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by: Ottilie Runolfsdottir

IntroductiontoMarketingManagement MKTG301

Marketplace > Drexel University > Marketing > MKTG301 > IntroductiontoMarketingManagement
Ottilie Runolfsdottir
GPA 3.95


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About this Document

Class Notes
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This 7 page Class Notes was uploaded by Ottilie Runolfsdottir on Wednesday September 23, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to MKTG301 at Drexel University taught by MichaelHowley in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 20 views. For similar materials see /class/212257/mktg301-drexel-university in Marketing at Drexel University.


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Date Created: 09/23/15
Fall 2011 MK TG 3 01 39 Introduction to Marketing LeBow COB Drexel University Instructor Michael Howley PAC PhD Of ce 3600 Market St Of ce Phone 2158952091 EMail mikehowleydrexeledu Of ce Hours Immediately after class via phone call or by appointment Course Webpage via WebCT httpvledcollegenet listed as MKTG 301A The purpose of this course is to provide students a broad introduction to the principles and practiceof marketing This course emphasizes achieving organizational objectives with market oriented strategies and using marketing tacticsthat are appropriate for the target segmentsWe will work to develop many important skills desired by employers and necessary for a successful career At the end of this course students should be able to 1 Explain what marketing is and befamiliar with what marketers do 2 Understand basic marketing vocabulary 3 Describe the process by which rms develop marketing strategies including a the variables that in uence this process e g consumer behavior or ethics and b the tactics to implement these strategies eg advertising pricing retailing 4 Explain how speci c business contexts e g international B2B services and new productsservices in uence the marketing processes 5 Appreciate how marketing relates to other business functions This course consists of a twiceweekly lecture twice and a onceweekly recitation The purpose of the recitation is to emphasize the principles introduced in lecture and apply these ideas using the PharmaSim simulation game The recitation class schedule and grade breakdown will be handed out separately in your individual recitation sections Your recitation instructor is responsible for all of the activities within the recitation I am responsible for the lecture component of this course the overall coordination and management of the course and assigning nal grades Required Course Materials 1 MKTGS by Lamb Hair and McDaniel The ISBNs for this text are ISBNl3 9781111 528096 and ISBN10 1111528098 N Each student will also be required to lease the right to use the software for the PharmaSim computer simulation game Please note that you are leasing the right to use the software for a time You are NOT purchasing the PharmaSim book or purchasing the software inde nitely Each student MUST lease the right to use the software to participate in the computer simulation get a passing grade in recitation and pass the class This course requirement does not come from the recitation instructors It s the law Page 1 of7 Fall 20 1 Assessment Your grade will be determined solely on your performance of the activities below I am not able to adjust grades for factors outside of class performance The key factor in the success of any academic activity is time Please be sure you have allocated enough time for this class Missing class significantly erodes grades I do not take attendance in class but you will not be able to do well on the exams unless you are in class Some exam questions can only be answered if you are in class 1 Exams 60 of final grade There will be four exams in this course 7three of the exams will be given during the term and one will be given during nals week The top three scores from the four exams will be counted to the final grade In other words I will drop the lowest exam score 1 Exam 1 7 tentatively scheduled for October 18 2011 This exam will cover all of the material from the text and in class from the beginning of the course including the syllabus 2 Exam 2 7 tentatively scheduled for November 8 2011 This exam will only cover the material since Exam 1 3 Exam 3 7 December 1 2011 This exam will only cover the material since Exam 2 4 Final Exam 7 This is a comprehensive exam ie it will cover all the material from the entire course Thetime will be assigned by the universitybut will be some time during finals week I can warn you that we usually end up on the last day or two of finals week which would make it December 81h or 9m Please make a note of the exam dates in your calendar Make up examinations are only available under extreme and extraordinary circumstances with suf cient advanced notice 48 hrs and documentation of the valid reason for the need of such an exam For the vast majority of cases of missed exams you will receive an exam score ofzero and this will count as your lowest score All material covered during lecture during the class and all material in the textbook is eligible for testingBe especially careful about material that is not in the chapter but I