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by: Sedrick Wuckert

BusinessCommunication COM270

Marketplace > Drexel University > Communication > COM270 > BusinessCommunication
Sedrick Wuckert
GPA 3.98


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This 17 page Class Notes was uploaded by Sedrick Wuckert on Wednesday September 23, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to COM270 at Drexel University taught by CliffordKeevan in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 42 views. For similar materials see /class/212504/com270-drexel-university in Communication at Drexel University.

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Date Created: 09/23/15
Tables of Contents List 0fillustrati0ns B0 dy LifestyleofStudents UtilizetheRecreationCenter Recommendations 600 qu 16 List Of Illustrations Figure 1 Healthy Food Triangle for Students 14 Figure 2 Brain Activity Chart Between Two Groups 14 Figure 3 Activity Among Females 15 Abstract Colleges and Universities remain a commonplace for unhealthy eating habits and lack of physical activity I would like to help Drexel University come to the forefront of education by implementing speci c programs in which incorporate nutritional information as well as physical requirements This report discusses the eating habits of students their sedentary lifestyles the correlations between exercise and brain performance In addition the report provides information as to where these requirement courses can take place and which action should follow With the institution of the new requirements Drexel students will remain happier and healthier students Introduction Background Colleges and Universities are utilized to educate and train students in various elds It is in these institutions in which young adults are able to begin to live on their own and make many of their own decisions One of the most troubling issues college students are facing is related to health Students are staying up into the late hours of the night challenged with difficult coursework Many students face common issues dealing with anxiety stress and sickness These effects along with an unfit diet are leading to unhealthy college students Healthy lifestyles are said to have a positive correlation with limiting the given effects In recent years many colleges have tackled this issue implementing health programs in student cafeterias Drexel University has recently reconstructed its recreation center for students with several exercise classes work out machinery and exercise and sport facilities However Drexel University has yet to incorporate any form of health programs into its requirements Many doctors and health professionals stress the importance of healthier lifestyles and its correlation with better performance It is with a healthier lifestyle that students can gain a fuller experience at Drexel Colleges such as Carthage College in Wisconsin have seen positive results with the application of specific health related programs within the institution Problem It is a well knows fact that college students have poor diets Many studies throughout the nation have shown the inadequate diets in which students are consuming These diets do not follow the guidelines in which the FDA has allocated for a healthy lifestyle In addition to the poor diets students are studying so intensely that they are not participating in any form of athletics The lack of exercise along side a poor diet can lead to many harmful effects such as obesity diabetes and much sickness The term quotfreshman 15quot refers to the number of pounds many students gain during their first year in college This weight gain is related to stress a sedentary lifestyle and changes in food intake and diet patterns and it is not unique to American college students International students attending American universities become heavier too Rodriguez College students are generally not known for healthy eating Busy schedules and tight budgets and sometimes a lack of knowledge about food can result in notthegreatest choices Outside the dining halls the college student diet may rely heavily on ramen noodles beer cereal and leftovers Today a few food experts offer advice on ways to balance health and frugality since many students are new to the kitchen and crunched for cash Park It is this combination of sedentary lifestyles and poor eating habits in which are having drastic harm on college students in today s environment Colleges are fully aware of this problem but are not responding in the right ways Few requirements are necessary for graduation in which are related to health and fitness The implementation of these programs is essential for healthier college students Purpose The purpose of this report is to emphasize to the Director of Curricula the importance of health and fitness requirements at Drexel University Currently Drexel does not require any type of physical requirements for its students Although many students and parents may become angered at such a requirement it is essential to the longterm health of the students at Drexel The requirement of a health and tness program included into the BS or BA is essential for a wellrounded education Scope This report explores the current diets of college students as well as their sedentary lifestyles lived It suggests Drexel implement speci c requirements for physical programs to educate its students on the importance of the issue as well become a healthier individual Body Eating Habits Many college students are not making the grade when it comes to good nutrition according to ongoing research at Tufts University in Medford Mass Hellmich The studied surveyed over 1800 students and showed many alarming results on their eating habits such as 50 of all students don t get enough ber 25 grams a day 60 eat too much arteryclogging saturated fat 30 of women don39t get enough calcium 59 say they know their diet has gone downhill since they went to college The statistics are alarming It is said that many of the eating