12/14 and Discussion

by: Austin Eng

CHM 111 9/12/14 and Discussion 111

Marketplace > University of Miami > Chemistry > 111 > CHM 111 9 12 14 and Discussion
Austin Eng
Principles of Chemistry I
No professor available

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About this Document

Principles of Chemistry I
No professor available
Class Notes
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This 11 page Class Notes was uploaded by Austin Eng on Tuesday September 16, 2014. The Class Notes belongs to 111 at University of Miami taught by a professor in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 83 views. For similar materials see Principles of Chemistry I in Chemistry at University of Miami.


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Date Created: 09/16/14
Unit4 Friolay September 12 2 14 1222 PM 004fquot M HA0 2 03 I Tlt0y nNl SIo7z r39U 0093 lO33gt739l Q 4 I QI 397 WW 3900 1 X3 2 X2 Group VI Chalcogens 0 Oxygen is the most abundant element on the surface of the earth exists in water CaCO3 0 Sulfur and Selenium form antioxidants in the diet and are useful in preventing cancer far more prevalent in diet of old people onionsampgaric have sulfur 0 Highest level of selenium brazil nuts not more than 2 a day may prevent pancreatic cancer Group 7 Halogens 0 Exist in diatomic form H may be in 1 or 7 0 H2 gas F2gas C2gas Br2iquid I2 solid dissolved in alcohol at the store At2soid 0 All exist as diatomic molecules in their elemental state 0 Iodine deficiency goiter remedyiodized salt 0 Never use iodized salt for pickling because it gives a metallic taste Group 8 Noble Gases 0 All exist as monatomic species and unreactive Classification of elements according to metallic behavior 1 Metas characteristic luster describes what metals look like conduct heat and electricity well malleable hit with a hammer will change the shape 2 Non metas do not conduct well brittle shatter when hit with a hammer into hundreds of pieces with ease 3 Metaoids semi metas resemble metals and nonmetals ie conduct well but brittle malleable but not a good conductor a Buy Several Garfield Stories Pal Schizoperenic H 0 Behaves as if its in group 1 or 7 0 In group 1 has charge of 1 0 In group 7 it is diatomic anion with 1 charge referred to as hydride ie NaH The Periodic Table 0 Lothar meyer and dmitri mendeleev in 1870 91214 Page 1 0 Original periodic aw chem and physical properties of elements are periodic functions of their atomic masses 0 6 reversals Te and I Ar and K stem from differing abundancies of isotopes of the 2 naturally occurring isotopes Pa and Th Ni and Co U and Np Pu and Am Eectronegativity measure of its power in a compound to attract electrons to itself a increases up and right F is most e Lewis dot structures e occupy shells around the nucleues core e inner shells and not involved in bounding unfilled shesvaence and involved in bonding 0 Noble gases are inert because of filled shells 0 of valence e Group for main groups 0 Rules for Drawing Lewis Dot Structures Unit4 91214 Page 2 91214 Page 3 Friday September 12 2014 537 PM C16 73 C 25003v0047 Agz362 07133 5 39quot 41 3 CH QED lap 39 7 O 4j gt L 91 Qx4LSe3 ltf772 5564 sHQ 7 CL9ltE amp7 C7I lt2 gc 1dQ 391 39geB 4 46l5L35 394ZC3 P 39 t L 395 50 6 exam problems Page 1 exam problems Page 2 exam problems Page 3 exam problems Page 4 Friday September 12 2014 509 PM r gt7 quot9 quot2 lt1 5 Dwfolele zW l 4 6 Z quot v I739 quot 7IF 2gt Hquot2 ml Chm1 quote W 03975 02e7n1 5 in 60gf gt Mo0 014 6 CltquotI2 1501 lt 7 702 1 O 4Q 79 HN2 P Qgt M molLI oJ39quot ovum vL1 01 2 4 4 54 U2 3 0I5q 44 vquot lt lt62 jt quot 02939 moC X r 19mg C3 7quot 0 quot772 397 H20 M gofmx 10 yr 2457 Q 5 quotquot H AAlp quot 7 A2 quot ora LJV Le 7 m9I1Z di ssss sion 912 Page 1 C0 HOE K OZ gtCOz 707 JZ Q q 3902quotOf C 0 1 9 I gtlt0 g 1 fg 2o 4o 30 014 iw H 4116p um 7lt O1 422 3 quot 39 it PL 4 39a1 gt 39 7 TVJ WI Vkvsjf E 2 O zszs5 0 W 7 03 0 13902 6 T O 7 mo LZKJ 3515 ZKCIL H29 C 5 0 3 Z 1o27rw m0391 5f L T 1 EH10 K MKz 0 quot0 pk 7quot Dlt 6V3 7I A W 4 2 9 z I2quot J I32 1wy39 p k11M9 4 M1uo di ssss sion 912 Page 2 discussion 912 Page 3 discussion 912 Page 4


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