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by: May Smith DDS


May Smith DDS
GPA 3.57


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About this Document

Class Notes
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This 55 page Class Notes was uploaded by May Smith DDS on Wednesday September 23, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to ARCH153 at Drexel University taught by Staff in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 37 views. For similar materials see /class/212352/arch153-drexel-university in Architecture at Drexel University.

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Date Created: 09/23/15
Materials Assigning Materials to Objects 559 W FW PWEP H 7 Scum Help DewMacc1343l IE1 E 10A wigs a c lm v When you want to assign a material to an object just click on the object and click the circled quotmaterials buttonquot or hit quotmquot and it will open the materials editor on the right When you create a material it will show itself on one ofthe spheres in the top of the materials window When you want to apply that material you can drag it from the window on to the object in the View Materials Using Bitmaps Under the quotShader Basic Paramatersquot tab make sure that quotBlinnquot is selected from the pulldown menu l o ii egaxwi Make sure that you selected one of the work quot spheres and that it is highlighted with a white border rmw E A BMW l It s good to name every material you make in the first pulldown SuchLud Frquot ill Gm I39mi fl NWT El 355 II I 13 r Harem IlT39lit39L a 51mm Materials Using Bitmaps Material mm a Bambi 7 4quot 3 7 7 g 7 iii 7 7 EEW Q r gt 39 IBM lmwmm Fuel Imus In the Blinn Basic Parameters rollout click the gray button immediately to the right of the Diffuse color swatch This button assigns a map rather than a plain color to the Diffuse component of the material A MIIEdm 39Em i l 4 IBM r W FM r 5 lFlaanu a Q in I39afsecaixw lquotM0l llT t i Raina5A v 5mm m humm mm Ll rm Famed l 139 39Pm MRI 1 F551 Mum 39P W lquot Fatalho Funded Hy4m l Fleaecrjndmu I lHGSIMuIdy W regard g J The MaterialMap Browser should 1231quot If um l 15ml 39mm MirW2 I Open 33 39lewdam smwu m TL swim5 l Select Bitmap th Mr 1 Wm El Materials Adding Map Paths to Help Viz Find Bitmaps VIZ references many asset files such as images used in materials bitmaps photometric files amongst others Viz needs to know where files are kept and if needed you must configure the file paths for these assets You can also tell VIZ to start looking in certain folders for AutoCAD drawings and scene files etc Customize gt Configure System Paths or Configure User Pathsgt than my a ch e x a we 039 with 395 24 MM 39 w m l in 139 25 r39 min r um l I r r gt Musg i TruFF to f sapI V innarm sun1W 1009le Flquot l r l tau 1171 Materials Adding Map Paths to Help Viz Find Bitmaps Under Configure User Paths under the File lO tab select materials and click quotmodifyquot Adding Map Paths to Help Viz Find Bitmaps After clicking on quotmodifyquot the Choose Directory for Materials window opens Ideally you would select a bitmap from a folder like this one quotmateriallibrariesquot and click on User Path Then click add on the Configure User Paths window and you should have a map path for Viz to use to find your Bitmap Materials 73 9 7939 mid i 39 l A a a uh LIZS39 Luwquot mi 25 I I M quotrm 1 9 39 ll ur u an In EH r 1 l m J amr mm 7 nuVWH r if 7 7 hunky r pr hawW Material Libraries On the Material Library hit the material tab and select get material or hit quotgquot The MaterialMap Browser