habits in which students develop follow them into their late 20 s and 30 s The importance if a healthy diet is bene cial to ones body as well as their mind By eating healthier students are able to perform better in class as well Many students are up late studying during the weekdays and partying on the weekends Reversal can sometimes occur However staying up late leads to students waking up at the last minute before class skipping the most important meal of the day breakfast Laurie Schmidt a health educator with the Schiffert Health Center said that quotwhen you wake up it s very important to eat a good breakfast Your body has been fasting all night and it needs to refuel to give you good energyquot It39s also important because it fuels your brain as well so if you are facing a long day of studying or exams it s important your brain gets that energy it needs Even if you re not a fan of breakfast foods quotit s ok to eat something nontraditional for breakfast as long as you are getting some healthy foods in the morningquot Schmidt said Black It is this lack of a meal to start of the day in which leads off as one of the many reasons for unhealthy college students The effects are not only physical but mental as well The Handschumacher dining hall is Drexel s main dining concourse for incoming freshman as well as many other students look for convenient ways to eat on campus The dining hall offers a plethora of different types of foods to satisfy the needs of many eating habits Nevertheless students are not monitored Rather they are able to eat whatever they want at whatever amounts This is one of the main causes of problems Students are no longer having their guardian cooking for them Rather they are sent to a cafeteria in which they must choose for themselves In addition students are not allowed to bring any food outside of the cafe This instance leads to an in ux of undergraduates consuming as much food as they possibly can before they leaving This be a dangerous aspect in which can lead to obesity When students are given such a wide selection of foods we see a trend occur in which can be attributed to the unhealthy lifestyles Since the meals are prepaid students can collect as many foods as they can t on their trays and then return Due to this we see them piling up many different foods for sampling and throwing out what they don t like Students resort to commonly known foods such as hamburgers grilled cheeses and other high fat foods When students nd something within the cafeteria in which they nd safe they resort to the food daily eliminating many of the other dietary needs from their diets Many of the reasons in why students are not eating in suggested ways is due to the lack of education they receive Drexel offers no workshops or more importantly mandatory courses in how eating well will enhance their experiences at Drexel and bene t their bodies in the long run New work from researchers at Washington University in St Louis con rms that most students do indeed gain weight in college Reporting in the Journal of American College Health the research team found that about 70 percent of students gained a signi cant amount of weight between the start of college and the end of sophomore year Dryden Provided at the end of the body of this paper is a food triangle in which students should pay close attention to and have knowledge of When each student is able to become aware of the speci c foods and amounts in which they need is when healthier lifestyles will ensue Lifestyle of Students During ones college years students pay close attention to their students They devote countless hours of application of their knowledge to texts papers and quizzes Along with this knowledge college is a time of growth Students are away from their homes in a completely new environment In many cases students do not know one another and come in as new individuals It is during this time that students mingle and establish relationships Whether it s a movie during the week or drinking on a weekend students are social beings The realization of large amounts of coursework along with the social aspect of college we see a decrease in physical activity among the students Many students work part time as well Time is a factor in college and many students do not have much to play around with Here is where Drexel can make a large change in their programs in which can act as a bene cial means towards students We know exercise is good for us But do we know how good it can be Studies show than increased levels of exercise can lead to an excess of bene ciary effects The Mayo Clinic is a notforprof1t organization and a medical practice and medical research group with a well known reputation They have devised a list of the effects of exercise and the benefits it brings The list encompasses aspects such as improving ones mood weight management combating chronic disease boosted energy level and even better sleep These are aspects that any college student could benefit from Mayo Clinic Correlation Why must there be an inclusion of physical fitness into the curriculum at Drexel The answer is simple Students enter college to exercise their minds and become experts in the various fields in which they choose to participate Full attention is needed in every aspect of their studies to become a step ahead of millions of others competing for jobs throughout the nation Students are willing to take any advantage they can to better their chances as obtaining the proper knowledge for any given job Therefore when we are able to see a correlation between exercise and increased GPA s student may begin to pay closer attention to the importance of such Research from the California Department of Education reveals that children who are more t perform twice as well on academic tests as their un t peers And a panel of researchers who conducted a massive review of over 850 studies on the effects of physical activity on schoolage children corroborates those ndings The researchers found that 30 to 45 minutes