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by: May Smith DDS


May Smith DDS
GPA 3.57


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About this Document

Class Notes
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This 29 page Class Notes was uploaded by May Smith DDS on Wednesday September 23, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to ARCH153 at Drexel University taught by Karwoski-Magee in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 47 views. For similar materials see /class/212350/arch153-drexel-university in Architecture at Drexel University.

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Date Created: 09/23/15
Nonparametric Geometry 3E Converting a Spline to a Mesh i i quotW quot 39VMIEAQIEITLI a mans Right click on your spline shape and find Convert To and Convert to Editable Mesh A mesh is a type of geometric model of a threedimensional object in which the basic shape is made up of points or vertices connected by edges The renderable surface of the mesh object is made up of faces or polygons that connect the vertices and edges Manipulating Vertices of a Mesh Wall T l P maijii i39l i r W Under the modify tab unroll the Selection Group and click the Vertices button Drag your mouse to alter the mesh Right click and use the Transform tools to further manipulate it m I l gtfquotDE Smoothing a Mesh S leekiu I lt7 4 I I 39 Under the modify tab unroll l By v39ertex the Selection Group and click F 399nt gadget on the element button the I note isibeE es PljnarThreshJ L r gs z r cube I Show Normals Now unroll the Surface 397 Deletjglil zmces I39M 3 Properties Group and adjust Hide Unhideml your Smoothing Groups Named Selections Copy Paste El Faces Selected i i i I 39H Nu 39 n 1 39IN I a quot n m zl r mm umnnqaine Smoothing a Portion of a Mesh 39 Change the method of selection under the Selection Group to polygon by clicking the button With the square 39 Select the sides you want to smooth or unsmooth and adjust the sides surface properties Attaching an Object to a Mesh mm Innu dun Hm I l ar hl 3 iliul l liv 33 Idl a y Select a mesh Click the Attach button located in the Edit Geometry Group Use the Select Objects button located at the top of the screen to pick the objects you Wish to attach CLONING OBJECTS S h gr cloning objects distinct copies After creating an object lic t S I It and Move While holding down the L San key drag the object cloning objects distinct copies cont This diaiog box ietsyou controi the number and pe ofcopies you39re making as The con OPTION creates a distinct copy of the originai obiect Once created these objects are indegendent of one another instance clones 8L reference clones lnnancesand re4erenaes are rhpre thahju39at dunes uf ubjec ts they share rhpdr ers ap the ahahgeaypu make tp phe dune atteat 3 the pther dunes nah zed the particu ar parameters of the abjecis repeated rh mum39p e um uns rather thah detrhrhg the parameters ufeach b Tden m p Jeri instance clones amp reference clones cont 7 7 7 J EV h 39 hmm 9quot w dwell f 1HVF iI4MHEP Evhi ll in I o I a i I 7O h i I 39 7 t7dg Vi I gqa u rq imu r ghr LM39FICsQ E iig Jinn V En hlili lquot L l39 inl i The REFERENCE CLONE can share some parameters and also include parameters that are independent of other instances scaling and rotating objects Seiect the objects to rotate Click the SELECT amp RUTATE tooi Cii39ck the different coiored axis to rotate about a speci c