window opens and you can work while it s open and drag from the window onto a work sphere Also there are material templates in the Material Editor in pulldown menu under Templates Materials Iquot N 4 Q L u l mum guaniwa 39139 1 EM m aim ham tinyuni Ilth v hl 3 5 l39mt u m l mm my Olamum r k gunman 2 n I Wm r junta 3 3quotquot one quot39 9 I39mmug aw r imn i 1quot 7 7 b ydrl L dim1a 4 Quantum HM JanIv 39 l Bra y 39lnillcwdl39E h 39 WWI LE4 CdHII nriJu V m Draaalurm i u l Imam lid11d 1 line If mum quot may mh39b39llIu p Idtn lwn 39u In animal Uri4 Pun5M wsxhuiu QFsrur Hgi 39 4 I Hangman l R JEW o nnrm L 4 mun m v w 39lllEin397nr Aquot 915 a l 4 4 r u I m j 1r in Us Ln I um mi a an m Ma as r 5 U rr quotIquot As a mu eriv 51 Irena lll quotr my mum Materials Material Map Coordinates and The UVW Map Modifier To apply map coordinates and Simquot use the UVW Map Modifier you need to click on Modifiers on the main toolbar and click UV Coordinates gt UVW Map Make sure that you have an object selected first I u J I In llal r mugs L d munem quot 5 lquot man i 11 mi m f n gnI l IT r l T Materials dieselsr Material Map Coordinates and The UVW Map Modifier t By applying mapping coordinates to ilTll a a an object the UVW Map modifier controls how mapped and run procedural materials appear on the surface of an object Mapping 15 coordinates specify how bitmaps 39 are projected onto an object WWW rm l quotWITH arm Fm li lelmV F l r Ilium r gala Ht Materials Material Map Coordinates M 39 I 5 7 7quot 39 I a gg I Viur39A L 3 39 Modifier 3 r 3 5 L Y 1 Under the MaterialsMap M 3 Browser you can select any bitmap file for use as a map on your object quotquotIu A v rm Materials a Material Map Coordinates and The UVW Map Modifier 5 Teue quot39 um Huang tl39IDI Y rr 7 39 i N DEW r z A lquot U H iW D d5 i In the Map E canquot t r Mml l u j U7TI39I EFL r F Ll ll39 MOdlflerI you can Rotate Mapping Coordinates Fm 3 1 it 3 WW change the way that quot m M J Eu I 1 u i an lm 55 L Hmquot UEHEJ w ling Pam4n V the bitmap is wrapped around your object by 39 39 U quotV 1 HE 39 39 messmg With the quotPM me trwww Hm WMWEN coordinates and I m Mm FEW rotating the mapping T L39Km r a v I v RITE F coordinates WWW r quot 39 i Mum1m 1 i 1 Adanam 7 neunmumm an 14m j 553 i i Mmlcwl Modifying Splines Sherman LCM 39ping Surface Normals 39rs r do 0 quick render to see which surfaces 39 to be flipped ow you can see the dark grey areas need to be Close The quick rendering and click The objectlayer o needs flipping in The viewpor r In this case if is globe objectquot Then click the modify panel ress the down arrow on the modifier list and gt se the quotnormalquot modifier Now check Unify Normalsquot and uncheck Flip rmalsquot The surface normals should be flipped if o a quick render oo rhing Spline Corners Firs r creole a normal spline with c corner and then ed it Click the modify panel and then The Next select the vertex corner you want To smoo rh 39 r on the viewpor r and right click to bring up lis r C rions Selec r quotSmoothquot as shown the spline corner should be smooth jus ring Tangen r Handles Firs r select all the ver ricescorners that you won r quot gen r by holding control as you click them as ns rro red from the previous lesson en right click in the viewpor r and select Bezier en adjust the tangent handles that are shown to oy you desire it Creating Thickness with a Create a spline and select rhe spline Then click on The modify panel and under Rendering make sure able in Renderingquot and Enable in Viewpor rquot are ed Then Type in a value in