cover in class I will try to help by identifying these points as we go along and including this material in my exam review Remember to bring a Drexel ID to all exams Exam questions will be multiplechoice They will assess your learning on three levels definitional which tests your knowledge of basic terms and facts conceptual which tests your understanding of concepts and principles and application which asks you to apply the principles to new situations Exams are available for review from your recitation instructor for 10 calendar days after the grades are posted on WebCT gradebook Within these 10 days students can review their Fall 2011 exams or appeal their grade Contact your recitation instructor to review the exam and contact me to appeal a question N V Recitation 40The recitation evaluation process will be described in detail in the recitation syllabus It will include assessment instruments such as a quiz peer evaluation since a large part of the recitation is based on a group assignment a quantitative outcome from the computer simulation and a substantial written and oral presentation 3 iWebfolio you do receive a grade for this course unless you upload 2 documents to your iWebfoli0Please note the confusing terminology MyLIFEFolio is the LeBow name for iWebfolio although they both are the same thing You will see both names used ithey both describe the same thing I will try to use the iWebfolio terminology but if you see MyLIFEFolio you know they mean iWebfolio MyLifeFolio is a LeBow College of Business initiative If you don t recall the rationale for the MyLifeFolio you can nd it here httpwwwlebow drexel edn CurrentUnde J vlifefolionhn All students will upload 2 documents into their folio this term Both of these documents are material that is normally generated as part of the PhaImaSim simulation for your recitation Your recitation instructors will provide the details as to which documents should be uploaded You will receive a grade of Incomplete on your transcript it is INC for this course unless the recitation instructor can see both documents in your folio at the end of the term Please upload these documents as early as possible Delayed uploading may mean delay in getting a grade for this course Please note that the recitation instructors have limited experience with tech support for the iWebfolio If you have questions contact Ryan Ciolli at 2158952110 to schedule an appointment or email him at askfoliodrexeledu Grading The parameters for applying letter grades to a numerical score are Grade Grade Grade Grade gt975 A 875899 B 775799 C 60699 D 935974 A 835874 B 735774 C lt60 F 900934 A 800834 B 700734 C The parameters for applying numerical grades to letter grades on assignments are Grade Grade Grade Grade A 100 B 87 C 78 D 30 A 95 B 85 C 75 F 0 A 90 B 80 C 70 Fall 2011 Miscellaneous 1 Students with special physical or learning needs should discuss arrangements with me the rst week of class I am happy to accommodate students learning needs but I can t make retro accommodations You should have a current accommodation veri cation letter AVL before accommodations can be made AVL s are issued by the Of ce of Disability Services ODS For additional information contact ODS at wwwdrexeleduods 3201 Arch St Street Suite 210 Philadelphia PA 19104 2158951401 V or 2158952299 TTY 2 Drexel has a variety of learning resources You can see some of this support at httpwww dreYel J J 39 support 3 Please follow appropriate business conduct at all times Inappropriate behavior is cause for a substantial decrease in nal grade Please treat everyone in the class with dignity and respect Resolve any con icts constructively The ability to resolve con ict is an important business skill 4 In order to protect and maintain a superior learning environment at LeBow College of Business all students must review and adhere to Drexel University s Academic Honesty Policy For details seehttpwww dreYel J J tli quot quot 39 l landbnnk html see Code of Conduct under Judicial Affairs Forms of academic dishonesty include plagiarism fabrication cheating and academic misconduct 5 The grades for this course are managed through the recitation instructors Their gradebooks are the of cial gradebooks of this course not the gradebook on the course page Ifthere is a con ict between the gradebook and the web grades then the gradebook takes priority In other words if a grade is posted in error then we reserve the right to correct the grade posted on the web 6 Ifyou think an exam question is unfair you can appeal the question by emailing me I don t evaluate appeals in front of the classroom Ihave to look at the class performance on the question and it takes some time Please reserve appeals for questions you thought were not fair ie not covered in the material or confusing and not just hard questions you might have missed 7 Bring a Drexel ID to all exams 8 I reserve the right to make changes in the syllabus based on unique circumstances Notice of syllabus changes will be sent to your of cial Drexel email account 9 I send all emails to your of cial Drexel email account Please make sure that you check your email periodically or forward your email to another account Even ifyou are forwarding email you still have to go back into your Drexel email account to clean it up periodically