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First Week's Notes, East Asian Art History

by: Irene Hendricks

First Week's Notes, East Asian Art History 265

Marketplace > Kansas > Art > 265 > First Week s Notes East Asian Art History
Irene Hendricks
Introduction to Asian Art
Amy McNair

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About this Document

this includes all about the early styles of Buddhist art
Introduction to Asian Art
Amy McNair
Class Notes
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This 4 page Class Notes was uploaded by Irene Hendricks on Tuesday September 16, 2014. The Class Notes belongs to 265 at Kansas taught by Amy McNair in Fall2014. Since its upload, it has received 130 views. For similar materials see Introduction to Asian Art in Art at Kansas.


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Date Created: 09/16/14
East Asian Art History 265 91614 747 PM Indus Valley Civilization 22001800 BCE foundation to what it becomes indiamodern Pakistan c circa aroundabout bcebefore common era same as bc Review 12345 Mohenjo daro places in pakistan known as the 5 rivers Harappa places in pakistan Prana ife breath Sanskrit the figure looks like it is inhaling full of life Intagio engraved recessed vs relief Ithyphaic erect phaus proto Shiva Hindu god Diety that might come into Shiva Hinduism Aryan invasion speak Sanskrit Sanskrit sound latin Vedas religious songs hymns poems of Vedic People Maurya dynasty 320185 BCE Yaksha and yakshi a guy and girl High priest limestone Indus Valley civilization c 22001800 BCE 1 High Priest found in the Great Bath of Mohenjo Daro Looks vast Limestone figure broken in small places Always identified as high priest Wearing a crown someone of importance Along with arm band Important enough to afford patterned clothing Big eyes Looks like he is meditating not looking at the others Adds a spiritual connotation Expression of his mouth is serious Does not try to be your friend so it seems like he does not care The beard is stylized and very idealized as though it doesn39t create a particular person but rather an ideal people Head is very oval No modulation Dancing girl copper Indus Valley civilization c 22001800 BCE 2 Dancing Girl lost wax technique Comes from Mohenjo Daro Made out of copper Shows sophistication because of the technique used to make it First step is to make a model out of wax Step 2 pack model with moist clay to take impression Step 3 fire the clay wax melts and now you have a mold Then pour molten copper in the mold no clothing could be a prostitute Body is engagedin motion Weight supported on her one leg Extremely young No modulation Nude male torso red sandstone Indus Valley civilization c 22001800 BCE 3 Nude Male Torso Modulation of surface Surface is rising and falling very stuffily and create a realistic appearance Comes from Harappa Has pectoral muscles uncutting the flesh to show the modulation of surface Sense of the flesh of the figure This is the ancient indian ideal of beauty Expressing Prana life breath Symbolic meaning a sign to eat and clothing is a sign of Status So this man shows that he is rich and fertility Square stamp seal with ithyphallic figure soapstone Indus Valley civilization c 22001800 BCE 4 Square stamp seal with ithyphallic figure Across the top is letters and images of animals in the side backgrounds Centerpiece is a seted figure with arms stuck out Masked face with very fancy headdress No pants and is featured the erect phallus Shiva is associated with Bulls These people were invaded by Aryan came from Iran belonged to the Vedic people speakers of the early form of Sanskrit 45 cities or towns 5 rivers people that they conquered as worshipping the phallus Yaksha sandstone Late Maurya period 2nd c BCE 5 Yaksha Maurya Dynasty the male version Worshipped outdoors Yakshayakshi s are not gods but personifications of elements of nature A rivertreesunwindetc representing nature dieties vedic religion 8ft tall Fertility figures gods of wealth Fleshy pronounced gender characteristics Part of the Aryan ethnic group coming from iran East Asian HA 265 91614 747 PM Buddha The Enlightened One Siddhartha Guatama Shakya clan ruled NE India Nepal Shakyamuni Sage of the shadkya can died around 400BCE The conception and Birth if the Buddha Queen Maya s dream of the White elephant Lakshama marks on his body The Four Encounters wake up call Ascetic person pursuing religious goal Samsara endless reincarnation law of karma law of cause and effect Bodhgaya Bodhi enlightenment tree won39t move from his pose of meditation until he has had his enightenment break through Assault of Mara bad guy lord of the deceit and sin Wants to claim sid s spot Earth touching mudra reaches down to her hand and asks her if he can stay on the spot She creates earthquake yes signals everyone must leave him alone Means asking Greater meaning is the last obstacle before the enlightenment Mudra hand gesture The Enlightenment First Sermon of Deer Park teach and preach first time he preached was called Set the Wheel of the Law in motion 9 began to teach the law Buddhism as a teaching begins Wheel of the Law murda Nirvana flame dying out at 80 Followers dressed as monks and tons of trees lying down He is dying choosing to leave and told them to go teach people Divine sight meditated sooo deeply and for so long and saw at the same time of his previous lives Saw all the worlds that have ever been Saw all of time and all of space all at the same moment Reality is an illusion Stop creating desires to get out of suffering Queen Maya s dream of the white elephant materializes and enters into her womb and the dream of conception and after she has this elephant she becomes pregnant White elephant is good fortune Birth of Buddha has a halo and popping out of her side and not the normal birth Fully formed On his body was 32 special marks Sanskrit word is lakshama Marks indicate that he will become a great king or sage Dad was king and surrounded Siddhartha with luxury in palace to keep him from seeing the suffering in the world 4 encounters old man sick man corpse an ascetic a person who dedicates his or her life to a pursuit of contemplative ideals and practices extreme sef mortification putting down the needs of the body9don t eat enough don39t take of yourself for religious reasons Sneaks out at night and sees these suffering people Left home to find the answer to the problem of suffering Wheel of the Law mudra the gesture of teaching pinched thumb and for fingers left palm faced towards the body Then pinched fingers come together 2 stages of Buddhism Early Buddhism initiate Buddha39s meditation to enlightenment and nirvana Later Buddhism believe Buddha still exists as deity to pray to The images of him is the interaction to him That is why we have so many new images of him instead of stopping because he is gone into nirvana


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