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by: Dario Heaney I

TheGreatWar,1914 HIST235

Marketplace > Drexel University > History > HIST235 > TheGreatWar 1914
Dario Heaney I
GPA 3.79


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About this Document

Class Notes
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This 5 page Class Notes was uploaded by Dario Heaney I on Wednesday September 23, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to HIST235 at Drexel University taught by EricBrose in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 27 views. For similar materials see /class/212235/hist235-drexel-university in History at Drexel University.


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Date Created: 09/23/15
Here s something to get you writing 24 points discussed I ll leave the other 2 up to you but brose s factors are really weird this term In terms of what would be the next easiest to discuss I d say Tactical adjustments on either side 0 Central powers being the failed schliefen planitalys disastrous idea to wage war in the mountains 0 Allied powers ability to maintain railwaysetc good hand to hand combat technique The entry of the US 0 dk make some shit up and be really patriotic Why Who Lost Lost Attributed to superiority of British navy Germany wants to weaken Britain by going on with unrestricted submarine warfare which will hasten Britain to be on the offensive before their new regiments are ready but this proves wrong Battle of Jutland Germany wants to demolish British navy blockade unbroken brose likes specifics so discuss this battle British blockade of Germany Germany wonders how long it will be able to survive Britain s hunger blockade caloric intake 13rd of what it was prewar which makes civil unrest understandable tearing down of Germany from the inside war of attrition Discuss Attributed to baneful ineptness of leadersatrocities to civilians Germany civilian effect Protests against authoritarianism at home annexationalist goals and aggressive war aims Verdun also delegitimized Kaiser William because he continued to live a Lavish lifestyle throughout the terrible battle of Verdun Reichstag was elected by universal male suffrage the peoples representatives were useless however as Kaiser appointed his officers Kaiser controlled army Kaiser claimed war Being asked to give their lives for a country they were not represented Labor Turnover Hindenburg harsh punishments for workers who changed jobs Zimmerman tried to exploit relations between Mexico and US lZimmerman Telegram January 1917 Austria Francis Joseph is respected but is too conservative and old 28 percent of soldiers went unaccounted for MIA The Great War Post Midterm 10212009 89quot Heave cruisers 1215quot Battleships Scharnhorst 1213quot Battlecruisers Gneisenau HMS Invincible v HMS Inflexible 10232009 Winston Churchill Lusitania Arabic May 7 h 1915 Germans broke international law in regards to sinking ships Uboats U20 1559 people were aboard the Lusitania 10262009 Ottoman Empire CUP Young Turk Party Enver Pasha Talaat Pasha Djemal Pasha Armenians Sarikamish Suez Galipoli Stalemate blockade is tightening and cutting off trade Led to efforts to pass blockade didn t make it past the Falklands Within in the first few months of Turkey entering the war they faced many setbacks The pasha rule as dictators over 20 million people in Istanbul Want to join the German Alliance Led by Liman van Sanders Ottoman Empire straight dominates the Turks 1122009 Charles Townsend Lij Yasu Ctesiphon Muhammaed Abdullah Hassan Kut Paul von LettowVorbeck Ahmad Mirza Shah AliDinar Dafur Sudan Emir Habibullah Jafar al Askari Senussi Oskar can Niedfermey April 1915 Ethroch major gas attack It is apparent that oil from Iraq needs to flow directly to Allied forces Charles Townsend leads British advance up Tigris river Any male from 1650 in Turkey are being drafted 11112009 Erich von Flakenhayn Jan Smuts Verdun Lij Yasu Douglas Haig Muhammed Abdullah Hassan Somme Ali Dinar Otto Dix Senussi Pa ul von LettowVorbeck 11182009 THvBH s llNew Orientation Auxiliary Service Bill Hindenburg Program Arthur Zimmerman Evelyn Blucher SPD Reichstag Pressure to democratize Germany and the Kaiser Kaiser Wilhiem II a failure as a ruler and figure head Reichstag was elected by universal male suffrage the peoples representatives were useless however as Kaiser appointed his officers Kaiser controlled army Kaiser claimed war Being asked to give their lives for a country they were not represented 1916 slaughter Labor Turnover Hindenburg harsh punishments for workers who changed jobs Zimmerman tried to exploit relations between Mexico and US lZimmerman Telegram January 1917 March 15 h Wilson finally has to acknowledge the war Europe was a boom for the US goods weapons and money 11232009 Dublin Castle Uprising David Llloyd George Douglas Haig Robert Nivelle Chemin des Dame Arras Vimy Ridge Passchendaele Alexei Bruslov Rasputin NocholasAlexandra Alexander Kerensky VI Lenin Bolsheviks BrestLitovsk March 1918 Disillusionaist regime end of tsars regime 11302009 Ca poretto November 1917 Italy Those who have ron has Bread Mussolini Italys war strategy is to climb the mountains and attack from above Miserable conditions Franz Joseph dies Austrians feel leaderless New emperor wants to work for peace Attack at caporetto will be deadly for Italians 700000 men drawn back 70 miles A farewell to arms THE MIDDLE EAST Attack ottomans through Egypt The desert warfare It takes 6 months to move across the desert British are forced to take gaza Thousands of British soldiers die in efforts to cross into turkey General Edmund Allanby A large man with a bad temper bull allanby Lloyd George new british prime minister British want Hussein to join the fight arab revolts Wants arab freedom Britain supplies them with guns and gold Thomas Lawrence twenty eight Prince Faisal will bring tribes together


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