Fall 2011 Appendix 1 T entativeFall 2011 Schedule This schedule is very tentative and designed to provide an overview of the types of topics that we will be covering The upcoming schedule will be reviewed at the beginning of each lecture Week 1 Week 2 Week 3 Week 4 Week 5 Week 6 Week 7 Week 8 Week 9 Week 10 September 20 20 1 1 Syllabus September 22 2011 Overview of MarketingCh 1 September 27 2011CONVOCATION September 29 2011 Strategic Flaming Ch 2 October 4 2011The Marketing EnvironmentCh 3 Guest Speaker October 6 2011Ethics amp Social Responsibility Ch 4 October 11 2011 Consumer Decision Making October 13 2011Decision Support Systems amp Marketing Research October 18 2011Exam 1 October 20 2011 Segmentation Targeting amp Positioning October 25 2011 Product Concepts October 27 2011Services Marketing Ch 12 October 28 2011 Last day to withdraw from the course November 1 2011 Developing New Products amp Services November 3 2011CRM Ch 21 November 8 2011Exam 2 November 10 20111ntegrated Marketing Communications November 15 2011Persona1 Selling Guest Speaker November 17 2011 Advertising amp Publicity November 22 2011 Pricing Concepts November 24 2011 Setting the Right Price Fall 2011 Week 11 November 29 2011 December 1 2011Exam 3 Final Exam Time to be assigned by the college during nals week Probably on December 81h or 9m 2011 This is an estimate Don t make final travel plans for your winter breakuntil you know the date of the nal exam unless you know you are going to drop the nal Appendix 2 FAQs for Intro to Marketing Q1 1 had to miss class today What should I do now Answer You don t need to noti v me I don t take attendance Make sure you discuss the class with other students so you understand whatI covered in class Q2 1 am running late for an exam What should I do Answer Drive very carefully I have had students get into auto accidents rushing to exams I allow students to begin exams late until someone leaves the exam room 7 usually about I5 or 20 minutes after the exam begins Once the first student leaves the room you have missed the exam and you get a grade of zero Remember that you get to drop one exam score Q3 1 completely forgot we had an exam today Can I get you a note or something Answer Don t worry about a note As noted in the Syllabus make up exams are rarely given and only with 48 hour advanced notice Again you get to drop one exam score Q4 1 have to leave campus before the Final Exam My parents booked a ight before the exam schedule was announced Can ltake the exam early Answer No that is not an extraordinary circumstance You should plan to drop the Final Exam score Q5 All of my exams and recitation grades work out to be an 85 but lneed an A for my nancial Aid Isn t there anything you can do Answer I have to be fair about grades I can only grade based on the criteria laid out in the syllabus and available to all students As a result I can t adjust grades based on unique factors such as financial aid status Q6 1 did great on all my exams and l A ced the recitation but I have an INC on my transcript for Intro to Marketing What gives Fall 2011 Answer The most likely reason is that you didn t post your 2 documents to iWebfolio Upload your documents and contact your recitation instructor I will change your transcript as soon as I am notified by your recitation instructor Q7 Will this INC affect my permanent record Answer The INC designation is only temporary and is not re ected on your transcript unless you ignore it After a year it converts to an F Q8 I am not a business major or I am a foreign exchange student and I have never heard of this iWebfolio What do I do now Answer Nothing now Later in the term we will ask you to email your recitation instructor to let them know you don t have a folio and explain why either non business major or foreign student Q9 This week is the Final Exam and my exam scores are not as good as I had hoped Can I go through all my previous exams to see what I missed and check for errors on the grading Answer This is a great exercise and important for learning However since this is only useful for learning immediately after the exam and the recitation instructors get overwhelmed with these requests just before the final we have policy that exams are available for I 0 calendar days after the grades are posted on the online gradebook Q10 I can t get my iWebfolioweb page to work Should I contact you or my recitation instructor Answer Neither Please check the iWebfolioinstructions posted on the course web page If that doesn t work please contact Ryan Ciolli at 215 895 2 0 to schedule an appointment or email him at as oliodrexeledu Q11 I want to be sure I don t have any problems with this iWebfoliostuff Can I contact my recitation instructor to have them precheck my page so I can be sure I won t have problems Answer Please don t The recitation instructors are overwhelmed at the end of the term and they have enough to do managing the grading administration for this class If you would like to double check Log off and then log on to the web page If you can see your documents posted then your recitation instructor will be able to see them assuming you gave permission Even if there is a problem it takes a couple of days to resolve an incomplete


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