of moderate to vigorous exercise 3 to 5 days a week enhanced memory concentration mood classroom behavior self concept and academic performance in the kids Rossman Although the study mainly focused in upon middle to high school students such is relevant in colleges as well Clearly there is a mind body correlation in which Drexel University must become aware of to better enhance their student s academic experiences Located at the conclusion of the body after the food diagram issued is a diagram in which proves much of what was conveyed The diagram shows brain activity between two groups of students One group who exercised before the test and another who did not Brain activity in one group was far greater than the group in which did not exercise As we are able to see in Figure 3 exercise rates are decreasing with age in females This can also be attributed to males This realization of decreased exercise between the ages of 818 is alarming Students in college are at an age in which it is the most important time for as we learned earlier the lifestyle lived in college is carried on throughout the next 10 years of ones life Utilize The Recrem ion Center It is a wellknown fact that Drexel has just installed a state of the art recreation center including rock climbing walls exercise equipment basketball and squash courts as well as a track On any given day one is able to see that there is no in ux of students using this center rather they are elsewhere However using this center as an area for the educational and physical requirements is a healthy idea to say the least Within the recreation center there is a multitude of knowledgeable individuals in which shows Drexel would not need to higher any new sta but utilize the given members Drexel spent of 100 million dollars on the construction ofthe site Lets put this money directly to use an incorporate our courses in tness and nutrition in the building nu cm H Sum Um SMan Mllk Vnmm at am Group N H 5mm a rim drum 1 z a Vuaublc cmun 15 Smwlnu 2 5mm mm mm like H mm Figure 1 Healthy Food Trianglefor Students Composite of 20 student brains taking the same test 0 After sitting quietly After 20 minute walk nut mm wmul m nh eV mom mum Unmrm 1 mm Figure 2 Brain Activity Chart Between Two Groups 300 N u 0 Tlme spent In moderate and Vlgorous physical aclivify minutes per day 5 8 Females D ElElD D D Figure 3 Activity among females Conclusion As shown throughout this report college students have poor diets for several reasons In addition they are decreasing the amount of exercise they incorporate into their daily routines This combination is leading to an unhealthy student body The lack of education as well as busy schedules do not permit students the opportunity to eat healthier and exercise However it is at Drexel s discursion as to if such effects can be altered We have seen how a healthier diet and increased exercise can truly bene t a student and their educational process at Drexel University The facts are prevalent and can be directly correlated to better performance Recommendations It is the nal recommendation that Drexel university implement courses on nutrition as well as speci c requirements in physical activity I will gladly sit the Director of Curricula to discuss this implementation further I will be happy to provide support and speci c examples of programs and any other form of information needed to institute this important aspect in which could be seen as a groundbreaking addition to Drexel s curriculum References Black Caroline quotEat your way to better grades healthy habits and happier lifestylequot Collegiate times Virginia Tech 2006 Web 8 Mar 2011 Dryden Jim quotWashington Universityquot News Washington University in St Louis Washington University 2005 Web 8 Mar 2011 Park Maddie quotCNN quot CNN Health CNN 2009 Web 8 Mar 2011 Rodriguez Judith quotFAQSquot Diets of College Students Advameg 2008 Web 8 Mar 2011 Rossman Jeffery quotMindBodyMood AdVisor Gym Class Strengthens Kids Brains as well as Bodiesquot Rodale 2009 n pag Web 8 Mar 2011 Staff quotFitnessquot Mayo Clinic Washington University 2009 Web 8 Mar 2011 First National Bank Of Bentonville 431 Old Monterey Road Bentonville MA 0 1230 1234 Phone 4137171450 httpwww fnbbcom January 10 2011 Ms Sarah Granedi Vice President Axis Enterprise 20 South 36 Street Philadelphia PA 19104 Dear Ms Granedi Thank you for your letter sent on December 20 2010 inquiring additional services that may be available to our business customers In addition you asked about a possible time frame for implementation of these options To answer your questions the Board is currently contemplating a variety of options suggested by our patrons including your firm These options would enhance the business opportunities for nancial transactions at the First National Bank One of these the service actions is receiving attention by the Board now That is the creation of a branch office in the north side of Bentonville and placing a business loan department within this new branch This area has many customers who rely on our services securing a promising decision Consideration of these additional services re ects the continuing efforts of the Board to service the needs of the Bentonville Community especially the business community For the past 50 years the First National Bank has provided the funds necessary for growth success and expansion of many local firms yours included This financial support bestowed many opportunities on many business owners residents of Bentonville and even residents of surrounding communities Thank you again for your interest in additional services that may be available for our business customers As soon as the Board approves the services are approved we will contact you immediately with the complete information If we may be of further assistance please contact me directly at 4137171450 at anytime throughout this process Sincerely MT Watkins Public Relations Director Cc MT Watkins YOUR NAME FILE


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