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by: Marcella Sawayn

IntroductiontoInfrastructureEngineering CAEE201

Marketplace > Drexel University > Civil and Environmental Engineering > CAEE201 > IntroductiontoInfrastructureEngineering
Marcella Sawayn
GPA 3.75


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This 1 page Class Notes was uploaded by Marcella Sawayn on Wednesday September 23, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to CAEE201 at Drexel University taught by JamesMitchell in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 30 views. For similar materials see /class/212248/caee201-drexel-university in Civil and Environmental Engineering at Drexel University.

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Date Created: 09/23/15
On the site visiting that we did on Friday we visited the new gym built last year It was mentioned that to get the permit of building Drexel had to find a solution for reducing the waste water Like this study there are other studies that a company was to do before building something One of these is investigating the physical properties of the land where is predicted to build The engineering discipline that takes care of these studies is Geotechnical Engineering Christopher Commons mentioned in his discussion that we all have not enough information about geotechnical engineering And that is true So to know more about this aspect of engineering I did some research The most interesting part of the research was to read the different ways that we can investigate a land The investigation consists in the surface and subsurface investigation of the site A subsurface analysis involves insitu testing There are two common examples of this Standard penetration test is used for disturbed samples and consists in a thick walled split spoon sampler Piston samplers consist in a thin wall tube It is used for less disturbed samples There are also other methods such is Sherbrooke block sampler which is more accurate and more expensive The question is what do this tests show us Testing the samples give us information about water content Atterberg limits or grain size High quality sampling may also lead information about us to shear strength stiffness I u I39 I and of hydraulic Reading about this make me wonder which look more about the most accurate method of investigating the land It is very interesting that without these studies you can t build anything at all These are very important for all the structures highways bridges or skyscrapers I was reading Mohd s discussion The rock mechanics part was very interesting and made me look more about that in access science Thank to geotechnical engineering it is possible to define also the strength of the rocks Because of forces rocks deform or fail The critical force exerted to a rock depends on its dimensions This is why engineers use stress as a measure of rock strength Stress is the force exerted per unit area Rock failure will occur after the stress exceeds the strength of rock Another element is strain Strain is the deformation of the rock Rock is very brittle so its strain is very small These measurements lead engineers in deciding which type of foundation to use These articles were not difficult and confusing at all But just some pages to read don t give you all the information related with geotechnical engineering There is much more and also this field of engineering is open to new methods of investigation and a lot of research too John M Kemeny quotRock 39 39 quot in 39 Hill Companies 2008 httpwww 39 rnm p7nrnyv7 lihrarv rlrpypl prlll Holtz R and Kovacs W 1981 An 39 39 to 39 39 39 quot 339 39 3 PrenticeHall Web Wikipedia httpenwikipediaorgwikiGeotechnicalengineering


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