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Computer Vision

by: Roel Green

Computer Vision ECE 516

Roel Green
GPA 3.99


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About this Document

Class Notes
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This 45 page Class Notes was uploaded by Roel Green on Wednesday September 23, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to ECE 516 at University of New Mexico taught by Staff in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 4 views. For similar materials see /class/212167/ece-516-university-of-new-mexico in Engineering Electrical & Compu at University of New Mexico.

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Date Created: 09/23/15
kw Mr I AWN FFM2Hxx xw fn k e Min 8 nr w V mfuj 4 a 6 W Labe39 ftwuw 0v Mk m AW 7quot 911 okAz 0291 39 W M2 5 3 ii 9 L Wmuw LOP 97 391 wa has Ma 2 1 kg2L M W Wm M Mva At PM W E LP9w Mquot J oH Wuc 3 TIM 4 M w Kl 9 0 97 j m K 926 0M3 r P W Ema13M P 31 P3 QLAVEUYldkil cp a g N We at EHZLP szgtw9JAJWz 415 W W W41 lavas K g 907 iAlt 703992 At L010A0UZ HM MAWA My 5 wk Www a 4 w 43 0092 0 46 I kJm hwz MN Jf gt1 0 Iwa We Mia 291 r2 9591 WQL digg S 52 My OLAL Ex MWOew4aj534LMDLj 3 O KEbaz 0 524 3 L02 3972 40 my MLM S W494 rt 1 wa quot M w MAM Rm Lgtoa0A mm OLW V TIMHF Ez g 91 quot Oh Ska LM 3 ifM 99 7 quot zwr WC Lik i quot L0P 90 950 FLdQo o i39 39 49 week WWW rk9 at 91615 7 t Lei1M Wagg tthf Wm Lona d3 Eytcwonew LR0wgtr m ELI Q 0R maria 01314047 LOCP 9O 10 5 jpbw9 19 ldr L2R9dgt on i LN 7 Ms A rVku o kiih toL W Caxst j FAWN 441 M 39 lt 9 6 a 3 GJ PL9 oQI LI Beati weirIf we out 7 4Q 12 51 511Mme 49M M3 wa mymriurx a u nvx krL v lIIIII Pie ng 3 3ALWyvxy 336 oh m u 94 g SW byv P xmwmvv w 3 Li A J7 M M AYV n We V Wm WAVVHOIf V ENVNAP 1m xVw 3amp3in m W TL m8 5 w b b my 5va V Nam 9f umyf 3 w quot Fyiyzy RV mgn Fly mug m PE an 2309 V mu 7 i w i V 2 X e hnz XY W MW WM K C g 10 quot am CMM KW 398 Ljv1cv xmla ar3ctx 39 AL 1049 M 3w 3 sw v mh 41W L3 M r 5 rm m4 av 4 c llWWz 202m4L S o M CDDlt 3922 SA W akoampcrs gdl QSMWSWLJMLMP Inkzcox 39I 91 2 q eWJL 42 C1779lt Throw we 1 s4 UREA 5anch TVA 2 3 39Z3Dlt Damp SA TANYWa J IWOLU 8 1T 5 3 A 39 31439 7755 Li a U 3 War SAlt cpl E 6 32344 Lt xog w w WW WUL M hay LR 364362 24 UL H i Q 2 u gl Crag 413 m39o lji ZKDF EU 2 La rLA I WW WM 39 ime ymec u Q4 90 459 7 1 4 mild WL0 397 ff 7900th M 17 0H Amok1 unplug aregrit JWP a cwxj Br Lama 2 E MK P c fLe P 99470LJgt90 on J 033st Suikw Y Wk sxl A 3313 so WW W W WW Amok L W J Xku findT054 jquot ISAka AL Mon M 225w MP 59 lt WOWquot L 6 v00 oak 25 mf W 4149 PMQM R OV a raka 55 n 9 wk 70 1szka E all w M 4 W 48M quotNHL Q E I LP9fuvws y M s3949quot P1W w 01 T 7 va W swm k ijjmmwh 12w 2 m c 2 2 W 5 5396 auraws a SQ SW W MHJJ 30w 4433ko p PL N4 EC 31 NP 3 0quot r a k 1 3 VFW5394 439 g oath W W FMgtNCX S jlt LBKj X13 3 1rj 7 J 39Skg 73 14 S39 in TJM quot WWQJA QWQVJM M aka 9 1 Twist 16M Rue 34 sMWMANM M V V21 v Z 13r m6 139 Er W they Yafkf 093 M LL WV wj immW 1X J YI J f 32097 xi jhxj 9am pawNJ L h I W46 525L LY x M x1 mfg E XZL Pmu w 41K SLqpqLcMIS 391 14 M o W 7 m A 0 Lil LC 16093 B W EMU Dump W x m Q Ikc j 16 I cxl j no xen g Qe quot 3 gt 1 Sally1 0W Lx wi jk yvs Luv 3 V m WWW 13W 3 Ts Jud 3 WWW C KL 39yg Mg N k 0 kj Z N 23 Pm ea v jaL P N Homcy u Y Y X EltXU XLIXS 2 W mm 7 eww 9w ML UW 6 x M wu X4 L 39 X L cw tnge at C 0 LgtltL4 x 0 PM 3 112 1 3 XI XZYf U k anL7 3 152 XTQ0 2 11x 39 x I w IV 1W QI CHIK QL xzf XQL Afmmgzpo 2 meg 0 X 3XO Ql Yx quot 0 rue Q i XRWQL 1 x n 4quot Ni 4 Wu v v 3AM i A39 g H gt0M7 T Mb jN H Bax M a uwim viwyg 2 Q a jL 4 fen1L X M T WB