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Mechanical Engineering Design II

by: Kiara O'Hara

Mechanical Engineering Design II ME 260L

Marketplace > University of New Mexico > Mechanical Engineering > ME 260L > Mechanical Engineering Design II
Kiara O'Hara
GPA 3.52

Tariq Khraishi

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About this Document

Tariq Khraishi
Class Notes
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This 2 page Class Notes was uploaded by Kiara O'Hara on Wednesday September 23, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to ME 260L at University of New Mexico taught by Tariq Khraishi in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 48 views. For similar materials see /class/212220/me-260l-university-of-new-mexico in Mechanical Engineering at University of New Mexico.


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Date Created: 09/23/15
Presentation Skills Key Points Plan the structure of your presentation What s the aim ie the exact purpose of the presentation o If you are woolly about the aim your presentation won t be clear 0 Spend time establishing the aim Who are you presenting to o Analyze your audience and target your presentation to their knowledge and understanding What do you need to cover to ensure you fulfill the aim 0 Ensure what you are going to say is appropriate to both the aim and the audience 0 Prioritize your material You don t have to say everything How much time do you have 0 Don t go over the allotted time and remember to allow time at the end for questions Where will you be presenting and is visual aid equipment available 0 Check the venue and equipment in advance if possible If not then allow yourself enough time on the day to have a look at the setup Plan the content Beginning 0 Tell them what you re going to tell them and why they will be interested 0 Put the main points up on a slideflipchart 0 Don t forget to introduce yourself Middle 0 Tell them 0 Go through your points logically and in sequence 0 Summarize as you go along Tell them what you ve told them Use the original slidechart to summarize 0 Give a conclusion Questions 0 Plan for questions don t be taken by surprise Ask for them if none are forthcoming If you don t understand a question ask for clari cation Don t be afraid to admit you don t know Tell them you ll find out and get back to them Get back to them Visual Aids Whatever you use whether it s OHP overhead projector flipchart or computer presentation keep it simple and clear Visual aids should add to the impact of your presentation Learn to use a software package like Power point or Persuasion which is speci cally designed to produce presentation material Bullet points are most effective keep the point size large on slides Use l824 point size with up to 32 point for titles Use a sans serif font for clarity even if you don t like it for normal use Keep graphs large and simple Use color to differentiate elements Don t use orange noone will be able to read it Label graphics graphs and maps clearly Computer animationsmovies or real samples can go the extra mile Notes You m 0 ay want to produce a full script You may feel happier using notes and the prompts given by your slides Make them easy to read Number the pages and clip them together A hole punched in the corner with a treasury tag keeping them together works well Don t play with them Presenting Finall 0 If you have a quiet voice ask for a microphone or speak louder There s little point in being a brilliant speaker if no one can hear you Vary the tone of your voice and the pace you speak at though better slower than too fast Be careful of the ums you knows etc What people often remember are the mental pictures If you have suitable anecdotes do use them Make eye contact with your audience not the floor the ceiling or the OHP Use pauses It gives you thinking time and the audience time to re ect Be natural up there in your stance Y Check that you have everything you need sufficiently far in advance of the presentation to allow you time to deal with any unforeseen mishaps eg mislaid slides or notes communications problems between the computer and projector etc PRACTISE your presentation Revise the bits that don t work Practice it again and again And ENJOY yourself Good luck Les Iey Black HERDU UCL with modi cations by Tariq Khraishi


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