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by: Vito Kilback

SoftwareDesign CS350

Vito Kilback
GPA 3.88


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About this Document

Class Notes
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This 14 page Class Notes was uploaded by Vito Kilback on Wednesday September 23, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to CS350 at Drexel University taught by JeffSalvage in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 42 views. For similar materials see /class/212443/cs350-drexel-university in ComputerScienence at Drexel University.

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Date Created: 09/23/15
39 350 Software Design the CAD Problem with Patterns Ch L e System y y Expen E The Geometry Extractor 0 Software Design e CAD Problem with Patterns Ch amerrs by context ueanon w mend expand desw 350 Software Design e CAD Problem with Patterns Ch t n the CADCAM 35519 3 350 Software Design the CAD Problem with Patterns megatterns by context creates the context for the f ers is Adapter Bridge h Facade 0 Sofmare Design e CAD Problem with Patterns Ch abw5 tot dwfferent mmementatwors to be used bv set re ated rete Masses of the abstractwon m the pattern mph es an esttmg svstem Afor a usmg dass B 0 Sofmare Design e CAD Problem with Patterns Ch w r r the Abstract Factorv mm ater as rt creates thrngs Lh ess we have r Daftems We can usuaHv do H39NS h r ped desrgns we never reaHv worrred about rnstantratron I aways sad we rtu rn somethrng that somethrng became the Abstract Factory Thrs use r is a wavs good to rmmrmze the z of thrngs m our head mrrng eft to conswder are 7 Adapter 7 Badge Brrdge r Facade Facade e Adapter 0 Software Design h bl h P W 39 eCAD Pro em wit atterns C awe use the a at tt tE tntertace mvertedto one th e t e the Adapter to modtfv the OOGFeatue attonehtp between the Brtdge and the Adapter id Drovtde a cmtext tor the Adapter o the Adapter pmtoe a context to 99739 me my be Obvtous The Adapter has no purpose thhoot the Brtdge thetetote hegnoge Drovtdes a context to the Adapter 0 Software Design e CAD Problem with Patterns Ch l hl s extat betweem wgi mdge and the Fags e Sets the context for the Facade 7 ts me semormost pattern 39 350 Softwam Design he CAD Problem with Patterns Ch Instan am mng min 39 Expz syslam Ct a mu Ma mm mm mm 1 lmpllmvmcr oparaxiowlmp0 A canamlmplememam cnnmtelmpiemmluta mpmnmlwpo oopzrallunmlao an lmhlammmr39a Opela nmmpo mama V Plum 7 I ImpFeaturs E L r 7 m7 HoleFeanIre IrregularFeamre 350 Software Design 39 he CAD Problem with Patterns Ch Imstalurs A A SlolFemuve cuxamresmre SaclalFeltuve V 39 P Vzlmp HoleFeatura IrregularFealure VI Facada v1 Marl ulas 350 Software Design 39 he CAD Problem with PatternsW quotcmnmrsnmm quotIm F m p 7 0 mm 0 Sofmare Design CAD Problem with Patterns Ch cso utwdnwm m requweafac t39 v


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