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by: Jada Daniel

DynamicSystemsLaboratoryI MEM351

Marketplace > Drexel University > Mechanical Engineering > MEM351 > DynamicSystemsLaboratoryI
Jada Daniel
GPA 3.65


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About this Document

Class Notes
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This 3 page Class Notes was uploaded by Jada Daniel on Wednesday September 23, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to MEM351 at Drexel University taught by Staff in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 52 views. For similar materials see /class/212405/mem351-drexel-university in Mechanical Engineering at Drexel University.

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Date Created: 09/23/15
MEM 351 Dynamic Systems Laboratory COURSE OUTLINE Instructor Paul Oh AEL 172E Email pyo22drexeledu Phone 2158956396 Bill Green Bossone 109 Email weg22drexeledu Phone 2158956176 TAs Keith Sevcik AEL 279 Email kws23drexeledu Phone 2158956125 James Hing AEL 279 Email 39th23drexeledu Lecture Matheson 408 Tuesday 1400 1450 Lab Section 1 UG Lab Wednesday 0900 1150 Lab Section 2 UG Lab Wednesday 1200 1450 Lab Section 3 UG Lab Friday 1400 1650 Course Web Page wwwpagesdrexeledulweg22lmem351lmem351Winter2007htm Recommended References 1 LabVlEW 7 Express Student Edition by Robert Bishop comes with CDROM Objectives Covers advanced experimental methods in mechanical engineering in the areas of dynamic systems and control Includes experiments on sensors actuators microcomputer data acquisition and control and the analysis and design of feedback control systems Such experiments are designed to develop technical skills in conducting experiments and analyzing data to produce several distinct outcomes required by the accrediting body Criteria 3 ak to contribute to the ME M educational objectives and to satisfy professional components specified by ASME Grade Breakdown A 85 100 8 75 84 C 65 74 D 55 64 F Less than 55 Core Technical Skills Provide a handson experience with An understanding of transducers opamps sensors actuators and computeraided nd filters and how they integrate towards data acquisition cquiring experimental data and designing ontrol systems Relate measurements made with An understanding of basic electronic circuits sophisticated equipment to those made ata acquisition and signal conditioning ith basic kinds of measurement techniques groups and the organizational technical analysis and evaluation engineering Develop the ability to work together in An increased skilllevel in general and experimental methods data analysis and leadership skills required to perform a effective reportwriting ABET Relation to Program Objective 0 No content 1 some content 2 significant content jective Evidencequot Ob 1 To deliver a comprehensive mechanical engineering curriculum which emphasizes both the foundations and breadth ofthe mechanical engineering profession Conten 2 Advanced laboratory experience in control Laboratory reports examinations 2 To provide an education that equips students with the tools necessary to become successful mechanical engineers based on their Coop experience strong communication skills and awareness for the need of continuous professional development Students are exposed on modern measurement tools simulation software and report writing Class discussions laboratory reports class handouts 3 To provide an education that will allow mechanical engineering students to understand the social economic environmental political and ethical importance oftheir future profession Accurate measurement techniques are essential in the functioning and monitoring of engineering systems in automobiles power plants and other vital areas of the economy Guest lecturers discuss relevance of controller design towards engineering systems that solve social environmental and ethical problems 4 To provide mechanical engineering students with a thorough understanding of impact of mechanical engineers and the mechanical engineering profession in the development implementation and creation of future technology Development and innovation of diagnostic and measurement tools will be part ofthe future technology Guest lecturers discuss relevance of controller design towards engineering systems that solve social environmental and ethical problems Relation to ABET Criteria 3 Outcomes 0 No content 1 some content 2 significant content Criteria a k Content quot 39 quot Evidence a An ability to apply 2 Relevant physics equations lnclass lectures lab knowledge of of motion state s ace exercises and homework mathematics science realizations and control and a39 39 a techniques are derived b An ability to design 2 Students write software and Lab exercises and conduct interface hardware to acquire experiments as well as and process experimental to analyzed and interpret data They are also required 2 data to analyze and interpret the experimental data in the re 0 c An ability to design a system component or process to meet desired needs Controllers are both simulated and implemented experimentally Lab Exercises d An ability to function on multidisciplinary teams Three or four students work as a team to use their knowledge in electronics and computers to achieve the objective of each experiment in this course Lab Exercises e An ability to identify formulate and solve engineering problems The students are required to formulate and solve the control problem based on theory and to verify their experimental results with expected theoretical results Lab exercises and homework f An understanding of professional and ethical This is emphasized as part of the design engineer s overall responsibility Guest Lecturers 9 An ability to communicate effectively Oral and written presentations of the experimental procedure and results are required Lab reports and final report h The broad education necessary to understand the impact of engineering solutions in a global or societal context The impact of engineering design on the environment pollution greenhouse effect etc and society are covered Handout notes and Guest Lecturers i A recognition of the need for and an ability to engage in lifelong learning Improvements in control come from innovations and advanced technology Need for lifelong learning is recognized Handout notes and Guest Lecturers j A knowledge of contemporary issues Design of control systems is related to contemporary issues Handout notes and Guest Lecturers k An ability to use the techniques skills and modern engineering tools necessary for a39 39 a practice Students use modern engineering instrumentation and software Lab exercises Contribution to Professional Component MEM 351 builds upon and provides handson laboratory reinforcement ofthe principles learned in TDEC and in the fundamental mechanical engineering courses It therefore helps integrate analytical experimental and numerical engineering technique to solve real engineering problems MEM 351 contributes toward the 1 2 year of engineering topics appropriate to developing the ability to work in the controls and dynamic systems area


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