axi39s Cii39ck the USE PIVOT POINT CENTER tooi to rotate about a speci c poi39ht scaling and rotating objects taunt Click the SELECT amp UNIFORM SCAlE tool Clickand dragthe center ofthetriangle and the objects will scale in unison with the others each about its own pivot point Clickthe side ofthe triangle and the objects will scale about that pivot point making a clone unique 1 Vou can turn a done other done Seect the object thatyou want to make unique Click tne MAKE UNIQUE button Tne object as now an Independent object tnat Is not connected to the other domes lmgrmgxa W cloning a modifier At times you may want to clone just one modifier instead of an entire object This allows you to have an object maintain a degree of uniqueness and still have at least one modifier cloned so that it acts on a set of objects First select the object and then click on the MODIFY TAB Right click on the modifier in the modifier stack and select COPY PASTE the instance into the other modifier Notice that the new instanced modifier is italicized to show that it is an instanced modifier This modifier will affect any cloned objects creating an array of objects using cloning pm Perspective Viewing Tools Becky Joyce PANNING AND ZOOMING m 397 CLICK THE PAN ICON To MOVE AROUND THE VIENPORT WVINOZIHOH SI iNIVHiSNOD 3H1 39iSHId iV AWWVINOZIHOH SVHG OOA dI 11VDIIHHA 38 Oi GHNIVHISNOD SI 11880 HO NVd 3H1 39iSHId 1V AWWVDIIHHA SVHG OOA d1 0 3S OOA SIXV iSHId 3H1 Oi GHNIVHISNOD SI NVd 3H1 0 NVd OOA SV ABM ldIHS 3H1 NMOG GWOH ISIXV 319NIS V Oi SNINNVd NIVHISNOD Oi 39NVd OOA SV ABM 1813 3H1 NMOG GWOH lSNINNVd HIVHHWHDDV Oi SAEgt MOHHV EIHJ asn HO 39EIAON OL LNVM OOA NOIIDEIHIG EHL NI LHOdMEIIA EHL NI BVHG NOIInH asnow HWGGIN 3H1 ssaad MHIA NVd x3113 d1313 ssaad BNINOOZ qu BNINNVd mgtzszm gtzu Nooszm N00 31on PANNING AND ZOOMING CLICK ZOOM ICON THE BUTTON HIGHLIGHTS WHEN IT IS ON DRAG IN A VIEWPORT TO CHANGE MAGNIFICATION o DRAG UPWARD TO INCREASE MAGNIFICATION o DRAG DOWNWARD TO DECREASE MAGNIFICATION TO EXIT ZOOM MODE PRESS Esc OR RIGHTCLICK IN A VIEWPORT TO INCREASE ZOOM SPEED HOLD DOWN CTRL AS YOU DRAG IN A VIEWPORT TO DECREASE ZOOM SPEED HOLD DOWN ALT AS YOU DRAG IN A VIEWPORT TO TURN ON AN AUTOMATIC ZOOM MODE ON THE KEYBOARD HOLD DOWN CTRLALT THEN HOLD DOWN THE MIDDLE MOUSE BUTTON AND DRAG IN A VIEWPORT THIS DOES NOT ACTIVATE THE ZOOM BUTTON TO ZOOM FROM THE KEYBOARD ON THE KEYBOARD PRESS LEFT BRACKET TO ZOOM IN AND RIGHT BRACKET TO ZOOM OUT NOIiDHWHS iNHHH D 3Hi HO SiOHPHO 11V d0 SiNHiXH 3Hi Oi SiHOdMHIA 11V NOOZ SNOiinH GHLDHWHS 11V SiNHiX NOOZ HNHDS 1 3Hi NI SiDHPHO GHLDHWHS HO HWHISIA 11V d0 SiNHiXH 3Hi Oi iHOdMHIA HAILDV J 3Hi NOOZ SNOiinH GHiDHWHS SiNHiX NOOZ SMHIA VHHNVDNON 11V SHBNVHD AWSHOHNVLWHNIS 11V NOOZ HWIHM 39MHIA HAILDV 3Hi AWNO SHBNVHD NOOZ fang BNINOOZ CINV BNINNVd PANNING AND ZOOMING IF A PERSPECTIVE VIEW IS ACTIVE YOU CAN ALSO CLICK FIELD OF VIEW FOV THE EFFECT OF CHANGING FOV IS SIMILAR TO CHANGING THE LENS ON A CAMERA AS FOV GETS LARGER YOU SEE MORE OF YOUR SCENE AND PERSPECTIVE BECOMES DISTORTED SIMILAR TO USING A MIDEANGLE LENS AS FOV GETS SMALLER YOU SEE LESS OF YOUR SCENE AND THE PERSPECTIVE FLATTENS SIMILAR TO USING A TELEPHOTO LENS mgtzszm gtzu Nooszm PANNING AND ZOOMING SAVING VIEWS mwolar n n m m n v IrFWI nTJ r ma M ref 3 J I rw 1 SAVING VIEWS MULTIPLE VIEWPORTS MULTIPLE VIEWPORTS SELECT LAVOUT TAB SELECT RREEERRED CONFIGURATION T 4mm


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