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by: Dion Feil II

Anatomy&PhysiologyIII ANAT103

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Dion Feil II
GPA 3.93


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Class Notes
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This 2 page Class Notes was uploaded by Dion Feil II on Wednesday September 23, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to ANAT103 at Drexel University taught by MaryFlynn in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 32 views. For similar materials see /class/212512/anat103-drexel-university in Anatomy at Drexel University.


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Date Created: 09/23/15
Functions of the renal system KlDNEYs Control the constitutency of blood and help control pressure volume pH Superior part of the abdominal cavities Have both superior and inferior poles Superior poles will get a little bit of protection from ribs 11 and 12 floating ribs Kidneys are retopritoneal behind the retroperitoaneal that lines the abdominal cavity Kidneys are anchored from the back wall you don t want them bouncing and hanging around If you get deep to the peritoneum find a series that will help them get anchored 0 Layer of CT called renal fossa 9 if you see kidneys dissected away 0 Parirenal fat around the kidney each kidney will have its own amount of fat I Some people have more than others Once you et through parirenal fat you will get to the renal capsule which is a thin layer of CT on the kidney itself if that is peeled away you are actually in the kidney itself Don t think of adrenal glands as part of the kidneys theyre above the kidneys Left kidney is slightly superior to the right kidney Renal vein is the more anterior structure it comes away from NC that structure is more superficial Renal arteries are inferior or posterior to the renal vein and you often see more than one arterie only one vein After the arteries come off the aorta they tend to bracnch very early the vein does not branch much In either gender the urinary bladder is tilted forward laying behind pubic symphysis 0 it isjust a bag of smooth muscle has urethra tube leading away Uretaraal openings are where the bladder feeds into Opening have no valve itjust quotdribblesquot in it ll expand and flatten out when you urinate There are folds in the mucosa of the bladder knoan as rugae they are temporary folds You will see it everywhere except trigone o the trigone is a 3 side shaped patch on posterior wall used as a landmark for radiologyto see where they are in the bladder I two top pointers are where the uretal openings are o The bottom is ilhre u39n o i r m that is the opening leading into the urethra Nothing there to anatomically prevent things from moving back and forth it s not uncommon for ufor urinary infections to go upo from bladder and into the kidneys TRANSISITIONAL EPITHELIUM THAT IS UNIQUE TO THE SYSTEM BECAUSE SOMETIMES ITS SDISTENDED AND SOMETIMES IT IS VOIDED o Uriners uretary bladders and urethra are all linmed with this RENAL MEDULLA I RENAL CORTEXT 0 They are both stuffed with the functional part if the kidneys aka nephron I slide number 5 it is the yellow part 0 The nephron is a tube and the kidneys are stuffed with it I It is the business end of the kidney itself I They are not cells they are tubes with lots of different cells in them 0 They are arranged in the kidney in two separate sections plenty of nephrons stuffed in the cortex 0 The medulla of the kidney is often reffered to as renal medulla o Nephrons are in the medulla of the kidney 0 While the nephrons aren t a part of your blood they are intimately associated with blood vessels 0 LOOK AT SLIDE 6 don t need to remember all the names of te little things on the right side of that slide


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