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by: Sedrick Wuckert

TechniquesofSpeaking COM230

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Sedrick Wuckert
GPA 3.98


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This 5 page Class Notes was uploaded by Sedrick Wuckert on Wednesday September 23, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to COM230 at Drexel University taught by Staff in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 19 views. For similar materials see /class/212509/com230-drexel-university in Communication at Drexel University.


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Date Created: 09/23/15
111 Communications 230 7 Group Speech Outline Sources Washington DC Intro a Septa transit serves the Philadelphia area i Service is poor ii It is not easy to get to every part of the city Subway system is a large part of the problem i Two lines ii Flat fare iii Limited accessibility Other cities use similar methods of transportation i Greater success ii Broader access iii Useful subway systems Thesis Septa s limited approach to the subway rail systems of Philadelphia have hindered the mobility of the city s population and crippled the advantages that other major cities are reap from having an elaborate efficient subway system Septa s Problems a Septa Subway Problems i Lack of routes systems 1 SEPTA vs New YorldDC 2 Areas of Philadelphia and surrounding counties left inaccessible ii Base fee b SEPTA Subway System 7 Current i Orange Line 7 Broad Street Fern Rock to Pattison Ave 1 Runs north amp south along major street ii Blue Line 7 MarketFrankford El Frankford to 69Lh St 1 Runs east amp west along major street c Other Possible Routes i Yellow Line 7 Roosevelt Boulevard Northeast to City Ave 1 Northeast Philadelphia to West Philadelphia subway system ii Red Line 7 Old York Road Olney to Abington 1 North Philadelphia to AbingtonCheltenham subway system Washington DC as an example a Washington Metro Subway Introduction i Similar but slightly larger in ridership amount to Philadelphia s system approximately 585000 riders per day WMATA Facts Five separate interconnecting lines run throughout he city in a star crossed line pattern with one line circling the city s heavily traveled areas Cambron iii Newer trains to service passengers replaced every halfdecade on average than their Philadelphia counterparts Washington Metro Fquot 0 3 1 iv Expanding stations continuously since inception WMATA History V Washington Metro Consumer Advocacy Group protects rider s interest actively Metro Riders Consumer Advocacy Group vi No such group actively organized in Philadelphia b Fare System All sourced at UrbanRailnet Washington Metro i Charged per station stop not a at rate at all 1 07 miles total travel charged 135 2 710 miles total travel charged 185 3 10 or more miles total travel charged 235 ii Special fare cards can be purchased 1 650 one day unlimited subway travel metropass 2 3250 weekly unlimited subway travel metropass iii Compared to Philadelphia 1 Flatrate 130 one way travel no matter distance for Philadelphia SEPTA Fares 2 Philadelphia cheaper but much smaller for the a greater city area c Problems encountered i Numerous accidents over years three of recent from overcrowding of lines and carelessness Washington Metro ii Expensive system to maintain compared to Philadelphia but funds come from federally funded mandates as well due to the District s position Washington Metro iii Need to be able to fund but hard to do with current bankruptcy of SEPTA and lack of Federal grants to perform work IV New York as an example a History of the New York Subway i New York City39s rst official subway system opened in Manhattan on October 27 1904 1 Subway was known as the IRT Interborough Rapid Transit Company 2 91mile long subway line that consisted of 28 stations from City Hall to 145th Street and Broadway 3 IRT service expanded to the Bronx in 1905 to Brooklyn in 1908 and to Queens in 1915 ii In 1940 the city of New York combined the IRT with the BMT BrooklynManhattan Transit Corporation as well as several other independently owned transit companies The result was NYC Transit b About NYC Transit 39 Operating 24 Hours a day NYC Transit currently claims the largest subway eet in the world Contains more buses than any other agency in North America Ridership on NYC Transit is approximately seven million daily more than 2 billion annually 5 most in the world ii39 iv NYC Transit employs nearly 47000 people in more than 20 major departments and divisions c The NYC Subway System i There are 26 total subway routes containing over 6200 cars l Numbered routes 17 2 Lettered routes AG JLMNQRS contains 3VWZ ii The 26 subway routes are interconnected and many lines feature express trains and acrosstheplatform transfers to local trains iii 468 Stations in Manhattan Queens Brooklyn the Bronx and SIR Staten Island through MTA Staten Island Railway 1 Stations are both elevated mostly in Brooklyn and the Bronx and Underground iv Convenient stops all accessible by subway 1 Wall Street Rockefeller Center Lincoln Center Penn Station Madison Sq Garden Grand Central Station Central Park NYU Broadway Little Italy Chinatown Greenwich Village St Patrick s Cathedral Fordham University St John s University Yankee Stadium Shea Stadium and more V Solutions a Expand the subway i Overlap lines 1 Washington DC and NYC use a grid of lines to effectively cover the city ii Efficient rail naming scheme 1 Naming the lines after nearby roads and locations will not suffice 2 Using colors has no logical order and has a limited supply of colors that will not begin to overlapsky blue blue navy blue 3 NYC uses an alphabet system to label the general routes a Has logical progression b Improve the price model i Have a model similar to the regional rail system 1 tickets based on distance traveled 2 passes allowing frequent travel 3 Washington DC utilizes this system 4 Stop paying ticket takers 35 an hour c Become more desirable i The previous fixes would initially hurt septa i Septa has the power to increase Philadelphia s desirability 1 better transit better living iii The increased use of the service would boost revenue in the long run iv With the threat of peak oil and higher driving costs the city will be relying more on public transportation VI Conclusion a Septa is capable of improving it s subway rail line b Using models that have succeeded in other major cities Philadelphia as a whole could improve Add more lines use variable rates and generally more intelligent spending Septa is fully capable of shaping and cleaning it s act with the desire for a better transportation system and the increasing costs of owning a car Septa has a means to provide Philadelphia with exactly the kind of transportation system that it needs oo Works Cited Cambron John R Legend and Nomenclature Full System Track Schematic Retrieved Nov 25 2005 lthttpwww 39 r 39 net 39 J39 wuiata t1ackischematicwmata7track7schematic inomenclaturehtmgt SEPTA Fares quot Pennsvlvania Transportation Authoritv Retrieved Nov 27 2005 lt httpwwwseptaorgfareshtmlgt Today s Issues Metro Riders Consumer Advocacy Group Retrieved Nov 27 2005 lthttpwwwmetroridersorgissuesindeXhtmlgt Washington Metro UrbanRailnet Retrieved Nov 27 2005 lthttpwwwmetroridersorgissuesindeXhtmlgt v v 39 39 4 Metro Wikipedia The Free Online Enc 39 J39 Retrieved Nov 25 2005 lthttpenwikipediaorgwikiWashingtoniMetrogt WMATA Facts W 39 39 4 M quot Transit Authoritv Retrieved Nov 26 2005 lthttpwwwwmatacomaboutmetrofactspdfgt WMATA History v v 39 39 M quot Transit Authoritv Retrieved Nov 26 2005 lthttpwwwwmata 39 39 39 ypdfgt Southeastern Transportation Authority Maps Retrieved November 28 2005 from htt wwwse taor ma shtm1 Googlecom CityMaps Retrieved November 28 2005 from httpmnp 000019 Laws 1 39 PA Subways Of cial Website of the M quot Transnortation Authoritv 28 Nov 2005 httpwwwmtanycnyus


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