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by: Ebba Kessler Jr.

IntroductiontoFinance FIN301

Marketplace > Drexel University > Finance > FIN301 > IntroductiontoFinance
Ebba Kessler Jr.
GPA 3.75


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About this Document

Class Notes
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This 3 page Class Notes was uploaded by Ebba Kessler Jr. on Wednesday September 23, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to FIN301 at Drexel University taught by EliezerFich in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 44 views. For similar materials see /class/212264/fin301-drexel-university in Finance at Drexel University.


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Date Created: 09/23/15
l I 39z z Eliezer M Fich Email e chdrexeledu Academic Building 7 214A Telephone 215 8952304 Of ce Hours Mondays 1030 am to 1200 11 7 Always available by email Online Virtual Of ce Hours Tuesdays 1030am to 12n This course addresses the basic theory and practice of financial management The course has the following principal objectives 0 To provide a good foundation in basic concepts of nance including the time value of money valuation portfolio theory asset pricing and the riskreturn tradeoff To develop skills in nancial analysis and 0 To develop perspective and judgment in business decisions and an appreciation for planning and decision making in a complex world Despite the size of the class I know if you are absent Please email me if you are going to miss class Missing class is often correlated with poor performance in the tests and in the class Try not to miss class I really want you to learn a lot and to do well in the class For many of you this will be your rst exposure to nance Some of you perhaps through the Drexel coop program might have some experience in the nancial industry I view the interaction among the class and experiences from any prior employment to be an important part of the learning process Class attendance and participation are richly rewarded However due to the short schedule of this course students should avoid lengthy discussions and matters that may slow the pace of the class High quality vs high quantity class participation is suggested In addition everyone is strongly encouraged to contact the instructor andor teaching assistants TAs outside class to further clarify issues or to ask questions about the material covered Along with the material lectured in class advanced class preparation is probably the most important part of your learning experience Students should review the chapters and try the problems that pertain to the material to be covered in the following lecture In the past students who have tried the practice problems before the lecture tend to earn higher grades in this class Ross Wester eld amp Jordan Fundamentals of Corporate Finance alternate edition 939h Edition 2010 RWJ With the connect plus card For registration see last page ofthis syllabus Fich Eliezer Financial Management Class Notes 7 Available at the Bookstore as a coursepack You must bring these notes to every class 0 AFinancialBusiness Calculator is required Students often ask whether a specific nancial calculator brand or model is recommended for the class It is not In recent years several students have purchased the TI BA II Plus while others have opted for the HP 12C or the HP l7C II Nonetheless different makemodels are available in fact several are priced below 2500 The minimum requirements for the nancial calculator are IRR NPV and cash ow register capabilities Grades will be assigned with the following weights 0 Class Attendance amp Participation 10 0 Term Exams 20 or 40 0 Final Exam 50 or 70 You have a choice of having the Term Exams and the final carry a weight of 20 and 70 respectively or have the quizzes with 40 weight and a final with 50 weight You do not need to inform me which weights you prefer Each student s grade will be computed using both weighting schemes and the most favorable scheme will be used for each student Because of this generous grading scheme NO MAKEUP EXAMS WILL BE SCHEDULED UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES N In addition to my office hours Tu Nguyen one of our fine doctoral students in Finance will hold office hours in order to further help students with questions and problems The TA s office hour schedule and his contact information are as follows Of ce hour Location Academic Building Room 216 PhD Room TA I Of ce Hours I E mail I Telephone I Tu Nguyen Tuesdays and Thursdays tudrexeledu 215 895 1279 100pm 7 230pm This section contains suggested problems for practice Solutions for each problem are available online Therefore make sure you register following the 39 quot see last page of this svllabus You should try to solve the problems before looking at the solutions I also encourage group study or study teams to tackle the problems Most of the chapters in RWJ also have a selftest with answers Make sure you do these tests You do not have to turn in solutions ofthe suggested problems CH2CH3 212221 CH7 719 36 326 731 CH5CH6 517 520 CH8 89 634 651 820 CH9 917921 CH12 Section 1217125 127 1213 CH10 pg 321323 1016 CH13 Skip Section 133134 1310 1025 1328 CH 11 Sensitivity Scenario and BE 1171110 CH13Section 133 134 Pg 409 analysis 24 13 412 CH 24 7 Section 246 pg 779784 CH12 Section 126 Topic RWJ Chapter Date 0 Accounting Review CH2CH3 Self Review 1 DCFTVM CH5 CH6 923 2 NPV Investment Rules CH9 930 3 Exam No 1 Covers DCFTVM NPV Investment Rules 107 4 Capital Budgeting CHlO pg 32l323 1014 Investments of unequal lives 5 Project Analysis and Capital Budgeting CH 11 Sensitivity Scenario and BE 1021 analysis CH 24 7 Section 246 pg 779784 6 Bonds CH7 1028 Stock CH8 7 Exam No2 Covers Cap Budgeting Unequal lives Project Anal Stocks amp Bonds ll4 8 Risk amp Return CH12 Section 1217125 1111 9 CAPMPottfolios CHl3 Skip Section 133134 ll18 10 APTAnnouncements Surprises and CHl3Section 133 134 122 Expected Returns Pg 409412 Ef mm Markets CH12 Section 126 Final Exam Cumulative TBA


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