R Us Q Z 1quot RZCVK I t X X X 39 SW WWW 4 RFquot punk Afr e wide M MaxiDy IT m 1 W A iu J Mug E 001 mOngm 72 f 9895 SIS 9x 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X39z X2 XXz AX NJ CWYS 1139quot 2 Cross Xu Ylegi X43 9 MW M M M wk 1 m x er n Aw 3 3 Kg L X nvs 95 th big dif 4 Q2 m 9 si a L f 2 i KWH n 04 H L A Z gt I 311 gt m D lt 04 o4 H 049 VH 391 A 4 L I O FI D gtlt HQ 93 R gtltuxm ltUgt m n gtk o o o ltwxgt w 0 Q 1MgtAw beahro r1k8 Mo 98 L Fir LIx Qxfm 3J2 7 nwxdkuxQAjx cc 0 3V2 7 fo 92f sTMCFLL 7 gqub ski 35 pffhl 5 E 453 F r w 301 F r P w gg x Q Q I T O F a dbhw bN Q w p l Q NKGSXN 47 Arwv AKP HRM f A 3 111 97 HF 38 7f micahv ru P 015 AN OOWp Diem 91721 Woo m b n CTd 261 577ka 7 on as i Plea Fwtr QSm x r n m r mm m A sz QM Jy ma 2 9 W n A 2 if TVA NTV EFF v v b 6 n 371 5 5 9190 TIwa Cuba A xvka U3 5 r M2 gr y z a a a 270 VsLI 32 Announcements ECE 515 cs 532 HW2 will be posted today Computer Vision Femuca yifimm mamasquot Advanced Graphics Lab stairum mnuwm mp9quot cmrrmam mx Last time Today Linear lters and Fouriertransforms Edge detection A mwb mm eww ataxia9 Wm cmrrmam mx Edge detection Noise Noise can affect edge detection algorithms because they look for sharp changes in the image and noise creates these sharp changes were none exist One common model for noise is additive v stationary Gaussian noise mrsmmnervw 7 mp9quot f mr mmnuwm cuxsrrehuiwzm z 7 mp9quot cmrrmam mx which Is zero A 7525 WW Additive stationary Gaussian noise Each pier has a value chosen from a Gaussian probability distribution added to it The probability distribution of all pixels are The Gaussian distribution has a given standard deviation 5 and a mean u typically meme m Example o mag stairum mnuwm quotmpgquot my sz mx Problems with noise model Finite difference filters on noisy images Allows for negative pixel values 5 7 515 WW Every pixel is independent does not allow for noise correlation across pixels meme m By applying a nite difference derivative lterto itself we can generate a w ole family of derivative lters However these lters increase the standard deviation of the Gaussian noise AL 532 Wm cmrrmam mx Increasing standard deviation Smooth to reduce noise 3m mm H Menmve w 4m meme m So we must smooth the signal to reduce the noise problems We typically use a Gaussian to do this 555225 Wm cmrrmam mx Why a Gaussian Summary Ifyou convolve a Gaussian with a gaussian 39 5 you get a Gaussian mooth before you do any edge detection to get rid of noise artifacts This means you can repeatedly convolve the Do this by convolving with a Gaussia image with a Gaussian to get the effect of For edge detection you will want to convolve with convolving with a Gaussian with Iarg r a some kind of differentiation lter Gaussians are separable Since differentiation is linear and shift invariant wme a 2D Gaussian kernel as me this Is equivalent of convolving the Image directly multiplication oftwo 1D kernels 55393quot What kind of derivative lter do we want to use Aggmsmww Let Af zsmwm an Example Laplacian operator mm mm 5mme svnal A mwsmmmww mp9quot l39 mm 2 mm yamWWW mp9quot cmrrmam mx Laplacian of a Gaussian kernel Using the Laplacian to detect edges Convolve the image with the Laplacian of the Gaussian at some 5 Mark the pixels with zero values whe magnitude ofthe gradient rst derivative is greater than some thresho These are the edge pixelsquot mismmnervw 7 mp9quot mp9quot cmrrmam mx Example V mrsmmnervw 7 quotmpgquot cuxsrhhuawzm Bad behavior stairum mnuwm mm cmrrmam mx Gradientbased edge detectors Compute the image gradient From this calculate the magnitude of the