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by: Vito Kilback

ComputerGraphics CS536

Vito Kilback
GPA 3.88


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About this Document

Class Notes
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This 15 page Class Notes was uploaded by Vito Kilback on Wednesday September 23, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to CS536 at Drexel University taught by DavidBreen in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 29 views. For similar materials see /class/212455/cs536-drexel-university in ComputerScienence at Drexel University.

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Date Created: 09/23/15
quot 539 VTexture M PP 9 for x1 I A cell Ag lm atlon y I igg eefx vi39 45455 4y icy gt Pf Wagner Toledo Correa Robert J Jensen Craig E Thayer Adam Finkelstein A aiwrrjii tion bIIistory 1 lt1 17quot 7 quot f r IT quot quot Ali r k 39139 Q Wench Brothers Aud tgste and Louigil li rihiere developegl the technology for recording of sequegqi gtial imeigges on a flexible film ibase 1895 R A By mid19103 animation prod Etion in US alre dy dominated by the techniques of cel and paper r I I 39 V 1 1327 l would be needed Iquot efffin an I mators create and check frames for s39nomalies t v Backgrounds would be painte ith rich textures but animated characters would only be painted in flat colors How could animators draw rich textures on the animated characters themselves its most striking featur s which repre ents the contour and basic shae of the model ge warping refers to the applio j of spatial transformations to imag arrays quot Foreshortening makes one part of an image appear closer than another part of it Eg e edge adjacent to one pglygon in the mesh Silhouette edge edge shared by one front tacin and one back facing polygon relative to camera quot Occlusion describe the manner in which an object closer to the View port masks or occludes an ob39ect J further away from the View port a lti quot vi 1 for MappmgJ AW A mator hand draws Image 57 quota f w 9 gr r x if raphics animator creates a crg e 3D mode Image is distorted within the Viewing frustum of camera using 9 Gestures are hand drawn in 2D a Image and expressions are merged uoraud shading without lighting a 5397 39 39 A Burld trI color RGBA polygon mesa usi g d fantialiasing We use uvid U and V represent the 3quot parametric coordinates of a yjertex When a pixel on the uv image corresponds to a pixel on the surface of the model the pixel is considered covered Boundary a line joining two pixel corners adjacent to each other CLASSIFY 1 for everytfb39o n dary betwees two neighboring 3 p1 fier Closer to the cannera p2 pixel farther from the gamera if 1color p2color e ADD EDGEG p1 p2 if p1 is an extremunl etype corresponding kind o fnyhborder edge else etype silhouette edge Silhg gette Detection i f K 39 my xx 7 9 Model Markers featf gre curves arewse to mark the location where 2D gestures viii be merged with D image itquot k 9 Drawing Markers mark the locajtlon on the 2drawmg of gestures 9 Generate directed graph frOm vertices and classify edges 9 Curve Fitting xat p Mt quotme 39 0 p Mm Aym 31 qm D0 x0 Axdm ya 60 1 CH t d n l FUJI I 1 a ntrolling speed 0H off ultiple pairs of markers 4 39 Forward mapping 39 Inverse mapping m Specnfylng value of V39Specifying value of f Using extra markers Ordinate direction adjustment Wiggsults 9 3 I 1 016th is not represenled well Drawings that don t 39 I gcorrespond well to 3D models 39 Halr or fur r 3f red its nix 1 f zV39Ql x Q Hg ig tory of Animati i p Cline Eliggf a ne I a A survey of silhouette detection3techni qyes for non jgfbhotorealistic rendering Wanvgifonyu2 g pg Min1 2 Dong Jinxiang quot


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