quotThicknessquot to create Start off with a spline Then follow the previous lesson to ive The line Thickness but instead of having quotradialquot red selec r rectangular and adjust The settings dding Doors and Windows With a basic wall created using The AEC Extended 39 rion Click on the down arrow and click Then choose a window type and click To define the art width and a second Time for The end wid rh Then clicks are for depth and height Reped r The same s Changing The Parameters of rs and Windows Click the modify panel and adjust the width depth eight and other various parameters Note the ow does not appear complete finish with Is tutorial 2 gm ew Hger lta I D Em Saw a Autodesk39 shw nir 1 C dnmlmd d39rmmy R vi Aunmm 2m 1 m mummy 5 E unar quotla Farm E etaHCu ntreMs 20qu Dnnr mum E E nngen max mms 39 t JQNWJFMIHES Twws E e reams mamal Exdmev 54 Jr Na ENNQE W Ev Vechanca Eupmen 1mm lmmmra mre E 313195 Archiiecture 2009 w Hm Ewbni39ks Ian e p N a m o ungmmd Ev LmstHuihres demntaFmbackH Ea MWH IMHMRW wnlmd dx radn 4 SEA V Dcmnns DLnanVaHPzne s E De39amn39nanens ms Dam nwmnrgm Enemammrs husum v quot i 391 o ungmmd Ev LmstHuihres demntaFmbackH Ea MWH IMHMRW A Dcwx nadx U 39 l39 R vwl Alrh lemlre 2069 my 1 msmm om h m M E Wm E W mm EFzmHas E Awramns m EaUstes 4 SEMW Dcmnns DLnanVaHPzne s E De39amn39nanens E 5 quot Mmmwnnauamz I Demcp gmw man mmargm ms 1 Enema mars v Michma Ecmzmsm Mam E E annnwuves E Frames mm m mam Em m Mnczhwg szmrg ma Tm 5 5 mm W Min x wwa w Muws m M 4an H u MLr EF W MU 99 W xquot EW ai5vh Wm WOW W DVEW 39 E H mm 59mm q Fem may 34 ijam A T MM 4 3 mm H s V Fan ypu Hi M 39 mm mm m Csh39g Mam k antha E 337 9 WW 33gt Hm v msEEvaL Ummm mm mm H mm TM Ulsrzasw Mmem J W as quot m m w mmmm H 1mm 9 mom a Harms I D a M Hand W m w me M m m rm 31mm 7 El Mm iscmmm Mummyquot 9 mu m m Ems Em m Mammy My Syta w Siting wmw gtsz WHEN D 35mg 13 K uif IQ 12 k9 wan W MW grm mm mm D warm emu MemSeammm q an aw 5ij w 9 mum 1mg 4an I m 3710er Eamm Hag u Ww v El Fm may Glijmbm mm 1 a mama granuy39rypu H 39 Hmmum m MnLdLma El Mm m WM Upawmg 13gt mm H svamscsvau Uuaemm Wm mi H1 PugM m9z am Manm r 5 Wm m MW m Awwrathvmn 1 Jam 3 mm H Hm 1 L Handwsm h quoth M Wu Mum E m m h m uE i m 7 mm andme swarm a mu m 1 4 7w w 12 ssaauww w Aymsz 41101119 1 u 3 317m 1quot 33 E M Mmmg szmrg ma vmaw vnm D HE warr an 5 535 U J I NE K Uim H mm w u l m Jmmhm am str v Q L Macr y g Fan yTypu H 39 W w gumcm m Cexngwa k anthas E39 337 H M H mm Q Upawmg 13gt L H m vamiEEvau k Mam m Wm M m E mm msrmmm MMmm My Wm NW w Ammvmm Jam 34 mom a Hawk Hm Ham 7 7 Wu th E m 7m n 3 Gnu 7 mm scmmm Swarm a mu m m Farm nth Glijmbmg V ew aquot imwsHUvglmu Lira w v m cummmm pm mm W39W hs gymngm Wm AW 8 n mm ne anems mmewmzamg w mm iitmra mm mmva Tsupmr lxmenmns mxycmgmym mm m mism 751a Lad H mu D nquot E M u lt Hane i J Mama Nauznak rmw InwamyM Ktim Wm M wlal tgw H V WE mam L de M u amy m Hr u x m a Matersmass an 7 e nanH SWL Fa Dahuh H 1 almm M Calms Bafamlugmsw39m v Iwadams 5 3W5 5 u Fan W h 39 Mumaw PA 751 D1T39ME W5VE 39vansLBVEYV U39r39u L DDT FYENEWUIWH H aquot Barman nu Ex D3 F M D 334 mer m Mund nt Maw Phaynrbzm m Mn quotESEEN warm H D135 PRESE39TENJJ aH 7 7 37191 H m m m u PM 3 m 9 Emma 7 sahcam 0mm f aac moPm an an 3 EB W am W 4 m r 1 2 Egl uk h F r mam Mm Jr w x 1mg 7 an 3mg with Mam v v Mi quot7 r 3315 rmw Imammg mrmwm Q quot5quot quotR 1 5quot WW 2 2 Mattrsmas am v Smquot E rim r VPS FE m3 DEW Eda M 2 Wm m WWW Dafamwgmswv BMW H Iwadams E39 News mm y w m MumM a 14m We PM nu szmwMulmn 39 M H Eggquot mum 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