gradient at every pier Identify points where the magnitude is maximal in the direction perpendicularto the edge in direction of gradient Label these as edge pixelsquot mrsmmnervw A We m Gradient magnitude w Gaussianwm a l stairum mnuwm mm E Wm Gradient mavnmde mmm Gradient mm m menu w Gaussianwnha 2 cmrrmam mx Nonmaximum suppression J mrsmmnervw mp9quot cuxsrrenuiwz m Edge following determ checking that it is m x m edge maximum along gradient stairum mnuwm mp9quot During nonmaximum suppression we ine Is a given point an edge point We do this by comparing it to its neighbors and 39 al If so where is the next edge point to check Follow the direction perpendic gradient to nd the possible continuation of ular to the Check these points to see ifthey are the local cmrrmam mx Hysteresis Implementauon e use We mneremnresnums ms1amne an edgE wmcn s amev 2 Fuvcummumg an edgE ann s smaHev 1 We nuw uuk aune detaHs u mp ememng a gramenenaseu Edge uetemun a gu mm Perhaps the best muwn 5 me detect Canny Edge en mtmduced m was LT M canny Edge Detecmr cannw A umpmatmna appruacm Edge neteeuuns EEE Trans Panern u a q 7141986 canny39s goals Guud detectmn ime a gu mm snumu mark as many rea Edges mme nnage as pussmxe snumu be msemtnetme en mnnnax respunseime Edges snuum umy be marked unee and nnage nmse snumu be suppressed is stem Nolse reduction Cumu ve WIN a Gausswantu reduce nmse Example Appmng a 5x5 Gaussan mrnex m an nnage g mm Example Applylng a 5x5 Gausslan xemellu an lmage l step 2 compmmg gradlem Calculateme magnltude andme angle at me gradlerlt The angle ls quamzedtu ma BEL 135 mu LT M Example A m a step 3 Monmaxlmal suppresslon Example magnltude lmage determlne wmcn unes represemme maxlmum alungme gramem dlrectlurl LT39M step 4 Tracing edges FuHuW me edge perpenm gramentfmm dentmed pm Ede nmne muse uxexs are a su pan arms 52 a mwertnresnmdtnan befure ma 5 me apphcanun at nystereas martume m and canny edge daecmrresuns y m Reading Fursyth on a A M 4 ow M Tm ch 71M GD conic 4 Oddly T 36 so L cam F Q Cmm w 57 ag mfg WM mi fcm ml cwmgt 4 v93 we 57mm ka 6fo Ml H39Tm H r 7 7 7 7 i T Tl vi Ki 3 mg QTij i AzkQ H 9 U4 C 3977 MM I QTC m Cew b CfpchCZ HT quot y 3M MK QTCMM QTCWJL M IV Chara 39 mm 41 Maw WSVWM 7 C 3 Hr HA HS C uSTH Hg Hf O v S H H90quot C HST H Hf W M QXHJHI HA KT 0 O K 6 15 v VT llt KT VT K KTV SVVSTDV LJL M W Kg JL M V 5 A Md ei N LL QL V30 imi 43 1 955 31 an le a I Jiaj rvbvw v vq lt n x i Z a 5 53 d 2P 0 PM Mgt Mx 4 i o p 9 Ab 328 4m x Mx NX VS KIF VI on 3 x CH A 33 m3 4 3 40 mm 3 v c 31 z ixwx 4er IWV B T K N m1 a A m 5 AN xi u x A lw8l 6 Fryrd mi 54340 a 56 0026 mwdmfvxwd mx xr M w v mm mxud M 6 h uqrw 2 6 07 33 WU On xgrx Ohxvrx 31192 t m N Swizjmmv Deny43 figi Aw q l l amp ddlwkv H m Jam 001 AU 0 I l 64x lilll wrr 5 xrwmxruy rwowo 7 xv i0 NO Illxlllf 5 5 V 1 k w jik a mrilgo ioVLw TYLQWAV 393 357 z ML Arfu im F K af x lt4 nvq lMV Hrult HH dlq u U MFni 0f K 43x4 34 is igii x x i v V D k Malia 9 M Y P 4quot 31m S JiLILMWMX V LjAX mcnqws sewn WNW W m Rm me x We 41 meg 3x1 WW 99 Mg 70 Ben M kw 14 15 IVgtW g True 7 L 1 AW 534k nx 992 XZ F 4K x yt 22 WW lair V r t r a c MW WWW u u 1W 044A er M X J r F1 flt 44 R3 W b law 1 rouwmx MN m WM 4 3 L P 4M8 M 9 M MW 7 mm 3 XML Mm w M L MM 1 7w ux 931 am Mg M in I Jw M roser 4 Wage Weak Ream A E INK 2 9 NW W a up W4le rupef a Y M 0 6 6 35 k9 F ZT C 21 q N0 M M Q Cl C3 r M A 32 x 72w 9 TC T 3 c l1 quot393 cfquot 2 50 352 95 m3 uTLLLx3 O X Mu T r C uTLLerLg 0 6m amL IVMJLquotlt M 39 M13 313 K LJMX c 747 Mig b m 14 ng x3 31 I X cilia Ely W quot939quot 3093 f 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