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by: Ebba Kessler Jr.

IntermediateCorporateFinance FIN302

Marketplace > Drexel University > Finance > FIN302 > IntermediateCorporateFinance
Ebba Kessler Jr.
GPA 3.75


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About this Document

Class Notes
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This 5 page Class Notes was uploaded by Ebba Kessler Jr. on Wednesday September 23, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to FIN302 at Drexel University taught by ErikBenrud in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 19 views. For similar materials see /class/212267/fin302-drexel-university in Finance at Drexel University.


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Date Created: 09/23/15
Walt Disney Co DIS Date 1252001 12112002 12102003 1282004 1282005 12132006 1252007 12112008 12102009 1292010 Closing Price 1292010 Est growth Dividend Forcast Price KDPG Dividends 021 021 021 024 027 031 035 035 035 04 3674 8 0432 3674 91758301578660900 0 0 0142857 0125 0148148 0129032 0 0 0142857 0076433 8 Replace the x39s below with formulas The formulas should yield the values found on worksheet B C F measures Initial Cash Outlay Cost of depreciable assets Setup and delivery costs Required inc in current assets Increase in current liabilities Operating Cash Flows Projected Revenue year one Variable Cost revenue Depr Class Life 3 or 5 years Other xed cost Disposal Cash Flow Sale Depreciable Assets Recovery Working Capital Incemental CF Determination Initial Cash Outlay Disposal Cash Flow Operating CF Schedule Below Year Revenue Variable cost Depreciation Other xed cost Year Cash ow stream Five year horizon 0 10200000 8000000 1000000 2000000 800000 18000000 6000 5 4000000 50000 10000 10200000 1437360 1 18000000 10800000 1800000 4000000 1400000 560000 840000 1800000 2640000 1 2640000 Cost of Capital Inqu Tax Rate 4000 Cost of K 2 18540000 11124000 2880000 4000000 536000 214400 321600 2880000 3201600 2 3201600 3 and 5 Year MACRS Depreciation Schedule Abbreviated Class 5 year 1 02 2 3 032 0192 Project Evaluation Report Cash ow stream Year 0 Amount 10200000 IRR 1545 Present value of cash ows Year 0 Amount 10200000 Net present value 4 01152 1 2640000 1 2295652 115288 accept 01152 2 3201600 2 2420 870 t DiVG1 thRt 300 1500 3 19096200 11457720 1728000 4000000 1910480 764192 1146288 1728000 2874288 3 2874288 4 19669086 11801452 1036800 4000000 2830834 1132334 1698501 1036800 2735301 4 2735301 5 20259159 12155495 1036800 4000000 3066863 1226745 1840118 1036800 2876918 5 4314278 Leftover 00576 3 2874288 3 1889891 4 2735301 4 1563917 5 4314278 5 2144959


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